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The Honeymoon

part 2



The honeymooners leased a 4x4 Jeep Cherokee in a rich wine color for their trip to the cabin that they'd rented through a newspaper add. Beth and Tommy had rented it in the past and swore it to be the most romantic spot, nestled in the fir trees along a meandering fresh water stream.

Josie looked at the map sitting on her lap. "Up here, take a left onto Highway 24. The concierge at the hotel said it would take about 15 minutes to get to Woodland Park, then just follow the signs to the cabin rental office. The Garden of the Gods is on the way."

"My goodness, look at the size of these boulders! That's incredible. You sure don't see rock formations like this in New Orleans."

"Sweetheart, we're six feet below sea level. We don't see rock formations at all." Josie chuckled at her lover's wide eye'd wonder.

"Look, there is the sign. Let's turn in and climb some rocks!" Sandy enthused.

"You sure you're up to that, Tarzan? You got a pretty good knot on that hard head of yours this morning. If there is any chance of your getting dizzy....."

"Ummm, you're right. We can come back another day and play." Sandy gave her lover a sweet childish grin.

"Deal." Josie grinned back.

The rest of the short drive was spent enjoying the scenery and the warmth of each other's company.

"Manitou Springs, what a quaint little town. Let's stop and window shop. I want to buy the boys some souvenirs and a little thank you gift for Beth and Tommy for puppy sitting. We can eat our lunch here and pass by the grocery too." Josie said. "I wonder if they sell those wooden bowls that are so highly polished you can see your reflection in them." Josie mused.

"You sure you don't want to go find our cabin and take a nap first? You've been going nonstop the last few days, boss. I don't want you getting sick on me now." Sandy chided.

"Oooh, pleeeease." Josie begged. "I swear, I'll let you do all the unpacking when we get to the cabin, while I take a nice, long nap." The adorable little blonde batted her eyelashes and melted her partner's heart.

"I think I've been had." Sandra shook her head in mock dismay. "OK. But when I say we go, we go. Deal?" The raven haired beauty took advantage of her stature as she exited their vehicle. Standing at her full 5'10" height, squaring her shoulders, she reiterated..... "Deeeeeal?"

Josie craned her neck to look up at her lover. "You know, you're much too skinny to pull that off, don't you." Josie snickered. "It's a deal."

"Good..... I am not too skinny!" Sandy whined, as she walked around to Josie's side of the Jeep and helped her out.

"I'm taking this sweater off." Josie groused. "It's going to take a while for me to get used to it being 80 degrees during the day and 36 at night. Not that I'm complaining. It beats the hell out of 95 degrees in the shade with 90 percent humidity any day." Josie slipped her sweater off to reveal a deep-green, plaid, flannel camp shirt, then helped her partner do the same. Her camp shirt was solid black flannel, accentuating her dark hair and blue eyes.

The ladies shopped for over an hour, admiring the many native artists works. Josie found just the bowl she wanted and bargained to lower the exorbitant price. 'Boy, they really stick it to the tourists here.' She frowned.

"Look what I got for the boys!" Sandra exclaimed, as she proudly opened her shopping bag to reveal two halves of a meteor stone. The insides glittered with color. "Do you think they'll like it? I got one for each of them so they won't fight."

"Oh, sweetheart, that's perfect. You are so smart. That's why I married you, you know, for your brains." Josie gave Sandra a lascivious grin.

"I never thought I'd say this, boss, but you lie like a rug."

"Do not." Josie retorted, as she took up her purchase and walked away.

"Do to." Sandra laughed, as she held the door open for her partner. "Let's stop for lunch. I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse!"

Josie chuckled at the irony of that statement. 'I guess I'd better warn my gourmet here before she gets into the café' and sees the menu. Better for her to complain out here than get us run out of town. We'll be here for the next ten days. I'd like to make nice with the locals.' "Ummm, Sandy, sweetheart." Josie gently grabbed her partner by the elbow and turned her away from the café, leading her to a more private area.

"Where are we going, Josie? I'm hungry. We can talk in the restaurant, can't we?" Sandy gave her partner a quizzical look.

"Not about this."

Sandy was getting concerned by her partner's behavior. "What is it, boss? Are you alright?"

