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Xena and Gabrielle,

A Turn of Fate,

By, Ahkiken

Chapter 3: Perfect Future

Gabrielle stood in the shallow body of the stream. Its waters came just below her thighs, requiring her to only remove her boots. Washing the remaining blood from her sais and hands, she wondered would the day ever come that she and Xena wouldn't have to fight, let alone kill any longer.

The warrior bard couldn't wait to get to Scione. She was hoping they could find a nice place to settle and work out a happy perfect future.

'Maybe, we can hang our weapons up for good.' Gabrielle thought, watching Xena take off her boots, and Tanya repeatedly splashing her face with the cold water.

Completely cleaning everything off, Gabrielle started to trace the circlet on her index finger, once again reminiscing about her night in Thebes with her soul mate.

"Mmm, Xena!"


Was are I could moan and scream loudly. A blast of stars filled the pitch blackness of my closed eyes. The liquid from my orgasm was being lavishly licked by Xena's tongue. It was my third climax of the night and I was highly sensitive. I needed her constantly moving tongue to stop.


"Please, Xena." I groan.


She must have mistook my word, because she began sucking my clit in earnest.


"Ahh, Xena. Xena please... Please, I need you to... Oh, god, I need you to stop." I cried out between rising pain and pleasure.


"What's wrong?" Xena asked ceasing her ministrations. "Let me give you one more, and I'll stop, okay?"


After she said that, two of her fingers slipped inside of me, making me cry anew. I grabbed her long moist hair, torn with decisions of wanting her to stop, and allowing her to take my body again once her fingers stroked me a few times. When her baby blue eyes locked onto mines, I pleaded with them for her to relent.


Understanding my distress, Xena withdrew her digits from within me, causing me to yelp. Next, she brought the two fingers that was inside me, up to my lips, slipping them into my mouth. Maintaining eye contact, I sucked my essence off of her, sensuously. I use to find the taste of myself a bit awkward, but now I loved to savor the sweet tangy nectar that secreted out of me, almost as much as she did.


Still, I loved the taste of her even more, and as I gaze into her irises, I thought for a second that she would ride my face, like she sometimes do. Instead, she kissed her way up my body, and then plunged her tainted tongue onto mine, giving me another helping of tasting myself. A soulful moan escaped one of us, but I didn't care who it came from, for if we kept kissing deeply as we were, I would soon do whatever she wanted me to.


Pulling away, to my growing disappointment, she whispered. "Happy birthday, Gabrielle. Was it enjoyable?"


I found myself panting and nodding in appreciation. "Yes, you were wonderful."


Xena smirked. "I'm not talking about the sex. I know that was gratifying."


"You can be very cocky sometimes. I wasn't speaking about the sex either."


She looked at me with a raised eyebrow, calling my small fib.


"Fine, our love making blew my mind." Grasping both sides of her face, I say. "Not only that. I've enjoyed everything you done for me today. The poem you gave me, simply made me happy."


Xena kissed me again, before laying her back on the soft bed, rolling me halfway on top of her naked flesh. Snuggling into my favorite spot, below her chin and neck, I decide to recite the poem.


"There's a moment I look at you. And no speech is left in me. My tongue breaks, then fire races under my skin. And I tremble and grow pale. For I am dying of such love."


My soul mate chuckles in advance of teasing me. "It takes a bard to recite another bards work."


"Sappho's no mere bard, Xena." I felt her shoulders rise and fall in a shrug.


"Did you mean it?"


"Hmm?" she use that sexy hum I love.


"The poem silly, did you mean it?" I repeat. "Are you dying of such love? Do those words signify what's in your heart?"


She takes a short time to answer, causing me to believe that she would not.


"No, I use to feel that way, but not anymore. I have no need to envy such love." Xena finally said.


My heart rate picks up, beating in haste, and I let the tears spill from my eyes. "Why? Because you've found it, or you gave up on love?"


"I have found it. In you, Gabrielle."


"You are in love with me." I blurt out. "You've always loved me but, why?"


