Her Majesty’s Pleasure

by Cephalgia

Author’s Note: This is the conclusion of a series that started with the PWP The British Invasion and was followed by the PWP Body English. It’s necessary to read those for this one to make sense.

Many thanks: To my great friend and beta reader Kel. You are a skilled and talented wordsmith and if this story is readable, it’s because of you.

Dedication: The previous two stories were dedicated to Mia and this one is no exception. A mere taste of the delights of England has only served to increase my appetite.

Holly Hastings let herself into the flat. The elevator was out again and walking up the stairs to her third floor apartment after working a twelve-hour night shift was making her already aching feet protest painfully. The American loved the building located in the heart of London but she had seen the "Lift Out of Service" sign one too many times.

Dropping her bag on the small wooden table by the door, Holly kicked her shoes off and sighed in relief. Flopping onto the worn flower print sofa, the brunette closed her eyes, only intending to rest for a moment. It seemed a scant few minutes later that an insistent buzzing woke the American. Blinking rapidly in an attempt to orient herself, Holly realized she had actually been asleep over four hours.

Another buzz woke her fully and she rose to answer what was now recognized as the doorbell. Shedding her coat as she went, Holly opened the door to be greeted by the tiny form of Mrs. Lakewood, the owner of the building. The landlord was a "little person" as Holly had been taught to say in the States but Shirley Lakewood had told her, "I’ve been a midget my whole life, no need to change terms now." All Holly knew was though Shirley was a mere three foot six, she was all heart. Her cheerful disposition and warm nature was what had convinced the American to lease the small flat a month ago.

"Hello, me duck," the landlady enthused. She got a good look at her bleary-eyed tenant. "Oh, now I’ve gone and woken you, haven’t I? I’m so sorry."

"It’s not a problem, Shirley. It’s my night off so I didn’t want to sleep the day away anyway. What can I do for you?"

Mrs. Lakewood indicated a brown box next to her outside the door. "Well, dearie, the postman delivered this package for you to my apartment. Your mailbox wasn’t large enough to hold it. As it has an American postal mark I thought you might want it right away so I brought it and your other mail up." The landlady handed over the package as well as four or five other envelopes. "He might have brought it up himself but with the lift acting up again he couldn’t be bothered."

The small woman turned to leave. "I won’t keep you, the repairman for the lift should be here anytime." As she headed for the stairs she stopped and looked back. "One more delivery for you, Holly."

Up the steps bounded Gina Forelli. The black-haired beauty exchanged brief pleasantries with Mrs. Lakewood before turning and flashing a brilliant smile at Holly. The landlady continued down the steps as Gina entered the apartment. The door was no sooner closed than Gina swept Holly up into a fierce embrace and brought her mouth down to the American’s.

Hungry kisses were exchanged and Holly felt completely relaxed for the first time in days. In the two months since Holly and Gina had become lovers, nothing had happened to decrease the hunger between the two of them. If anything, their need for each other had increased.

"I didn’t think these last four days would ever end," Gina murmured between kisses. "I’ve missed you so much."

A smile lit Holly’s blue eyes and she chuckled a little even though she knew the Englishwoman was totally serious. She moved back and looked at Gina.

"I seem to recall we spent every minute of the three days before these last four together. I thought you’d be happy about the break from me," she said in a teasing tone. The truth was that Holly couldn’t believe her good fortune in getting involved with Gina. Gina Forelli was a successful hotel owner, a beautiful woman and a fascinating companion. Holly was a lab technician from Portland, Oregon. Correction she thought, I’m a phlebotomist until the hospital can verify my education and background. Until then I just draw blood.

"I don’t need a break from you, Holly," the innkeeper assured her. "You know if I had my way, you wouldn’t be more than an arms length away from me ever." It had been the one disagreement between them. Since the passionate first few days of their relationship, Gina had been asking Holly to move into her penthouse located over her Royal Heritage Hotel. Holly had been reluctant, knowing that though she loved this woman with her entire mind and body there were things that needed to get settled in both their lives.

"I know, love, and it makes me happy just to know you feel that way," Holly assured her, avoiding another discussion of the problems they had. Holly knew Gina had only recently started seeing a therapist to work out some of the issues she had including her rape by her uncle and his subsequent suicide. The technician knew Gina needed time to understand herself and how her past had affected her. Holly needed time to establish her own independence. As much as she knew she was deeply in love with the beautiful raven haired woman, she knew she could never feel like an equal partner for the hotel executive until she was a working professional again. Until those problems were worked out, Holly knew the current situation was best.

Remembering what day it was, Holly leaned back in Gina’s embrace and asked, "How did the therapy session go today?" Gina suddenly found the zipper on her black leather jacket very interesting.

"Well, um…to tell you the truth, I didn’t quite get to the appointment. The new breakfast chef in the restaurant quit suddenly and then the hotel’s laundry service had a small fire at their plant and I had to make other arrangements and then…"

"So you didn’t go. Again." Holly’s accurate observation was accompanied by a frown of concern. It wasn’t the first time Gina had conveniently had problems at the hotel that forced her to cancel or reschedule her session. The American knew the first time might have been legitimate but now it was starting to be a more common occurrence. She decided she needed to confront her lover about it.

