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Bad language ~ A fair bit.

Disclaimers ~ This is an original work of fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons, places or events is purely coincidental. These characters belong to me, if they have a passing resemblance to you or share your name, it's purely coincidental. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form without permission from the author.

Bad language ~ A fair bit.

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Chapter Sixteen

Tuesday, 19th January

T he investigators sat at their desks waiting for the appearance of the Colonel. The office was silent, unusually so. They all looked terrible, having hardly had any rest. They had all stayed at the hospital the entire night, despite the protests from the medical staff. In the end, James had told them in a less-than-polite manner, that Laurie had been run off the road and the maniac who did it might be a man the police were actively searching for. They were Laurie's extended family and were worried, they wanted to stay in case the man turned up. The head nurse, a look of fear and curiosity crossing her face, had nodded and agreed to let them stay.

Now it was 10.30 on Tuesday morning and since they had been allowed in to see Laurie and been reassured she was going to be fine, they were in their office waiting for details of what had happened.

"I have news," James called out as he entered. They turned in their swivel chairs to watch him approach. "I found out from Walter that Laurie crashed while doing about 70. From the state of the car, she is very lucky to be alive." He sat in the chair Jackson offered him.

"Anything else? A description maybe?" Charley asked.

"That's my other bit of news. The paint scrapings they took came back blue."

"That's not helpful at all! Do you know how many cars are blue?" Chris protested.

"This was not your usual every day blue," James replied. "This was a sort of metallic colour, apparently the sort of paint you would find on boy racers' cars. With your car, Chris, did they charge you more for the colour you wanted?"

Chris frowned. "I don't think so. I don't think it's a specialist paint."

"Well, anyway, not many people here in town can afford or would spend a lot on a specialised colour for their cars." James pulled a folded piece of paper out of his shirt pocket. "A... metallic blue, mixed with a hint of another colour."

The investigators sat quietly, taking in what they had been told and thinking over who would have such paint.

"What's the other colour?" Patrick asked.

James shrugged. "Not known yet."

"So... our guy has to be quite young," Charley spoke up.

"Yeah," Joey agreed. "I'd guess from late teens to mid-thirties."

"Charley, your brother owns a garage. Does he ever do paint jobs on cars?" James asked.

Charley nodded. "Yeah, he's doing one for me. Well, actually for Laurie, but don't tell her."

"Go and see him or get on the phone. Ask him how much this sort of paint work would cost and if he's done it for anyone in the past... say... three years."

"You'll be lucky! He can barely remember last week."

"Doesn't he keep records? Or maybe he'll remember because it's an unusual colour."

Charley nodded slowly. "Maybe. Especially if he had to order it in."

"Okay, you get on that." James watched the big man stand up and put on his jacket before walking off towards the elevator. James turned his attention to Joey. "Joey, you go to the scene. See if you can find a willing witness. You never know, you might have more luck than the police."

Joey nodded and stood. "Joey," Chris called out as he started to leave. The dark-haired man looked her way. "Retrace her route," Chris said. "If they were speeding along, there might be tyre marks in the dirt somewhere."

James smiled proudly. "Good thinking, Chris. Patrick go with him, two sets of eyes would be better for this." The office fell silent as the two investigators left. "Jackson, you'll be at the practice with Kate, so get over there ASAP. And Chris, I want you to go home and rest."

"But, boss..."

"You'll be working tonight," James told her before she could protest further.

She nodded. "You want me wide awake and alert."

James nodded and gave her a smile.

* * * * *

Janet knocked on Chris' door for the third time. She stepped back, looking at the nearest window for any signs of life. "Come on, Chris," she muttered to herself. She was worried. She'd seen how Chris had reacted to Harrison's death. Laurie was even closer to her and she was worried it might tip the blonde over the edge.

"You looking for me?"

Janet turned around and saw a sweaty and gasping Chris. She laughed with relief. "You run?" Janet's gaze looked Chris up and down, taking in the blue jogging bottoms and sweatshirt. God, you look good in blue.

"Sometimes, if nothing else will settle me," the blonde investigator replied between breaths. She walked up to her front door and lifted a chain off from around her neck, fitting the key it held into the lock. She pushed open the door and glanced back at Janet. "I suppose you want to come in?"

"I wanted to make sure you were all right."

"You do that a lot." They smiled at each other. "Where's your partner?" Chris asked, not really caring, but being polite.

