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Mikki Hibbens

Last Updated:  9/18/2005

Blind Faith Revisited   ebook version available

A First time romantic alt-fic epilog to the episode Blind Faith.

Eyes Of Love

It's a short reunion/reaffirmation of the bond between our two gals and falls after Return of the Valkerie.

Peach Ala Xena

A teleplay based on the movie "Peach"

The Truth Shall Set Us Free

This is Mikki's answer to the finale. It's a little angst, a little venting, a little wishful thinking and a lot fantasy. There's no major spoilers but there are references to events depicted in AFIN.

When Souls Collide

The first story is what you might call a prequel to the series. I personally read this story a while ago and I thought it was fantastic back then and I still think it is a very good read!