"Gina, once is an accident, twice is unfortunate but more than that is a pattern. Don’t you want to go to the sessions anymore? I thought you felt they were helping?"

Gina moved away from Holly and took her leather jacket off, draping it over the back of the chair next to the couch. Despite the serious nature of their conversation, Holly couldn’t help but admire the shapely form of her lover. Her firm body was accentuated by the snug fitting Levi’s she had on.

"I don’t know, love. The first sessions were alright but lately I haven’t been…comfortable with what we’ve been talking about." The English woman’s voice dropped and she was unable to meet Holly’s gaze. "Why can’t I just talk to you? You know I trust you and you already know the whole story."

Holly knew she hadn’t heard everything that had happened to Gina. Somehow she doubted Gina even could admit the whole truth to herself. "Gina, you know I’d sell my soul for the ability to help you work out your past but I’m no professional. The thing that petrifies me is that I’ll say something wrong or give you some bad advice. It would kill me to think I’d ever do anything to cause you harm or pain." The very thought of that possibility caused the brunette’s stomach to clench and she brought her arms around herself

Gina responded to her partner’s distress by enveloping her in a comforting hug. Knowing the mood needed to be lightened, Gina took on a teasing tone. Bringing her mouth to Holly’s ear she whispered, "What’s the matter? Don’t you want to be my personal Doctor Freud? You’ve got a perfectly good couch right here." Holly let out a short laugh in spite of herself.

"You’re crazy, you know that?" The American stiffened as she realized what she had said but this time it was Gina’s turn to laugh and the mere sound of it in her ear caused pleasant shivers to run down Holly’s spine.

"Just crazy for you," Gina assured her. The Brit’s nearness had the same effect it always did and the technician felt herself becoming aroused at the other woman’s closeness. The effect increased when Gina turned her head began to rain small kisses along Holly’s neck.

Holly knew Gina was trying to distract her from their previous conversation so before things got out of hand she murmured, "Our conversation isn’t over, you know."

"Is is for now," Gina whispered hotly into her ear as her hands began to explore the American’s body. Knowing fingers ran along Holly’s back and down to her firm buttocks. With her hands full, Gina issued an appreciative growl and pulled the brunette tightly up against her.

Holly was fleetingly thankful for all the stairs she’d had to climb recently as she enjoyed Gina’s touch. An insistent throb started in the areas grinding against the English woman. Gina was feeling her excitement rise as well and her breathing increased as she brought her right hand around to Holly’s crotch and cupped her mound through the scrub pants she wore as a uniform. The American moaned, half in enjoyment of the fingers now moving insistently over her cloth covered clit and half in remembrance of what those talented fingers had done to her in the past.

Gina groaned in frustration as her fingers worked against the cloth barrier. "Too damn many clothes!" She moved her hand up to pull the drawstring on the scrub pants. They loosened and she ducked quickly, pulling both Holly’s pants and underwear slowly down her leg using the opportunity to trace paths down the American’s legs with her hands. Holly felt the cool rush of air on her heated fleshed and she tugged at the hem of her shirt, taking it and her sport bra off in one fluid motion. She stood silently before the raven-haired woman feeling the hot gaze rake over her body as if it were a physical thing.

Gina leaned forward and placed a moist kiss to each of the tempting thighs in front over her. She raised her eyes to lock with blue ones now revealing a sense of urgency to their activity. The English woman stood while settling her hands on Holly’s hips and moved them both backward.

"Oh Doctor Freud, I’m afraid I’m going to do something very naughty to you on your couch." A small sexy grin tugged at the corners of her mouth as a startled look swept across Holly’s features.

Still fully clothed, Gina reached the couch and sat down on it, her hands never leaving her partner’s hips. Tugging insistently, she brought Holly closer then reached her left hand behind Holly’s thigh and pulled her forward.

"Up," Gina instructed. The brunette shivered at Gina’s commanding tone and she knew even through her sexually excited haze that this was one of the times when Gina needed complete control. She let her have it. Holly stepped up onto the couch, a leg on either side of Gina’s seated body.

Gina wrapped both hands around Holly’s thighs and drew her even more forward. She nuzzled the soft brown curls in front of her and began stroking the American’s legs and firm backside. Her tongue emerged and a brief swipe across the curls gave Holly no doubt as to Gina’s intention. All of a sudden Holly felt she couldn’t trust the strength in her legs and she moved her upper body forward, bracing her arms against the wall behind the couch.

Gina looked up to see twin mounds of flesh above her, vulnerable and waiting for her touch. She brought her hands from behind Holly and up to the bare breasts where she began a rhythmic squeezing and caressing. When the innkeeper rolled her partner’s nipples between her thumbs and index fingers, the sensation raced from Holly’s breasts straight down to her now aching clit. A fresh flow of wetness accompanied the sensation and Holly whimpered in her need.

"Oh, somebody wants my tongue," Gina husked. Holly looked down into Gina’s face and her look conveyed her requirements. She wanted to pull the English woman’s head to her crotch immediately but knew Gina was setting the pace now. "Don’t worry, love. I won’t keep you waiting long."

