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Last Updated:  9/11/2005

All For A Moment's Memory Loss   ebook version available

To make amends for having forgotten Gabrielle's birthday, Xena agrees to do something she absolutely dreads.

Confession By Firelight

Determined not to repeat the sins of her past... Xena spends a soul searching evening tormented by her emerging feelings for a certain young woman from Poteidaia.

A Day In The Reel Life   ebook version available

Xena returns home after the first day's shooting of the show that bears her name.

Never A Fighting Chance   ebook version available

This story depicts the doomed relationship between Gabrielle and Perdicas even before our sheroes ever met.

A Night Full Of Memories

Wanting their first time together to be perfect, Xena makes a reservation at an inn that holds a special significance for her.

Wine, Minstrel And Song

Captivated by a minstrel's performance at a local Inn, Gabrielle gets tipsy forcing a jealous Xena to confront a seldom revealed side to her.