"I left him in town to have lunch."

Chris smiled and pushed the door open. "Come on in."

Walking into the house, Janet shut the door behind her and followed Chris through to the kitchen. The kitchen and dining room were only separated by a kitchen bar, making the back of the house spacious. Janet had seen Chris' house before, but was always amazed by it. Chris had informed her that she'd designed the kitchen herself, and Janet had to admit it was beautiful and practical as well. With cherry wood cabinets lining the walls and marble worktops around the sides, it looked like something out of a magazine. Janet knew that Chris had paid heavily to have the home she had though. The policewoman was sure the investigator would happily give it up just to have her family back.

Chris opened her fridge and grabbed a bottle of water, while Janet walked over to the patio doors and looked out at the sea. "Do you want a drink? Tea, soda, water?"

"No. I'm fine, thanks." Janet turned to watch Chris tip back her head and take long deep gulps of cold water, watching as a bead of sweat trickled down her throat and soaked into her sweatshirt. "I... I hear uhm... Laurie's going to be okay."

"Mmmm." Chris lowered the bottle. "Nasty cut on her head, twenty stitches, eventually a scar. Concussion, broken arm, cuts and bruises all over.

"Do you know what happened?" Janet asked.

"Do you?" Chris retorted. Janet nodded. "I know what we found out," Chris said. "Why don't you tell me what the old bill found out?"

"Who's old bill?" Janet asked in confusion.

Chris smiled. "The police."

Janet took a seat at the mahogany dining table. "Someone was chasing her at high speed, they clipped her car a couple of times. We've got some paint scrapings. The car... flipped, we think three, possibly four times. Laurie lay hurt, while whoever forced her off the road drove off."

Chris nodded. "Not whoever... him," she said confidently.

"We don't know that."

"I do."


"Who else would it be, Janet? Laurie's a safe driver. She doesn't cut anyone off. She lets traffic in out of side roads, she sticks to the speed limits... usually."

"That doesn't mean it was our guy. It could just be someone with road rage."

Chris threw her empty bottle in the rubbish bin. "You are kidding!"

"Until there's proof, no, I'm not kidding."

"I've got to shower," Chris said, looking at Janet, expecting her to get up to leave.

"I'll wait."

Chris shook her head and left Janet sitting in the dining room. She walked upstairs to her bathroom, stripped and stepped under the hot spray of her shower. I should've locked the door! she thought, as she started to imagine Janet slipping in. Don't be stupid! She's not going to jump you. But she started to imagine it -- Janet quietly walking in and undressing, then joining her under the running spray. Stop thinking like that. You're straight, for Christ's sake! You like men. You loved Charley! Chris rubbed soap down her body. Yeah, but lately Janet's all you can think about, her annoying little voice argued.

Finally getting out of the shower, she walked through to her bedroom, dried off and dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. She remained upstairs for as long as she politely could, before realising she would have to face Janet eventually and may as well get it over with. She wondered how long it would be before Janet would have to be back on duty after her lunch break. Surely she only gets an hour?

Janet had taken off her winter police jacket and draped it on the back of a dining room chair, then had moved into the living room. She was looking at the photos lined up above the fireplace when Chris came back downstairs. "You put the photo of you and me up here," she noted happily.

"All my cherished photos go on the mantle."

The policewoman looked at Chris thoughtfully before turning to look at the photos again. "Where's this?" Janet pointed to a photo of the investigators gathered together in a hug.

"We went to Memphis for Joey's birthday. He's a big fan of Elvis."

"Is this Helen? She's pretty." Janet turned around to look at Chris.

She's not the only one, Chris thought. Dammit! Stop thinking like that!

"I think you should leave this case to us, Chris. I know..."

"No chance," Chris interrupted. "Someone has seriously hurt Laurie, could've killed her, and you want us to stand back and leave it to your lot?"

"We are capable, Chris, despite what you may have heard."

"Yeah, you're capable... capable of catching vandals and little boys who spray graffiti. We're a family. You don't hurt just one of us... you hurt all of us. This is what we do."

"God, you're impossible! I'm trying to tell you I'll do everything I can to find this guy and you insult me! I did you a favour telling you what I know. I shouldn't even have done it!"

"I knew it all anyway. You haven't done me a favour, Janet. You've just told me old news."

"Chris, this is my job. Let me do it!"