Gina brought her hands back down and Holly’s breasts felt abandoned until Gina reached to drag a single finger through the wetness between Holly’s spread legs. The American’s hips jerked forward at the sensual invasion but it was not repeated. Instead Gina brought the glistening digit to her mouth and tasted it.

"Four days," she mumbled around the finger. "Too long to go without tasting you. You feel that too, don’t you?" she demanded.

Holly nodded and a strangled "Yes" escaped her lips. "Please…"

"Yes, love, right now. I’m going to give you what we both want right now." Gina brought her face forward the remaining few inches and gave Holly the contact she craved. Alternating the tip of her tongue with the flat she gifted the technician’s clit with erotic sensation. She pulled Holly as close as possible, feeling the rhythm of the American’s now moving hips under her tongue and her hands. The increase in wetness and the sound of moans mixed with encouragements told Gina that her partner was nearing the edge. She looked up to see Holly’s head tossed backed, a look of intense pleasure gripping her features. Gina removed her mouth momentarily to call out to her partner. Holly opened her eyes as she heard her name called softly and at the loss of the intimate caresses she had been receiving.

"Holly," Gina panted, almost as excited as her partner. "I want you to tell me. Tell me what you need. Tell me who you need. Tell me now." Holly groaned as she saw desire blazing in the innkeeper’s eyes and knew Gina needed to hear that she was the only one who could cause these sensations in the American.

Holly spoke the truth. "It’s you, Gina. Only you. I need you inside me. I need your mouth on me. I need you to make me come." Gina smiled in triumph and decided it was time to end the delicious anticipation.

"Watch me," she breathed bringing her mouth back to Holly’s clit. The stroking began again but this time it was accompanied by Gina’s fingers making their way toward the American’s opening.

Holly saw Gina’s intent and moaned, "Yesss.." as she felt two of those fingers slip up firmly inside and into her slick heat. "Gina…fuck…ugh…" Then Holly could speak no further as a devastating climax overcame her. She held herself against Gina’s still moving tongue and felt Gina’s fingers coaxing her to come even harder. Holly’s eyes closed against the sensation and she rode out the remainder of her orgasm.

As the feelings subsided, Holly’s legs lost all strength and she lowered herself slowly to Gina’s lap. When their faces were level, Holly leaned forward to deeply kiss her partner. The taste of herself mixed with Gina’s own flavor re-ignited the passion she was convinced had ebbed. The longer she knew Gina, the more she was in wonder at the English woman’s ability to inspire her to ever increasing heights of erotic play. Holly never considered herself insatiable but it seemed Gina’s merest touch could rouse those feelings in her.

"It’s got to be the love," she murmured against Gina’s lips. She felt Gina’s smile rather than saw it.

"I never had a doubt in my mind about it," Gina agreed. Her tone became serious and she took a deep breath. "I love you, Holly. I’ve never loved anyone the way I love you. This has never just been about sex for me, it’s always been more with you." She looked down then, unused to speaking so openly about the emotions going on inside her head and heart. Holly knew it was difficult for Gina to express herself the way she just had and it sent a warm flush through her body. She needed her partner to know she wasn’t alone in the way she felt.

"Gina, you’ve made me happier than I’ve ever been. You don’t say things like that often and I think sometimes you expect me to know what’s in your heart. I think I do, but when you tell me like you just did I feel even closer to you. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Do you remember the night in your penthouse when I told you I’d stay?" Gina nodded but didn’t look up and Holly was touched again by the beautiful woman’s shyness and insecurity.

"I meant it, you know. Please look at me." Gina raised her head and the soulful brown eyes of her lover struck Holly again. "I’m committed to you and to this love. I’m not going anywhere. There isn’t a chance in a billion I’m going to change my mind so you might as well get used to that. Tell me how much you care when it’s right for you, not when you think I need to hear it."

"I was that obvious, was I?"

"Only to me. Only to the person who loves you more than her own life. I love that you make the effort though." Holly leaned forward and placed a tender kiss on the lips of her lover. Moving back from the kiss she decided to give Gina a break from the emotional aspect of their relationship. "Ahem, aren’t you just a little overdressed for a session on the couch?"

Gina allowed a devastatingly sexy grin to form on her face. "And if I am? What do you propose to do about it?"

"Just this," Holly said as she reached to unbutton Gina’s black silk shirt then tug it from her Levi’s, kissing each expanse of flesh as it was revealed. The taste of her partner was intoxicating and Holly’s excitement grew along with her determination to return the gift she had received only a few minutes before.

Pushing the shirt from Gina’s shoulders, Holly was impressed yet again by the exquisite body of her lover. The satiny skin over sculpted muscles was a combination the American found irresistible. Holly leaned in to take an inviting nipple into her mouth. At the contact Gina moaned and Holly was reminded of how sensitive her partner was in that area. The technician responded by giving extra pressure to Gina’s breasts, taking them both in her hands and kneading them while circling the tips with her tongue. Gina was torn between closing her eyes to just enjoy the sensation and leaving them open to watch as Holly alternated her sensuous suckling between the two breasts. The first option won out as Holly used her teeth to tug at the sensitive nipples.