"I'm fine, sweetheart. I just want to warn you now, so you won't be disappointed."

"Warn me about what?"

"You may not be able to eat what you normally like to eat here. What I mean is, these are meat and potatoes people. They don't eat like we're accustomed to."

"Well, with all the fresh water streams around here, they've gotta have some great fish." Sandy enthused.

Josie just shook her head. "I'm afraid not. Eating around here is like eating at Denny's. But, we'll make groceries and then tonight cook something really yummy. OK?" Josie looked imploringly at her disappointed partner.

"OK." Sandra pouted.

After eating their charred hamburgers and fries, the couple drove to the local supermarket and collected enough groceries to last them a few days. They were reticent to get too much because they didn't know how large the refrigerator would be at the cabin. Sandra packed up their vehicle as Josie crawled up into the passenger seat and belted herself in snugly.

"I can't wait to do some fishing. I brought some wonderful new recipes requiring fresh fish. You're gonna be my guinea pig." Sandra grinned.

"Glad to be of service, madam." Josie retorted through a wide mouthed yawn.

"I want you to go straight to bed when we get there." Sandra looked at Josie with concern.

Josie nodded as her eyes caught the sign for the rental office. "Turn here!" Josie exclaimed.

"I see it."

The couple collected the keys and directions to the cabin that would be their home for the

next ten days.


"Oh, Josie, it's so beautiful here." Sandra stopped the vehicle and stepped out to admire the panoramic view of the forest and the mountains beyond. She breathed in the aroma of the fir trees that gracefully sheltered the cabin from the rays of the afternoon sun.

Josie sat in the car, admiring the view through the windows. 'Heaven must look like this because I can't imagine a more beautiful vista.' She thought.

Sandra walked over to her lover and reached her hand through the open window and gently grasped her smaller hand, so she could share the moment with the most important person in her life. She took a deep breath as tears of joy and awe slipped down her high cheek bones.

Josie lifted the long slender hand to her lips, kissing it and rubbing it against the soft fuzz of her cheek. 'Thank you, God. Thank you for giving me this moment, this woman. Please, give me time.' Josie was jarred from her thoughts when a dark head poked through the car window and a pair of moist blue eyes captured sea-green.

"I love this place, boss. And, I love you more." Sandra stated, as she captured soft lips with her's. "Let's go get settled in. I want you to take a snooze while I get us all situated and check out the fishing." She smiled and kissed her lover again before retreating to the driver's side of the vehicle.


The log cabin was quaint with a half screened in front porch that faced the stream and mountains in the distance. The interior was just large enough for a small, open kitchen and dining table for four, a queen sized bed made of large rustic poles of pine, two night stands, a large stone fireplace with a love seat and easy chair close by. The bathroom was an extremely pleasant surprise, nearly a quarter the size of the entire cabin. It held two pedestal sinks, Jacuzzi tub, easily large enough for two, and a private little nook where the toilet resided beside a bidet. The wall beside the Jacuzzi and the ceiling above to the light fixture was all double insulated glass, bringing mother nature in and leaving the weather out.

"Oh, Josie, this is incredible." Sandra stood in the bathroom door, pulling her petite partner in front of her to admire the view of the surrounding forest beyond the tub. Josie leaned back against her partner's chest in awe of the sumptuous beauty before her. "Remind me to have Beth and Tommy over for dinner."

Josie just nodded her curly blonde head, enjoying the feel of her lover's long arms as they protectively wrapped around her waist.

"Ok. Why don't you change into your nightshirt and I'll put the groceries away. I'll wake you up in about two hours. How's that?" Sandra asked, as she took Josie's hand and led her to the rustic bed and helped her out of her clothes, trying to keep her libido in check, knowing her partner needed rest more than she needed sex at the moment.

After tucking her wife in bed, Sandra busied herself unloading the Jeep and putting their groceries away. Then, after checking on her lightly snoring lover, she grabbed her fishing pole, tackle box and portable chair, and headed for the stream.


"Wow, this is the life!" Sandra joyfully exclaimed, as she sat back in her collapsible chair at the very edge of the gracefully moving stream, fishing pole on her lap and cold, kiwi-strawberry Snapple running down her parched throat.

