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Carole Mortenson

Last Updated:  1/25/2014

A Bit of the Old West

When Sarah Davis moves to Laramie, Wyoming, to help take care of her sister Sylvia's children, she accidentally meets choir director/bartender Lindsey Hobbs, who also manages an old western town tourist attraction. The headstrong Lindsey is always in control and used to having her way--especially with women. So she is totally unprepared when she finds out Sarah has her own ideas about control. Sylvia's dire warnings to Sarah about Lindsey's sordid past threatens to keep them apart, and Lindsey's secret agenda while conducting a Bible Study almost backfires on her. After a tragedy involving Lindsey's preacher/father and interference from her twin sister Leslie, everything comes to a head. Is the love between Lindsey and Sarah strong enough to triumph?

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Twice In a Lifetime   [Incomplete]

Shannon Brooks is in for an emotional awakening when she discovers her real reason for going back to Australia after ten years is not because she has accepted a photography assignment there. She meets Joanna Campbell on the way to a "Bed and Breakfast" where they are both staying, and they quickly become more than just friends. When her employer, Jeff Bannister, shows up at the "B&B", Shannon realizes he is not all that he seems to be outwardly. Shannon is accompanied by David Westmore, her employer's assistant, who has been instructed"Don't let Ms. Brooks out of your sight!" The delightful and engaging Fred and Rosalie Hamus--proprietors of the "B&B"--provide the background setting where much of the story takes place. Shannon and Jo's two friends join them and lend unexpected surprises to the unfolding drama. When Mr. Bannister's ulterior motive is finally uncovered, the story climaxes. But not before Shannon and Jo go through some agonizing emotional moments, especially when Shannon comes face to face with her long-lost love of ten years ago--Kim--who is now a shaman among the Aborigines. After this momentous encounter, does Shannon and Jo's relationship have any chance of surviving?

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