I lift myself off her to see her whole face directly. "Why'd you put us through so much, for so many years. You made me feel like I was only good enough for just your bed roll and not your heart."


The tears continued to fall while I went on my tangent. "You had hurt me so terribly when we went to Egypt. Telling me, you no longer wanted me sexually, that you only needed me as a friend. The whole affair with Marc Antony, it's like you didn't care if I was there or not. And after our slumber, you blatantly told me that I could sleep with Vir-"


In a flash, Xena tossed me over onto my back, our positions now reversed.


"I know I have made horrible mistakes when it involves us. I also know that it was stupid of me to take you as a lover, and not have a monogamous relationship with you."


She paused, wiping the wetness from my cheeks. "I almost lost you many of times, but I realized that Virgil was the last I would ever chance in losing you."




I have to tell her the truth about me and him.


"Xena, me and Virgil. We-"


"I don't want to know. I never want to know." Xena interjected. "You are a benignant woman, Gabrielle, it doesn't take people long to see. You're intelligent, lovely, I could go on and on."


I cheered up. I didn't want to ruin the afterglow. "You forgot, worldly, cute, talented."


"And full of herself." Xena jived.


She played with my golden hair that was close to my ear. "Looks like I should've paid better detail in cleaning your ears."


"What are you talking about, Xena?"


Prepared to protest, I gasp when I see a silver ring grace my sight. "What is-"


"Can you be quiet please. This is hard enough already."


I lay back on the pillow, trying my best not to get overly excited. I mean, it's just a ring. It could mean anything. Friendship ring. Lover ring. Bonding ring.


Calm down.


Taking my left hand in her's, she began to say. "Let me tell you a story of a warrior. A tale about, me. A cowardly warlord named Cortese chose to raid a small village called Amphipolis. I decided to rouse the villagers to fight back, but by winning, many people lost family, friends, and I lost my brother, Lyceus. In turn I lost my mother, my home. For a very long time after that, I only wanted to help my village by also raiding other villages close to Amphipolis, and became a pirate. I fell in love with Caesar, thinking we would rule the world together. However, he spurn me, taking my love, and repaying me with betrayal, rage, death. I swore that I would never give my heart to another living person again.


I took my frustrations and anger out on every living thing on this earth. I believed that I would never accept love again. Until Hercules changed all of that. He unchained my heart, and I began to love him for it."


Don't get jealous. Don't get jealous.


"Then when I lost Marcus, I felt that he was my mortal beloved. But I was wrong about all of them. Petracles, Hercules, Marcus, Borias. I loved them, but in different ways, and for different reasons. Just like I loved M'Lila and Lao 'Ma in different ways. They all had helped me one way or another, selflessly. My heart was still shelled, till you."


It took all my control to hold my emotions in check.


"When I found myself on the outskirts of Potidaea, I was ready to end my life. The sins of the past were eating me alive, but then I seen these villagers being routed by slavers, and this one long strawberry blonde haired girl was ready to take the abuse of slavery to save the others. I felt something force me into action. And when I stumbled into your aqua eyes, it left me defenseless. That's why I denied you from following me. You stalked me anyway, and broke down that shell around my heart."


A small laugh was released from me. "I'm not a stalker." I pretended to pout.


"If you say so." she grinned before getting serious again. "We have been through a lot together. Some events, I don't care to remember, but throughout all of it, I cherish every moment with you and I need you to know."


Suddenly she stopped speaking and breathed in intensely. Come on, I am ardent to hear what she has to say.


"I am in love with you. I have been for so long that I can't pinpoint exactly when, but it scared me. Maybe it started that first night we had sex and I was afraid to get hurt, or hurting you in return. That is why I put restrictions on us, and that is why I turned to Ulysses the following morning."


Damnit, don't ruin the mood by bringing up his name. After we slept together, the next day she was in his arms, caressing his lips with her's. Proclaiming that I taught her how to love, so that she could love him.


