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Last Updated:  9/10/2005

Kiddie Corral   [Academy 101 Story Premise]

With her children's show about to go national, Jeanie is furious when her boss brings in a sex film producer who happens to have a trump card up her sleeve that forces Jeanie to accept Samantha's direction or face letting her rival Fiona grab the spotlight.

Tales Of The Wishing Stone- The Series   [Incomplete]

This is a series of short stories that deal with the premise that everything happens for a reason. Sometimes wishes aren't meant to come true as they can have very adverse consequences and don't turn out exactly as we had hoped. Join me on a journey as various characters will learn just why some wishes are better left unanswered.

Straight For The Holidays - Chapter One

Marilyn Miller had high hopes for her youngest daughter Jodi. Those hopes were dashed the day she found out her daughter was a lesbian. In a heated argument she tells her how she really feels. In front of relatives she tells Jodi, "I wish you were straight. I wish you had married Bobby McLane." The following morning her wish is granted only with dire consequences. This is their story.

Cock-a-doodle Day - Chapter Two

This story is about Jessie and Belinda, a very happy couple. Jessie has a secret fantasy that she shares with her lover. One night she tells Belinda, "I wish I could have a penis for one day. Is that so bad?" You decide.

Waking Up Series   ebook version available

Waking Up With The Conqueror

After 2500 years searching for the last piece of the Chronos stone Aphrodite finds it in a pawn in Las Vegas, NV. She enlists the help of a lonely lesbian XWP fan Desire' Love to help her go back and correct the terrible mistake in Jappa. Desire' goes to bed one night and wakes up on judgment day in front of the Conqueror wearing only her Xena T-shirt and a smile. Desire' becomes the Conqueror's body slave and must find the stone, open up the heart of the Conqueror and reunite her with her soulmate Gabrielle all without getting herself killed by the temperamental ruler or without getting her heartbroken over a love that can never be hers forever.
There is a bit of erotica in it, both lesbian and straight and a lot of comedy if you can picture the Conqueror doing the Tush Push or learning baseball and football etc. The hero of this story is an XWP fan who eventually gets it right and finds out that she has an ancient soul that is forever connected to Xena and Gabrielle.

Part 1  Part 2 

Gabrielle's Destiny

In a followup story to Waking Up With The Conqueror, Xena and Gabrielle come back from Japan only to find out that Greece is under siege by an amazon princess. They are suprised to find out who the amazon is and are faced with some hard decisions as they reconcile some old feelings created by past mistakes and try to save Athens from destruction. This is the story of Destiny. Find out why she isn't just another villian and learn which hero she is related to.

One In A Billion

This story begins where Waking Up With The Conqueror ended, with Desire' and Danni kissing in a redneck bar in Las Vegas while Mattie and Annie look on. Follow the adventures of these two women as ancient souls reunite and reignite their love for each other until a dark mystery threatens to tear their union apart forever. Find out if they can overcome the terrible secret that threatens seperate them for eternity.

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