The blue eyed beauty took in the sounds and scents of her new surroundings, gazing in awe of God's creations. "I don't know what I did to deserve this, but thank you just the same."

Sandra said to a God she couldn't see but knew was listening.

"Woe, SHIT!!!" Sandra exclaimed, as the tug on her line jerked her fishing pole into her hand, splashing pink liquid onto her lap and startling her out of her reverie. "Woohoo!" Sandra grabbed up her pole and readied for battle against her ichthyological foe. She kept the line taut, but let him run and dive and jump until he tired himself enough for her to reel him in and scoop him into her waiting net. It was a large rainbow trout. The perfect size for the two of them to enjoy. "Welcome, Mr. Trout. Anymore at home like you?" Sandra giggled with glee as she strung her prize, set him back in the icy waters and tied the string to the trunk of a small fir sapling.

An hour later, a very satisfied woman entered the cabin's kitchen with four perfectly cleaned filets of trout that she had prepared on the outdoor work bench provided. She was careful to wash away the remnants and return the guts to the stream for the other fish to enjoy. She'd heard enough stories about hungry bears to know better than to leave an invitation to dinner.

After preparing the filets with cajun seasonings and setting them in the refrigerator to marinate, she quietly checked on her bride who was still snoring in her sleep. 'She looks like a little angel. But this angel's two hours are up.' Sandra grinned to herself as she sat beside her bride. "Hey, sleepyhead, it's time to wake up." Sandra gently ran her hand up and down her lover's exposed arm, stirring her from her dreams.

"Mmmmm, hey." Josie purred, as she rubbed the sleep from her eyes, then reached for her lover, pulling her down for a deep, passionate kiss. Releasing her hold on her young wife's neck, she pulled back and sniffed. "Ewwwwe, you smell fishy." Josie stated, as she pinched her nose closed with her hand.

"I thought lesbians liked that." Sandra said innocently.

"That, my friend, is a vicious rumor..... What have you been up to that you smell like the fish market on Decatur Street?"

Sandra's eyes sparkled. "I caught us dinner and lunch for tomorrow. Two huge rainbow trout, my dear. You should have seen them fight. They were honorable opponents. I fileted them and have them marinating in the fridge. You wanna try out the Jacuzzi and help me get defunked?" Dark eyebrows waggled as she put on her best lascivious grin, sending Josie into peels of laughter.

"We'd better scrub you down cause I'm not letting you touch me with those stinky hands." Josie rolled of the bed and walked into the bathroom, turning on the Jacuzzi and pealing off her clothes in front of her attentive lover, then slowly sliding under the bubbles and out of view. Sandra grabbed the soap, shampoo and body puff and set it on the side of the tub, then pealed off her own clothes before sliding in after her lover.

"Oh mon dieu! C'est tres magnifique!" Sandy exclaimed at the heavenly feel of the warm bubbles and powerful jets on her tired body.

"Yeah, ditto." Josie giggled.

The lovers took turns bathing each other's bodies, lingering at the more interesting parts. They washed each other's hair and languorously massaged each other's scalp until they were both trembling with sexual desire.

Josie turned to face Sandra, straddling her lap. She delicately kissed across her lover's forehead, her eyelids, down the right side of her face to her ear, sucking the lobe into her warm mouth, then across her chin, her jaw and to the other earlobe. She released her prize to look deeply into the blue eyes she loves so.

"Open your legs so I can slide down against you, Sandy." Josie instructed, then pulled her knees up until she could slide her vulva over her lover's. Both women's breath hitched in their chests at the pure pleasure of their joining.

Sandra reached behind her lover and cupped her firm buttocks, pulling her closer, increasing the pressure against her sex. "Oh, Josie..... You feel so good."

