Opening Doors

By J.S. Connolly

Copyright 2004

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"I don't know what I was thinking.
Till I was thinking of you.
I don't remember a thing
before I opened my eyes
and you came into view"

- Amanda Marshall

Part 3



Meg arrived at the party and as the door opened she could hear soft instrumental music coming from inside. After being let in by John who gave her a hug she was immediately pulled inside by Anne. She'd barely said hello before bringing Meg around to meet a number of her acquaintances and neighbors. Everything seemed so rushed that Meg forgot most of the names she was being given and tried to smile as she was then herded towards the man Anne had described to her, feeling a bit like she was being put on the auction block.


"Megan Shay this is Dr. Chris Jameson the newest neurosurgeon on the staff at St. John's Hospital. Chris, Megan is a legal secretary who works for my niece Tanner. She then proceeded to leave so they could get better acquainted, and Meg sent a glare at her retreating back as her eyes widened when she remembered that Tanner was Anne's niece.The sound of Chris'

voicedrew her back from her thoughts, "So you work for the great Tanner McKenzie."

" Yes I do, she's a wonderful lawyer. I know if I ever needed legal help she's the lawyer I'd want helping me she's amazing in the courtroom"

"So I've heard she has a impressive trial record and I've heard she's brilliant at Cross-examining witnesses, very tough from what I've been told."

"Yes, well she worked hard to earn that reputation, and as for the witnesses they usually deserve it."

"Speaking of spotless I haven't lost a patient yet." Megan said that was wonderful which only seemed to encourage him, and from that moment on everything was about him. She tried to be a good listener and show some interest in what the young doctor was saying but couldn't help thinking that even if she did like men she wouldn't like one that had such a big ego, and the good doctor's was the size of Cleveland. He showed no further interest in her work at the law firm or in her life for that matter and she had to stop herself from rolling her eyes as he went on and on about himself and his huge house and fancy sports car, and how his patients thought of him as a god. The last caused her to choke on her wine. She drank only occasionally and never around Ben. A few moments later her eyes began to wander. As she gazed around the room her eyes came upon a sight that made her heart to miss a beat. Tanner McKenzie was standing in the corner dressed in a light blue silk suit that brought out the color of her already amazing eyes as she talked with Anne. She appeared to be suppressing either a laugh or a scream at whatever Anne was saying for the corners of her mouth were slightly curved, while her grip on the glass of scotch she was holding in her right hand was tightening. Meg forgot all about the doctor and stood mesmerized by the sheer beauty of her enigmatic yet painfully aloof boss, 'God it's a good thing she isn't smiling it would be so brilliant I'd probably swoon and have to find a chair or wall to hold myself up. Even without the smile she's magnificent.'

As she continued to gaze unabashedly at Tanner the young doctor finally stopped talking long enough to see that his companions' attention had wandered, and following her gaze sees whom she's watching. He takes in the look on her face, which is focused on an oblivious Tanner and feels himself begin to grow angry.

He leads Meg toward a wall and pushes her against it as he leans down and speaking into her ear in a lewd manner says, " I was wondering why I couldn't hold your attention, you're on of those people aren't you? I knew it couldn't be me because you'd be very lucky to have a chance with someone of my rising social standing, but I can see I have something you probably believe you don't need. I think I could change your mind quite fast about that because I've got more than enough for any woman, and once I've had you you'll never want or need anyone else to satisfy you, "he said pressing himself against her to make his point very clear.

Meg feeling an unfamiliar anger brought her leg up to make her own point clear and then proceeded to make things clearer in a not so quiet voice, "You make me sick you sorry excuse for a human being. You have the nerve to diminish who I am by who I chose to love when you don't know the first thing about it. If you're smart you'll get the hell away from me. I never have and never will want what you have and I pity the woman who decides she does because it will be the biggest mistake of her life," she said taking a deep breath as she pushed him off of her and walked across the room as she tried to get her anger under control as the guests taken off guard by the outburst began to talk amongst themselves.