"God, Holly, you are so good," she breathed. Holly’s hands dropped from Gina’s breasts and moved to the button fly on the English woman’s Levi’s. Gina anticipated Holly’s next move and wasn’t disappointed when Holly slowly unfastened each button on the tight blue denims.

Holly sat back momentarily as she opened the pants. "You know, one of these days you’re going to regret wearing no underwear."

Gina acknowledged the possibility. "Maybe, but that day isn’t today."

The women laughed and hugged each other close, relishing the feel of naked flesh on naked flesh. Gina had been amazed to learn in her relatively short time with the American that it was okay to laugh during their sexual interludes. It was the easy manner of her partner that taught her sex could be fun as well as…well, sexual. It was the kind of sex you could only have with someone who was your friend in addition to being your lover.

"I love you, Holly," the innkeeper whispered as she held the other woman even closer.

"Frequently and very, very well I might add," the technician replied and felt the light rumble of Gina’s chuckle. Again Holly moved back, slipping from the embrace.

Looking into the devastating brown eyes in front of her, Holly became serious. "I do love you, too, you know. More than I ever thought I could love anybody. You’ve liberated my heart and made it okay for me to love and trust."

Gina couldn’t speak because Holly had just said the very words that had been in her heart but that always seemed to have difficulty making it all the way to her lips. Instead of using words, she leaned forward and captured Holly’s lips in a searing kiss that said more than words ever could. Holly returned the sentiment and the kiss, slipping her tongue past Gina’s lips in a passionate exploration.

Holly’s hands returned to the Levi’s and tugged. Gina obliged the unspoken request by lifting her hips, allowing the blue jeans to be slipped from her bottom. Holly broke the kiss to pull Gina’s black motorcycle boots, socks and Levi’s from her body. Finally satisfied when the English woman was as unclothed as she was, Holly leaned in and placed small kisses across firm abs and dipped her tongue into Gina’s navel. From her kneeling position she looked up at her lover.

"I’m going to make you come, Gina. I’m going to use my mouth and tongue and you’re going to come. Very hard and very long, but only when I’m ready to let you come. I want you to have the absolute most pleasure I can give you."

Gina moaned and felt a rush of wetness between her legs at Holly’s words. She gazed down into the earnest blue eyes now tinged with hunger. "Do it," she said simply and watched as Holly lowered her mouth to her waiting wetness.

The American’s tongue slipped between Gina’s nether lips and slid the length of the wet center. At the top of the heated flesh, Holly focused completely on Gina’s throbbing clit. Swirling her tongue around the firm nub again and again, Holly set up a rhythm that Gina’s hips were helpless to mimic. Anticipation of this moment lent an almost frenzied need for completion in the raven-haired woman and when Holly slid two fingers firmly up and inside her, Gina nearly climaxed then.

Holly felt the clenching of Gina’s walls and stopped all movement completely. The innkeeper growled in frustration and moved her hips in an effort to obtain the contact she needed to send her over the edge. Holly denied her the contact but placed soothing kisses across Gina’s mound. When she was sure Gina had moved back from the brink of her climax, she resumed her loving attention to Gina’s clit and added a rhythmic thrusting of her fingers. The moans of her partner let her know she was giving Gina the most pleasure she was capable of.

It wasn’t long before the twin stimulations had Gina panting and writhing again. Closer again to her orgasm, she nearly screamed when Holly stopped short once more of allowing her to climax.

Lifting her head that had been thrown back in bliss, she looked down at Holly and pleaded simply, "Please."

Holly knew she had pushed Gina as far as possible and set about to give her the release she desperately craved. With renewed effort she lashed her tongue across Gina’s clit and pressed her fingers more forcefully into the deep, hot center of her lover. Gina responded, seeming to know that this time Holly would let her come.

"Holly…yes…just a little more…" Gina’s voice became strained and then failed her altogether as the American took her clit into her mouth entirely and began to suck on it intensely. It was this action that sent Gina reeling into a fiercely powerful orgasm. She screamed out Holly’s name as wave after wave of spasms racked her body. Just as she was coming down from the orgasm, Holly moved the tip of her tongue rapidly back and forth across Gina’s clit and the English woman was pushed back over edge again.

Holly might have continued her assault but Gina pulled her up onto the couch and held her closely against her overheated flesh.

"Save the rest of that thought for later," the innkeeper instructed as Holly chuckled at her side. "I didn’t mean for this to happen you know. I actually came over to take you out to lunch." Consulting her watch that was the only article left on her body, she frowned. "I suppose we could make it to tea."

Holly’s gaze wandered to the brown box that had been left where she dropped it on Gina’s arrival.

"Tell you what, Miss Forelli. How about if I make us a little something right here? I really don’t have enough energy left to get dressed to go out. Maybe I can tempt you with some American treats."

"You already have," Gina murmured placing a lazy kiss on Holly’s head. "If you’re talking about food though, what did you have in mind?"

Holly lifted her arm and pointed toward the unopened box. "Care package from the States. Not that I don’t love British food mind you, but sometimes I just need a taste of home. Every couple of weeks my Mom has been sending me a box of goodies that usually includes her world famous chocolate chip cookies in vacuum-sealed bags. Want to check it out?"

