Academy Author Index


Last Updated:  10/28/2005

As If   ebook version available

Vignette of a swim by Xena in a river.

Christmas Eve   ebook version available

Janice and Mel happily celebrate the holiday even though their plans go slightly awry.

Clever Too

Xena has a little heart-to-heart with her mother after the events in 'The Furies'.

Deep Water

A mysterious woman and a young god who's a chip off the old block, help Xena and Gabrielle come to terms with their feelings for one another.


Gabrielle and Xena are separated when the bard goes off to a series of contests and the warrior is summoned home to a sick mother.

Images   ebook version available

Janice remembers the first time she saw Mel.

Reflections   ebook version available

Takes place after the episode 'The Xena Scrolls'. Janice reflects on her relationship with Mel.

Ulysses: The Lost Epilogue

An epilogue to the episode 'Ulysses'.

The Wake Of Darkness

The missing scene following the moment in 'Reckoning' after Xena gives in to her blood lust in the cell and lashes out against Gabrielle.