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S. Berry

Last Updated:  8/23/2009

All The Way To Heaven: Or Lesbian Parlor Games   ebook version available

A shy, closeted girl goes to a party because her object of obsession is going. Sound familiar? But wait, there's more. Throw in a secret society, a conspiracy, and a baker's dozen of Kansans and you get a happy ending or an infomerical, I forget which.

Resist: Or Why Making Out In The Movies Is So Popular

Sequel to All The Way To Heaven: Or Lesbian Parlor Games


A sweet PWP that shows sometimes you do get the girl of your dreams .

I Regret to Inform You   Voyager Story

I Regret To Inform You begins about half an hour after the end of the sixth season episode Unimatrix One, and basically rewrites the rest of the series. It involves good Borg, weddings, sex, medical miracles, and really bad jokes -- not necessarily in that order. I'm afraid no consoles lost their lives for the greater good.

It's The Single Life Wouldn't Buy   ebook version available

Leather   ebook version available

It was a hot summer night. Love was in the air. Well, actually, it was cigarette smoke, but darn it, it's my story and I'll call it whatever I like. Two women meet. They dance — vertically and horizontally. And one is decked out head to toe in tight black leather — what more could you want?

Moonstruck   ebook version available

A sweet, funny, love story about chasing the one who wishes you'd go away, and the power of dreams. Won an honorable mention in Minerva's first challenge.


Stud   [Incomplete]   ebook version available

PWP. Two women who meet outside and bar and... well, I think we can all guess what comes next. If PWP doesn't tip you off, do not read at work!

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You Can Sleep While I Drive   [Academy Where in World Challenge 2004]