"Of course," Gina replied already getting up from the couch. Dodging discarded clothing, the pair made their way to the box.

"Just a second," Holly said as she dashed to her bedroom. A moment later she came back wearing an oversized t-shirt and tossed one at Gina. "Don’t laugh, I can’t open up something from my parents when I’m naked."

Gina did laugh though. "What did they send you in that box, a video camera?" She put on the shirt anyway, happy to appease her lover. Holly grabbed a knife from the kitchen and started to cut through the many layers of tape securing the box closed.

"I can’t believe my Mom let my Dad mail this. She knows better," Holly said as she sawed through the strapping tape.

Gina was perplexed. She could see nothing on the box to indicate who had mailed it. Holly’s address was on a typed index card as was the return address. "Okay, I’m intrigued, just how do you know which of your parents mailed this?"

The last of the strapping tape parted. "That’s easy," the American returned. "First, look at this tape. My Dad is what John Wayne called ‘a mighty cautious citizen’. He probably used an entire role of tape on this box. Second, look at the postage. He sent it just about the last class you could and still have it come over on an airplane! I wondered what took it so long. He’s nothing if not predictable."

Gina’s eyes widened as a sealed bag of chocolate chip cookies was removed from the box. Holly tore open the bag and they each bit into still soft pieces of chocolate heaven.

"I don’t care how long it took, just as long as these got here," the innkeeper said and added a moan of appreciation for the taste she was experiencing. Looking to see what else was in the box, she reached in and pulled out an envelope. "What’s this?"

The American took the bright blue envelope. "Dunno," she mumbled around her mouth full of cookie. Brushing a few stray crumbs on the side of her shirt, the technician opened the envelope and scanned the contents.

"Holy cat crap!" Holly nearly shouted.

Pushing her heart back down from her throat where it had leapt at her partner’s outburst, Gina said, "What’s the matter? Bad news?"

"You might say that," Holly said, holding the envelope as if it might contain something toxic. "My mother is coming to visit me. She wants to meet the person responsible for me staying in England and not going home."

"No problem," Gina responded easily. "I’d love to meet your mother. When will she be here?"

Holly referred to the letter again and then took a look at the postmarked date on the box. "Well, too bad the box took so long to get here, it might have given us more of a warning. She’ll be here tomorrow."


The plane had landed very nearly on time at Heathrow. Holly waited with Gina in the area beyond customs. One half hour after the plane’s arrival, Holly stood straighter and a nervous smile became fixed on her face. Gina followed Holly’s gaze to see an older version of her lover striding toward them pulling a piece of carry on luggage by the handle.

"Baby!" the older woman exclaimed and pulled her daughter in for an exuberant hug.

"Mom," Holly squeaked out, "you’re crushing me!"

"Humph!" the older blonde grumped. "You must not be eating well enough here. You never used to complain about my hugs. You haven’t been eating that English beef have you? Maybe you’ve got that mad cow thing!"

Holly rolled her eyes. "No, Mom, I don’t. I eat very well and I always complained when you hugged me hard enough to collapse a lung. You just have a very selective memory." Before her mother could reply, Holly turned to Gina and pulled her forward by hooking an arm through the Englishwoman’s. "Mom, this is my friend Gina Forelli. Gina, this is my mom, Belinda Hastings."

Belinda Hastings turned a cool gaze on her daughter’s companion and though Gina had taken great pains with her appearance, the woman’s appraising look made her feel somehow scruffy.

"How nice to meet you, Miss Forelli. My daughter has told me so little about you that I look forward to asking you a few questions."

"It’s an honor to meet you, Mrs. Hastings," Gina began but Belinda was already turning to the skycap coming up behind her bringing three large suitcases on a cart.

"God, Mom, I thought you were only coming over for two weeks! What on earth did you bring?" Holly asked incredulously.

"Just the essentials, baby," was her mother’s reply. "I may be in a foreign land but there’s no need to rough it."

Holly shot Gina a look that clearly said, "Bear with it, please. It’s only for two weeks." Gina reached for Holly’s hand and gave it a quick squeeze of support. Together they followed the Queen of Portland, Oregon and her amazing mound of suitcases toward the waiting limousine Gina had arranged for.

"It’s alright, Holly, I won’t let her get to me." The Englishwoman leaned in closer so only Holly could hear. "You spoke the truth you know, you do eat well here. Very well."

The American blushed furiously and groaned, "This is going to be the longest two weeks of my life, I can see that right now."

Gina let slip her rich throaty laugh and held tight to Holly’s hand as they walked from the airport. Holly couldn’t be sure but she thought she heard Gina humming a tune that sounded suspiciously like "Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"


"Shagging hell, Holly! How much longer is that woman going to be here?" Gina questioned as she ran a hand through her thick black locks. She shook her head. "It’s official, I’ve lost the plot." At Holly’s quizzical look, Gina clarified, "Sorry, that means I’ve gone insane. Here I was, perfectly happy as a sex maniac and now your mother has come into my life and any sex life I had has ceased to exist!"