"You won't catch him, Janet. It's the same guy who's after your mum. Leave it to us." They glared angrily at each other, neither willing to back down. The air, a minute ago friendly and relaxed, was now tense and frosty. "You should go," Chris finally said.

"Why do you always try to push me away?"

"Janet, I don't want to get into this again!"

Janet studied the woman she had fallen for. Every time we're together we just end up arguing. Or kissing, she remembered happily.

Chris took a shuddering breath. "I can't let you in, Janet," she finally said in a low voice.

"You can. I want to be in your life, Chris. I won't let you push me away." Janet walked over to the investigator and slid her capable arms around her waist. "You know what? I'm sick of us saying things that drive us apart. Just... hold me for awhile, okay?"

Chris frowned at having Janet's arms around her, the policewoman's head on her shoulder. She wanted to shove Janet away and tell her to leave, to not worry about, to not care. You're gonna get hurt if you're around me! she thought in a panic. She wants to be there for you, the little voice broke in. Why not let her in? You don't know what might happen, and you have no control over it. Take this chance. She relaxed her body in Janet's embrace, sliding her arms around the policewoman. She let out a sigh, the tension from a moment ago now gone.

"See what happens when we stop talking?" Janet said quietly. She leaned back slightly, looking into Chris' eyes. "Is this wrong? Does it feel wrong?"

Chris shook her head. "I never said it was wrong."

"You implied it, Chris."

"Well, if you want to know the truth, it's actually quite nice." She smiled as Janet pulled away to look at her again, their eyes shifting as they looked at each other. Her gaze dropped down to Janet's lips, remembering not for the first, the softness of them. She remembered the passion of their last kiss.

"What are you thinking?" Janet asked softly, sporting a sexy smile.

"About... kissing you."


Chris nodded. "Our last kiss... keeps popping into my head."

Janet leaned in and pressed her lips to Chris', not stopping to talk or to think about it, but just doing what felt so right. Their kisses were soft, their hands on each other's bodies, stroking and exploring. The dreamt about fantasies fast becoming reality. Janet reached down for the buckle of her duty belt, which was fully loaded with her handcuffs, CS spray, collapsible baton and a personal protection pouch, which held gloves and a CPR mask. She undid it and let it fall to the carpet. Their lips still locked, their bodies pressed tightly against each other, they started slowly moving towards the sofa.

"Wait. What about you and Lara?" Chris gasped out.

"I was never with Lara." The backs of Janet's legs bumped against the sofa and before they could stop, Janet's legs buckled. She fell and took Chris down with her. Wiggling to get comfortable, her right leg was bent at the knee and rested against the back of the sofa and her left was hanging off the edge of the sofa.

Chris was lying on top of Janet, her left hand trapped beneath Janet's back. She broke the long kiss and looked down into Janet's eyes, her breath laboured. "You're crushing my hand," she whispered softly. Janet smiled and eased herself up slightly and they rearranged themselves. Her hand now free, Chris stroked the loose hair away from Janet's face. "You're so beautiful." They resumed kissing, their tongues going deep, massaging.

Moaning, Janet hooked her legs around Chris and slid her hands under the back of the blonde's T-shirt. She traced her hands up and down the silky flesh of her back, then traced her fingertips down Chris' spine. Chris arched under her light touch, both of them moaning as their bodies presses harder together.

Chris kissed Janet softly, exploring her lips, her chin, her neck, the hollow of her throat. She slid her tongue into Janet's mouth, feeling Janet's lips close around it. She couldn't get enough of the policewoman. She felt shivers with each of Janet's moans and whimpers.

Janet slid her hands down to the waistband of Chris' jeans, the jeans loose enough to allow her hands to slide down to Chris' firm buttocks. They were thrusting slightly against each other, Janet holding Chris between her legs. Oh, God, Chris! Have to do something or I'm gonna come right here! Janet gasped as Chris pushed against her again, teeth nipping at the skin of her neck. Janet moaned aloud, her loins on fire.

"What's upstairs?" the policewoman whispered hotly into Chris' ear.

"What? The... uhh... bedrooms."

"Your bedroom?"

Chris smiled and nodded. Standing up, she offered her hand to help Janet up. Holding hands, neither willing to relinquish their hold on the other, Chris led Janet towards the stairs. Am I really going to do this? With a woman? the blonde thought, now she had time to think.

Janet stopped and pushed her gently back against the wall at the foot of the stairs, her tongue running over Chris' lips as her fingertips trailed down her sides, making the investigator tremble. She reached for the bottom of Chris' T-shirt, lifted it off and dropped it to the floor, getting her first look at Chris.