Xena must have noticed my expression for what it was, because she gently touched the side of my face with her right hand.


"Honestly, Gabrielle, none of them matter. Not Ulysses, Rafe, gods I don't know what the hell I was thinking with him. And Marc Antony, well, he reminded me of power and conquest. I didn't love any of them at all." she said profoundly.


"Ares?" I question, knowing full well he could always pose a threat to me and Xena's relationship.


"Ares entice my dark side. I am his chosen, there's nothing I can do to change that. All I can say is that, he will never ever coerce me from you."


"No one will ever break us apart?" I had to ask.


"Nobody, Little one. I've kept my word to you thus far haven't I? At least since we came back to Potidaea."


True, she has. Not without admonition, she was still willing to allow me to avenge my family, by killing Gurkhan myself.


"Yes." I agree.


"Do you trust that I will always love you, take care of you, and your needs?"




"Do you want to be with me forever, in this world and beyond?"




"Then bond with me. I will honor you. I will worship you, body and soul. I'll be damned if I left this life without you as my wife." She kissed me softly. "Say yes, Gabrielle."


Even after all the lies, pain, bliss, death, and tears our journey had cast on us, my brain raced with only one word.




Xena's eyes glisten as she kissed and sucked my left index finger into her mouth before placing the silver ring on it. I took in the details of my new band. A jade stone is embedded in the middle and it also has indentations surrounding it.


I read the four words aloud. "My Heart, My Love. Xena, it's... I do not know what to say."


I was at a lost for words to explain the events that had transpired. This couldn't be happening, it had to be a trick, or some horrible dream. Okay, not horrible, a suitable nightmare, but I surely don't want to wake from this, especially as Xena claimed my mouth thoroughly with her's. My hands graze her dark nipples on her chest, and then entangles in her raven hair. I was aroused once more, and all I wanted to do was taste her.


Xena released a moan, halting our dancing tongues. "You made me the happiest ex warlord ever." she exclaimed with a huge smile, making her azure orbs glow.


It only made me want her greatly.


I licked her neck up to her ear. "Allow me the pleasure of pleasing you more, my future wife."


Xena got the hint, and avidly climbed my small frame, setting her wet pussy over my watering mouth. I listened graciously to the sounds she made as I voluptuously sucked her to an orgasm.


Strong arms enclosed around Gabrielle's bare waist.

"What 'cha thinking?" Xena asked.

Gabrielle leaned into the embrace. "I'm beginning to grow weary of the Greater Good."

Xena absorbed her lover's words. "We'll talk, Gabrielle. I'm going to check on Tanya, see if she's alright."

The blonde bard gave a nod of acceptance.

Tanya ran her dampen hands through her reddish brown hair, replaying Jargas death over in her head. Xena trailed the stream to stand in front of the troubled woman.

"Tanya, how are you holding up?"

Light brown eyes tilted upwards. "I... I've never seen a person die. I have never seen a dead body in my life."

"I know how you feel. It's not easy seeing death, whether it's by illness, or a blade. This is what your father, Marmax was trying to warn and protect you from." Xena explained.

"Some people say, that you are a goddess of death, not even Celesta could touch your skills in taking lives. They say, your presence can wear off on others, influencing them to be effective killers as well." Tanya said.

Xena's expression became disgruntled. "Do you believe that I cause death and destruction?"

Tanya's head bent down again. Xena captured the younger woman's shaken hands tenderly within her own.

Xena started to say kindly. "Life can be difficult at times, no matter if you try to live it out peacefully, or as a warrior. Sooner or later, this would have happened. Those guys you decided to lie to and join with, set you on a path that would have ultimately led you to killing, or being killed once they discovered your deception. Your decision to manipulate forced my friend and partner, to take a life. Drawing blood isn't easy for everyone. Some find it hard to deal with, becoming traumatized by it. Others like, Gabrielle, abhors killing, but learns to cope with it. Very few, thinks nothing of it at all. Kill, or be killed, that is the Way of the Warrior."