Holly took Gina’s hand and brought it up for a brief kiss of sympathy. Well, sympathy and a palpable longing for some kind of touch. It had been a week since Holly’s mother had moved into the small flat with her daughter and began monopolizing all her free time. A quick kiss goodnight at Holly’s door was insufficient contact for either of the younger women.

The sexual frustration might have been tolerable if it hadn’t been accompanied by the thinly veiled insults from Belinda Hastings. If there was a way to be obnoxious to her daughter’s lover, Belinda found it and did it. She made it perfectly clear she found Gina to be distasteful, uncouth and generally unworthy of her daughter. Holly had been perplexed.

"Sure she’s always been assertive, but I’ve never seen her deliberately unpleasant before. When I was a kid I would have been grounded for a month if I had said anything remotely like the things she’s said to you. I just can’t understand it. Oh well, another seven days and she’ll be flying back to the States."

"It can’t be soon enough for me," the Brit said in exasperation. "If you and I can’t get together soon I might bloody well explode!"

"It’s no easier on me, love," the brunette returned. They were sitting on the couch in Holly’s apartment, the same couch where their intense encounter took place a scant week previously. It seemed like a lifetime ago for the two women. "Do you know how much strength I have when it comes to resisting your temptations?"

Gina smiled, knowing what was coming but deciding to play along anyway. "No, how much?"

"Fuck all!" Holly laughed. There had been an ongoing lesson between the two of them in how to correctly employ the British slang term "fuck all" with Gina despairing of Holly ever understanding the proper situation for its use.

"By George," Gina said in her best "My Fair Lady" voice, "I think she’s got it!"

Holly glowed in victory. "Yeah…fuck all!" They were so wrapped up in their private joke they never heard Belinda Hastings come padding softly down the hall in a fluffy pink bathrobe and matching slippers.

"Holly Regina Hastings! If you weren’t an adult I’d wash your mouth out with soap! You never used to swear like a longshoreman. Makes me wonder about the company you keep," she said with a glare at Gina. "If you think you can come up with a less coarse topic while I’m getting dressed, we can be on our way to lunch." She turned her back and headed toward the bedroom leaving two very amused women behind.

"Oooh, I guess she told you!" the Englishwoman chuckled. "Say, you never told me your middle name rhymed with a part of the female anatomy," she smirked, remembering the joke from the American sit-com "Seinfeld".

Holly gave her a playful smack on the arm. "Hey, it could have been worse as far as rhyming middle names go. Mom once told me they considered giving me her maiden name as my middle name," she stated, attempting to smother a snicker. Gina could almost feel something hysterical coming but played along anyway.

"Okay, I’ll ask. What was your mom’s maiden name?"

"Hunt," the brunette said and dissolved into laughter.

"Hey, Holly, how much do you like your middle name?" Gina asked, setting up the comeback.

"Fuck all!" her lover replied, lapsing back into giggles.

"I heard that!" came a disembodied voice from up the hall. The laughter in the apartment continued unabated.


The three women enter the elegant restaurant on the second floor of the Royal Heritage Hotel. Gina hoped that seeing the flagship hotel in her family’s business would give Holly’s mom a more favorable impression of her. Nothing else had seemed to work. Gina had been unfailingly polite and deferred to Belinda in everything since her arrival, even things it had grated on her to do so.

Though the surroundings were opulent in the upscale restaurant, Belinda was clearly unimpressed. Though the food was delicious and the service impeccable, she found problems with everything. The sniping at Gina continued periodically with Holly becoming more uncomfortable and Gina wishing she could just escape from this American harridan.

A delicious trifle was brought for dessert that even Belinda found hard to fault. The sinfully luscious food seemed to mellow Holly's mom and for a brief moment Gina hoped she could escape the meal without having to tell the older woman exactly what she thought of her. Unfortunately that was the moment Belinda Hastings chose to get personal.

"So, Miss Forelli, what are your intentions now that you've managed to get my daughter to jump in bed with you? Do you even care that she'll have the reputation of being a tramp or does that not bother you?"

Holly's mouth dropped open in shock then she dropped her gaze and could not meet Gina's eyes. For an instant the English woman thought she could not have possibly heard correctly. She had absorbed the criticism and snide comments but when Gina saw the absolute mortification on her lover's face she knew she could remain silent no longer.

"Mrs. Hastings, I have endured your insults to me, my business and my country. I have been willing to listen to your pointless diatribes regarding British culture and cuisine. I have even let you lecture me on our political system and narrow-minded view of the world. There is one thing I will not allow you to do and that is to hurt Holly in any way, shape or form. You may not care for me and frankly I don't give a damn but when you start in on Holly you have crossed the line." Gina took a quick breath and continued before she could be interrupted.

"Your daughter is the best thing that ever happened to me. She is a lovely, caring and immensely beautiful person inside and out. You want to know what my intentions are? Fine. I intend to ask your daughter to become my partner, to live and love with me from now until one of us draws our final breath. I love Holly, I know she loves me and nothing will stand in the way of me trying to make her happy for the rest of her life. I'm sorry if that prospect doesn't sit well with you. However much I would like to get on well with you I would just like to point out we don't need your approval or blessing to be together. Now, you can apologize to your daughter or I'll have to ask you to take your comments and criticisms and get the hell out of my hotel." Though Gina's tone had remained even during her short speech, the deadly seriousness of her words left the impression that she had been shouting.