Anne having heard the conversation follows her after she's done talking to Tanner. Meanwhile, Tanner turns to see where Anne is heading and who the woman was that was shouting and is amazed to see Meg looking stunning in a gold strapless dress. She unconsciously allows herself to take in the smooth pale skin and supple thighs as well as the contours of the dress which seem to hug the curves of her breasts and a very firm backside. She shakes herself mentally but can't help licking her lips at the sight. A moment later she realizes that the young doctor who was now walking awkwardly away was making unwanted advances and lewd comments toward Meg and her hands begin to clench in anger. She feels her anger disperse a bit as she recalls how her normally sweet assistant took the man down more than a few pegs and smirks despite herself, 'It's hard to believe such a soft spoken little thing could be such a fireball, but I guess even the nicest people have their limits, so why does she put up with my shit,' she thought as a sigh escaped half in admiration and half in guilt.

She turned her attention to the two women who were now in a heated discussion and per usual it seemed her aunt wouldn't acknowledge Meg's lifestyle anymore than her nieces'. Tanner feeling like she should do something spied what Meg was drinking, and got her another figuringthe small woman

needed and earned it after dealing with a closed minded idiot and her clueless aunt. She made her way over to the two women and waited for a break in the conversation, but when it didn't seem to be coming she interrupted saying, "Aunt Anne I think Meg has dealt with enough for one evening don't you. Oh, and with all due respect buy a clue because although I can't speak for Meg I'm tired of being set up by you when I have no interest in men." Her aunt just glared at her before stomping off while Meg gave her a grateful smile as she took the drink from Tanner.

As they stood there Meg looked at her seemingly unflappable boss while Tanner examined her shoes in silence until Meg remembered what Anne had called Tanner earlier.

"You're her niece, Wow I don't know why I keep forgetting that. I guess because it's a bit hard to believe!"

"Yeah, it is hard to believe isn't it or maybe not so hard. I'm beginning to think as you've probably figured out that being a bit dense runs in the family," she said sheepishly. Meg surprised by the statement resists the urge to touch her, and instead says, "Hey, it's okay," in such a sincere way that Tanner can't help but look up and doing so sees such tenderness and understanding in her eyes that it makes her want to cry. She drops her eyes again to keep from doing so and in a half whisper says, "Thank you." Meg's eyes grew misty at the pain she heard in the other woman's voiceand she once again found herself having to control the desire to reach out and touch the other woman.

Both women had grown tired of the party but didn't want to leave the others company just yet and so talked for awhile about anything that came to minduntil Meg yawned. This prompted Tanner to offer her a ride home to which Meg replied, "Oh, well I actually drove myself but thank you."

Tanner nodded somewhat disappointed and trying to find her nerve asked hesitantly, "Umm, would it be too weird if I followed you just to make sure you got back alright."

Meg smiled at the sweet gesture, "Well I'm just across town so it's unlikely anything will happen,"And then mentally slapped herself feeling like an idiot as she remembered it was a simple drive that took Tanner's wife and child. Tanner sucked in a breath feeling like she'd been hit, and is surprised by the small hand that reaches up to cup her cheek. Meg not able to help herself any longer caresses the soft skin under her fingers as vulnerable blue eyes lift to look at her. "I'm so sorry Tanner, I can't believe I said that so casually. Please forgive me."

Meanwhile, Tanner can't help feeling herself melt under the healing warmth of the small palm on her face, but fear rears its head and she gently pulls away.

"If you still want to you can follow me.It would actually make me feel better," Meg says softly

"Okay, I'll be right behind you", Tanner says with a relieved sigh. As they separate to go to their cars Tanner thinks about the feel of Meg's soft hand and can't help the small grin that comes to her face. Before she enters her car Meg smiles as if hearing Tanners' thoughts and turns to find Tanner getting into her car with a small smile on her face. The sight makes her legs feel a bit weak and she holds onto the door. Steadying herself she gets into the car and as she makes her way home she thinks about her feelings for Tanner and sighs 'God I'm in so much trouble.'


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