Xena reflected on the wise teachings of the Hindu god, Krishna.

Tanya appeared to had retreated into her own world. She viewed the scenery they were in. The stream seem to run out into an unknown river, and was deeper than normal streamlets. The trees branches in the area were half bare, but some showed renewed leaves, strengthen by the season of rebirth.

"This clearing is splendid." Tanya claimed.

Xena was getting annoyed, thinking that the auburn haired woman was ignoring her. "Do you understand what I had averred to you?"

"Yes." Tanya replied bringing her eyes to Xena's. "But you misunderstood me."

Xena was bemused. "What?"

Gabrielle walked over to the pair, standing beside her lover in the stream.

"What have you meant than, Tanya?" Xena was askance.

"You taught her, right?" Tanya pointed to Gabrielle.

"Yes. Gabrielle had other teachers as well." Xena answered.

"Still, you would be creditable for most of her skills." Tanya countered.

"What is this all about?" the bard butted in.

"The great Warrior Princess trained you, and I was hoping that..."

"That?" Xena encouraged.

"Please." Tanya threw herself into the water on her knees before the tall woman. "You have to take me with you. Teach me everything you know. I can cook, I've learned to navigate by using the stars. I can be invaluable to you. Please, take me with you, you can't leave me here."

The two soul mates glanced at each other, both aware that some of those exact words came from a young girl from Potidaea, almost twenty-seven years ago.

Xena lifted Tanya onto her feet. "I already have a partner and I'm not looking for a replacement."

Tanya was desperate. "I could travel with both of you. I have my own horse."

"No." Xena said.

"At least take in consideration that I am a warrior, not a bard. After I learn from you, I would become better than her, I know it. You just have to give me a chance." Tanya proclaimed rashly.

"You need to calm down Tanya, you're being disrespectful." Gabrielle stated in growing anger.

Xena shoved Tanya down, her body landing halfway on the grass and the stream.

"Already you have proved that, my love, is a far better companion than you. You haven't thanked Gabrielle for saving your life, but instead, try to insult her. You belied your true identity, pining for mines as, Destroyer of Nations. Inveighing a band of bandits to do ill actions to others. You have to own up to the responsibilities of your decisions." Xena growled.

Tanya sat up on her elbows while Xena moved to stand over top of her, her contralto voice snarling. "I won't teach you anything, Tanya. We will not be taking you with us either. Your choices are to return home, or begin your trek in this world and seek out your own destiny, because it's not with me, or Gabrielle."

Xena crossed over Tanya to go back to her palomino.

Tanya watched Xena walk away, thinking. 'She said, my love. My love, what did she mean by that?'

She then looked at the small woman in question, who held her hand out to offer assistance.

Gabrielle helped Tanya to stand. "Your father, Marmax, use to be a warmonger, before Xena changed his views about life and war. He would be very disappointed in you."

"I don't need your ridicule." Tanya said discontented.

The petite amazon placed her left hand on the younger woman's arm. "I'm not trying to antagonize you. Your actions would be below your father's expectations right now, but you have an opportunity to turn that around and become something of yourself. To make your father proud."

Tanya head fell down in shame for what felt like the umpteenth time. 'If you only knew.' she thought morosely.

When Gabrielle withdrew her hand, Tanya spied the silver ring on her finger.

Gabrielle headed towards Xena when she heard Tanya call out.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome."

"Not only for saving my life, but also, for the chat."

The bard stopped her footfalls. "I know, you're welcome."

"Forgive me for my words directed at you. You both are my heroes, it just, Xena's my idol?"

Gabrielle had to relate. "She's mines as well."

Next, Gabrielle was about to resume her footing.

"Are you married, Gabrielle?" Tanya inquired.

The short haired blonde thought of Perdicus for a split second, before her ratiocination shifted to Xena.

She turned slightly, smiling greatly. "Not yet."

After that, Gabrielle made her way to her future wife.

"More than just Xena's bard." Tanya uttered to herself, alone.


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