I like Janet and I feel... oh, God! Chris watched as her soon to be lover slowly ran her tongue down her chest. I definitely feel... uhm... God! Something. I definitely feel something. She began undoing the buttons on the brunette's shirt, their lips pressed together as Chris slid the blue police shirt off Janet's tanned shoulders. She pulled away from the kiss and looked down at Janet's toned, tanned body -- her flat stomach, her voluptuous breasts, then up at her soft green, lustful eyes. Her lips curved into a ghost of a smile, her caressing hands stroking the silky skin of Janet's back.

They kept walking, not losing contact with each other's flesh. They started up the stairs, stopping again to lose more clothes, to kiss, to touch. She's constantly been on my mind. Reaching Chris' light green bedroom, they walked in. She's gorgeous and cares about me and... Chris climbed into her bed and watched Janet walk closer, wanting her touch, wanting her kisses. Her body was on fire, longing for this. I think I... love her?

Janet pushed aside the duvet and climbed onto the bed, on her knees at Chris' feet. They were both naked now and Janet took a moment to gaze hungrily down at Chris before licking her lips. She bent and softly kissed Chris' left foot, soft little kisses that teased the investigator's skin. She trailed her tongue slowly up Chris' left leg, stopping to nip at the flesh now and then. She smiled at Chris' whimpers and groans of pleasure, listened to Chris' ever changing breathing. Reaching the inside of Chris' thigh, she swirled her tongue in circles, watching as little goosebumps popped up.

Chris bit into her bottom lip as she anticipated where Janet would go next, hoping she would ease the throbbing coming from between her legs. She moaned a protest as Janet worked her way down her right leg, going slow, teasing and tasting every inch of skin, aware of Chris' growing arousal. Reaching the blonde's right foot, she gently lifted it and kissed each toe, getting soft gasps as she entertained each one. She made her way back up Chris' leg, moving higher than before, kissing soft, golden curls that were testimony to the fact Chris was a natural blonde.

The investigator arched her back as Janet ran her tongue up to her stomach. She couldn't stop the moan of pleasure as it escaped her lips. She felt Janet's erect nipples brushing against her overheated skin as Janet moved higher up her body.

Janet rolled on to her side, lying next to Chris. Pressing her mouth to her lover's left breast, she slid her experienced hand down between her legs, hearing Chris gasp. She ran her tongue slowly around the now erect nipple, her fingers copying her swirling motion.

Chris whimpered as she rocked herself against Janet's hand, her breath coming out in short gasping bursts, her nipples throbbing hard in time with her clit.

Janet stopped and looked into Chris' half-closed blue eyes. "Are you okay? This is what you want, isn't it?"

Chris was biting her bottom lip again. She nodded her head, wanting this more than anything. Smiling, she reached a hand across to stroke Janet's cheek. "I want you, Jan," she murmured, before softly kissing the other woman. Janet slid her fingers inside the hugging warmth of Chris' body, deep, stroking. "Ohhh...!" Chris pushed herself against Janet's fingers, urging her deeper. Her muscles tensed, her back arched, feeling the beginnings of her climax. Janet felt it too. Her fingers inside, slowly pumping in and out, gently rubbing, she pressed her thumb against the blonde's clitoris. Chris shuddered hard, eyes closed, stomach clenching, as she felt the tingling warmth spread throughout her body, shuddering with each new wave. Janet pressed her lips to Chris' neck and took her hand away.

Chris felt her muscles begin to relax, her back meeting the mattress again. Opening her eyes, she turned her head to find Janet watching her in awe. Rolling on to her side, their eyes locked; each had a hint of a smile on their lips, their faces slightly flushed. Chris softly kissed Janet's dry lips, her hand sliding across Janet's stomach. Her fingers traced an unknown pattern on the hot flesh beneath them. "Teach me."

"Teach you what?"

"How to make you feel what I'm feeling."

Janet smiled lazily. "What are you thinking?"

"About... sucking gently on your ear lobe, then... kissing your... soft, tasty-looking neck."

Janet laughed. "Go on then."

Chris inched closer and took the soft ear lobe into her mouth. She sucked Janet's right ear lobe, her teeth gently sinking in, then slowly kissed her way gently down the soft neck, nipping the flesh as she reached the hollow of Janet's throat. To finish, she slowly ran her tongue along Janet's collarbone.