Belinda stood quickly and Gina braced herself for what was sure to escalate into a shouting match. The older woman said nothing however and merely snatched up her purse. Gina was wrong again when she thought Belinda would storm from the restaurant. Instead the older American opened her purse and fished around in its contents until she found and removed a five-dollar bill.

"You were right; here you go," she said as she handed the cash to her daughter. Holly raised her head and smiled broadly at her mother.

"Told you. Now maybe you'll believe me when I say I know what I'm doing?"

"You'll always be my baby, it's hard not to worry," Belinda said as she reached out and smoothed her hand across Holly's cheek. Seeing Gina's look of utter confusion, she moved to explain.

"Gina, I saw from the first moment I laid eyes on my daughter that she was in love. I’ve never seen that look on her face before and because I hadn’t, I had to make sure that she wasn’t changing her whole life for a temporary crush. She and I talked last night and I know now that her love for you is very real." Belinda smiled over at her daughter then turned her attention back to the English woman.

"That left me with only one question and that was regarding your feelings for her. I had to be sure that your love for her was as strong as hers is for you. You proved it to me right now. You would have put up with having a harpy as a mother-in-law but you came to her rescue when you thought I was hurting her feelings. You care more for her than you do for yourself and that tells me a lot. Thank you for that and for putting my mind at ease." Belinda extended her hand to Gina who took it even though she was a bit bewildered by the situation.

"You mean this whole visit was a test?" Gina asked with a tinge of annoyance.

"No," assured Belinda, "I’m sorry to say me acting like an unmitigated bitch was the ‘mother bear protecting her cub’ coming out in me. Last night I told Holly I was going to lay it on thick today. She wasn’t worried, she told me she knew you loved her and that you would always be there for her. She just won five dollars in proving she was right."

Holly waved the green bill in the air with a triumphant flourish. "Easiest money I ever made!"

Gina sat back down and the others followed suit. She looked over at Holly.

"I can’t believe you gambled on me, especially knowing I haven’t been a great one for commitment in the past," she said, dropping her eyes from Holly’s gaze.

"It’s not a gamble when you know you’re betting on a sure thing," Holly replied as she took Gina’s hand and gave it a tender squeeze. "Give me some credit here, I think I know I can count on the woman I plan on living with and sharing the rest of my life with."

Gina’s head snapped up. "Living with…?"

"Oh, didn’t I mention I got this in the mail today?" Holly asked innocently as she set down the money and pulled a brown envelope from the pocket of her jacket that had been draped over the back of her chair. "It seems my credentials and education have been verified at long last. I can now resume my career as a lab technician and finally get promoted from just drawing blood. I figure I can pull my weight in this relationship now."

"Holly, that’s wonderful!" Gina said. "Excuse us," she said to Belinda as she leaned forward to place a sweet kiss on Holly’s lips. "Congratulations, love."

"Thanks," Holly beamed as she looked deeply into her lover’s eyes. Remembering where she was, she leaned back and addressed her mother. "Hey, Mom, want to come upstairs and see our place? I might need your advice on a little decorating I want to do."

"What kind of decorating?" Belinda asked.

Holly held up the five-dollar bill. "I have something that needs to be framed."


Holly eased back into the arms of her lover. It had been a long day but the two women were pleased with getting Holly’s belongings moved into Gina’s penthouse in the Royal Heritage Hotel. As her recently showered naked flesh came into contact with the equally naked skin of her partner, she sighed.

"Man, this is nice," she purred. "It was even nicer a few minutes ago with you in the shower. I don’t know how I managed to stay upright with what you were doing to me in there."

Gina chuckled. "So you liked it then?"

"Very much, believe me," Holly said. "Remind me to shower with you more often."

"I will," the English woman replied. "Did you hear from your mum today?"

"Yeah, I got an e-mail earlier; her flight home was just fine. Thanks for letting me use your computer; I really want to avoid any surprise visits in the future by relying on snail mail ever again. Mom says hello, by the way."

"You know, after I got to know her, I really liked her," Gina said as her left hand moved around her partner and began a leisurely stroking of the soft breast she found there. The nipple hardened under her knowing touch.

"Oooh, that’s nice," Holly purred.

"It’s even nicer to know you’ll be here for me to do this everyday." Gina punctuated her statement with several kisses along Holly’s neck. She stopped the kisses suddenly, causing Holly to turn and look at her.

"Something wrong, love?" the American asked.

"Not that I’m complaining, but I was just wondering about my therapy. I know you wanted me to resolve some of my issues before we moved in together." Gina looked uncertainly at her partner.

Holly quirked a sheepish grin at Gina. "I was wrong about that. I thought you needed to be perfect before we could be happy together but it finally dawned on me that you love me and I love you and that makes us perfect. Everything else will work out in time. I do love you Gina and it’s time I take my place by the side of the person who has become queen of my heart."

Gina’s smile was brilliant as she said, "Queen, eh? You know, in this country being queen has certain privileges. For example, we can pick our own consorts and command them as we see fit."

"Is that right?" Holly asked. "Well, as I intend on being your only consort for the rest of your life, I will just say your wish is my command."

Gina’s face took on a heated look. "Oh really," she husked in a low, sexy tone.

"God, I love it when you talk like that," the brunette said as she turned completely and placed her body flush against that of the innkeeper. "Command me, Your Majesty, I’m at your service."

Gina’s brown eyes blazed as she looked deeply into the blue ones in front of her. "I’ll only ever have one command for you. Love me. Just love me, Holly."

"With pleasure, Highness." Holly leaned forward and initiated a kiss that promised as much pleasure as Gina could handle. It deepened and the American used her tongue to coax Gina’s out to play. The velvety texture of Gina’s tongue caressing hers caused a moan of desire to slip from the American.

Gina broke the kiss and moved her lips across Holly’s cheek to her ear where she whispered in a strained voice, "I want you. I want to touch you and feel how hot and wet you are again. You are hot and wet right now aren’t you?"

If she hadn’t been that way before, the passionate words would have made her be in moments. Holly knew that erotic talk was a special turn on for the Englishwoman so she let her inhibitions go and returned Gina’s feelings.

"God, yes I’m wet. How could I not be when my skin is touching yours? Every time I look at you or think about you, I want to have my hands and mouth on you. I want to taste every bit of you and watch you as you get more and more excited by what I’m doing to you. I want to watch you come, Gina. You will come for me, won’t you?"

"Very soon," her lover assured her. "It never takes long with you."

Holly reached out for Gina’s hand and placed it on her breast. The Englishwoman skillfully manipulated first one then the other before moving her mouth to a conveniently placed nipple. Holly groaned her approval of the way Gina licked and sucked the hardened tips. The American swore she could feel each manipulation of her nipples down in her groin and she began a rhythmic movement of her hips against Gina.

Gina felt a flash of triumph as she felt Holly’s wet center move against her own. She removed her mouth from Holly’s breast.

"You said you wanted to watch me come and you will," Gina said as she moved her lover onto her side. Scooting down, she positioned herself on her side as well, facing Holly.

"I’m going to watch you too, love. I want to see you when you come for me, when you let me know I am the only one who will ever make you this hot and this wanting again." As she spoke the words, Gina traced a fingertip down the middle of Holly’s body to the curls between her legs. The thighs parted automatically, granting entrance to her delighted partner.

"Yes, that’s it, Gina," Holly whispered. "Touch me. I want to feel your hand on me and in me. Do it! Do it now!" Gina felt her own juices slick her inner thighs as she slid her index finger through the moist furrow. The amount of wet heat she found surprised and excited her even more. Dipping into the wetness she drew it up and around Holly’s clit. At the first touch to that sensitive area, Holly’s hips bucked forward against Gina’s hand, seeking to increase the contact. Holly was disappointed when she felt Gina’s hand move away altogether and she opened the eyes that had closed in pleasure at her partner’s touch.

"What…" Holly began but was silenced as she watched the finger coated with her juices be placed in Gina’s mouth.

"So good, so sweet," Gina said as the finger emerged. Reaching down, she captured Holly’s hand and guided it to her aching center. "This time together," Gina requested and Holly could only nod as her hand came into contact with the wet, ebony hair. It was only a second before she delved into the area of Gina’s need, finding her clit already budding under her touch.

Gina returned her hand to Holly’s center and began stroking in a rhythmic fashion, mirroring Holly’s movements against her own clit. Both women moved their hips in time to the loving touches of their partner. The air of the bedroom was filled with moans, panting and the scent of sex.

A sheen of perspiration began to grace Gina’s body and she knew it wouldn’t be long before she would be coming. Before that happened she wanted to feel Holly completely.

"Inside?" she panted and Holly nodded. Brown and blue eyes remained locked as fingers moved down and in. Holly whimpered as sensation threatened to overwhelm her but she entered Gina with as much vigor as she was being given. Though she had recently had a most satisfying orgasm in the shower with Gina’s mouth on her, it was Holly who approached her climax first.

"Gina…getting close," Holly gasped. Gina didn’t reply but her invigorated thrusting and fresh gush of wetness let Holly know she wasn’t alone.

"Baby…together…come with me," Holly begged. The pleading tone moved Gina quickly to the edge and over it.

"Coming!" Gina screamed and her face tightened with the exquisite pleasure. She felt Holly’s walls tighten around her fingers and she thrust in one last time as Holly joined her in a long, hard orgasm. They continued to move against one another as waves of pleasure passed through them both.

For long moments neither could speak as they attempted to calm their breathing and wildly beating hearts. Slowly withdrawing their hands they moved closer together. Holly turned over and Gina spooned up against her, draping an arm around her waist.

"I love you, Holly," she whispered into the American’s ear. "I always will." Holly’s lips moved up in a satisfied smile.

"You better," she replied in a sleepy voice, "because I love you too. Now get some rest and we’ll continue our…international relations…later."

Gina chuckled and pulled the sheet up as she snuggled closer to Holly. "It’s good to be the Queen."

The End

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