"You never mentioned that," Janet murmured.


"Now... what are you... thinking?"

Chris looked down the length of Janet's body. "I was going to kiss my way down to your breasts and maybe gently kiss your nipples."

Oh, God, yes! "Go on then," Janet encouraged, more calmly than she thought possible.

Chris kissed her way down to Janet's firm right breast, desperately wanting her lover to take it in her mouth. Chris started to move away, looking up at the loud whimper from Janet. "What? What do you want, baby?" she asked softly.


Chris couldn't bear the look on Janet's face, the desperate needing, the desire, the aching want. She leaned over and brushed the tip of her tongue against the nearest taut nipple.

"Ohhh, Jesus!" Janet gasped, reaching up behind Chris' head and pulling her closer. Chris took more of the breast into her mouth, sucking and licking gently, while moving her left hand over to the other and fingering it softly. "Oh, Chris, please... you're driving me crazy! I'm... I want...!"

Chris looked up, a slight smile on her lips. She slowly traced her left hand down Janet's athletic body, stopping as she reached soft curls. "Tell me what you need."

"Touch me... please... I need you so much!" Janet moaned, barely breathing.

Chris moved her hand back up Janet's body, lightly touching a trembling abdomen, the curves of ribs and the underside of a breast. "Guide me?"

Janet groaned and placed her hand over Chris' and gently slid their hands down. She felt her abdomen tremble as their hands moved past. She hesitated as she pushed Chris' hand into her warm curls. Opening her eyes, she gazed into baby blues and knew she had fallen helplessly. Her hips jerked off the mattress beneath her as Chris' fingers slid through her wet warmth. She whimpered desperately as Chris took her hand away, then moaned as the blonde gently parted her swollen folds, slipping one finger up and down before moving away again. "Inside... I want you inside!"

"Want? Or need?" Chris whispered.

"I need you, baby... I need you!" Chris pressed her lips to Janet's shoulder as she slid two fingers into her lover, Janet again jerking off the bed. She stroked lightly as Janet thrust. "More... please, baby, I need... more!"

Chris slid another finger inside, her thumb moving in circles around the swollen nub of Janet's clitoris. Chris looked down her lover's body, watching in fascination as her fingers moved and Janet thrust back. Janet moaned as her body started shuddering. Pushing hard against Chris' hand a final time, Janet cried out the investigator's name as her body convulsed in climax.

* * * * *

Chris was lying with her head on Janet's chest, listening to the steady heartbeat beneath her ear, an arm across the policewoman's waist and a leg possessively across her thighs. Janet's hands gently caressed the warm, smooth skin of Chris' back. Each of them with half-closed eyes as they recovered from their love-making. "It's a shame you're working," Chris said finally.

"Why's that?"

"We could've spent the rest of the day in bed with each other, learning the complexities of each other's bodies."

"We make love once and you're hooked!" Janet laughed.

Chris laughed and rolled on to her back. Janet turned and snuggled close, her lips again pressed to Chris' neck. "You should get going anyway. I don't think your partner's going to be too happy with you."

"Oh, shit! I forgot about him. Shit, Chris, he's going to be so mad!" Janet jumped out of the bed.

"Just blame me. He already hates me."

"It is your fault! Your amazing, sexy, neon blue eyes giving me the come-on!" Janet leant over and gave Chris a lingering kiss. "You're working tonight, right?"

Chris struggled into a long T-shirt. "Yeah. But how about we meet for dinner first?"

Janet smiled. "Dinner?"

Chris climbed out of bed and followed Janet out of the bedroom, going on a scavenger hunt for her police uniform. "Yeah. We can call it our first date. What time do you get off work?"

"Around... 5 o'clock."

"Okay. When you're ready, come here. I'll cook you dinner. I don't have to be at your mum's until 7.30 tonight."

Janet stepped back into her trousers and pulled them up. "Okay. If I can't make it, I'll give you a call."

At the front door, they kissed again, then again as Chris held onto Janet's wrist and pulled her back, and again as Janet rushed back into the blonde's arms. Chris finally insisted Janet leave so she could get some much needed rest before her shift that night.

"I'll see you later." Janet hurried away from the front door, struggling to put on her winter jacket and buckling her duty belt as she went. She gave Chris a sexy smile and waved as she climbed into her car.

Chris waved back, then shut the door quickly against the winter cold.



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