Josie, however, was busy admiring the floating breasts before her with their dark, taut, erect nipples. She lifted the left one to her lips, kissing and licking, then gently biting the nipple, sending streaks of lightening to her lover's engorged clit. Sandra shivered slightly, encouraging Josie to take as much of the breast as she could and suckling as if for nourishment. She ran the palm of her left hand over the painfully erect nipple of Sandra's right breast, causing her very aroused partner to drop her dark head upon a slight shoulder as her pelvis slowly pumped, further stimulating their joined vulvas. Sandra massaged Josie's buttocks as she bit and sucked the smaller woman's neck and shoulder, sending Josie's ardor soaring. The smaller woman released the breast she had been enjoying and reached for Sandra's face. She kissed her deeply, warring for dominance of the warm cavern, then sucked the pink muscle into her own mouth, rhythmically suckling upon it as she reached behind her lover and grasped her ass cheeks as she pumped into her sex with all her might. Sandra had to pull away from Josie's sweet mouth as she felt her climax approaching. She placed her mouth against her lover's ear. "I love you, Josie." She whispered before burying her dark head into Josie's shoulder. "I'm coming......" The dark head flew back and her long, lithe body arched in ecstatic release.

Josie continued to pump into her lover's vulva, feeling her release at hand. "Ah..... Ah..... FUCK!!!" Josie screamed out her orgasm as wave after wave of intense spasms passed through her body from her center. Her head fell upon Sandra's soft chest as she tried to catch her breath.

Sandra watched her lover's climax in awed by her beauty and the primal power of their sex. "You're beautiful when you come, Josie. So very beautiful." Sandra ran her long, elegant hand down her lover's face over and over again. Memorizing every angle and shadow, her heart filled to bursting with the love she felt for this tiny person who held her heart.

Josie gathered her strength and looked up into moist blue eyes. "Crying?"


The lovers both nodded and quietly held each other, allowing their connection to bathe them in it's glow.

After a few minutes, Josie's leg began to cramp and the spell was broken. Sandra pulled out from under her partner then reached down to help Josie to her feet. It was then that Josie felt it, the familiar feeling of heavy weights upon her extremities, and she knew play time was over and rest was her best recourse.

Sandra noticed the change immediately. "You OK, boss? You look kinda faint" Sandra stepped out of the tub, never releasing her hold under her lover's elbow.

"I'll be fine. Just need to rest up." Josie smiled into worried blue eyes as she used her partner's strong arm to balance herself and step out of the tub.

After drying each other, Josie slipped back into her night shirt and retired for the evening while Sandra fixed herself a filet and Caesar salad. The bored beauty pulled her laptop from their luggage and logged on to check their mail and to send a letter to her mother, Tony and Beth, saying that they arrived safely and were having a great time. She thanked Beth for turning them onto the wonderful cabin and that they'd already USED the Jacuzzi. Having finished her correspondence, Sandra cleaned the dishes and joined her lover in bed, instantly falling into a deep, restful sleep, spooned behind Josie.


The cabin was filled with the dim, grey, light of the approaching dawn when Sandra felt her lover stir and roll out of bed. She opened her eyes to see if she was alright, then sat straight up when she watched her lover drunkenly slam into the love seat and curse the inanimate object in language her partner had never heard her utter before. Sandra hopped out of bed to see what was going on.

"Josie? You alright, boss?" The tall beauty hesitantly reached out to touch her partner's arm.

"Where's the ..... ? Who the hell moved the damned furniture around?" Josie was spinning around, very agitated and frightened.

"Josie!?! What's wrong with you? Why are you acting this way?" Sandra was puzzled and frightened by her spouse's strange behavior.

"I need to use the bathroom. Where the hell is it?" Josie slurred, pulling away from her partner. Their eyes met in a brief moment of recognition. "Sandy?" She queried before stumbling onto the floor. "Dammit! I need to pee." Bleary eyes searched her surroundings, looking very much like a wounded animal.

"Shit! Josie, what's wrong with you." Sandra demanded, as she leaned down and pulled Josie to her feet, steadying her as she guided the protesting woman to the toilet and got her seated. Sandra took the opportunity to assess her wife's condition and was startled by her pale skin and dilated pupils. That, along with her behaving like the town drunk, set off alarms in her head. Running from the bathroom, she grabbed the accucheck machine from their suitcases and returned to her spouse's side. "I'm gonna check your blood sugar, Josie." Sandra stated and helped her lover over to the bed.

"Like hell you are. I don't wanna be stuck anymore, dammit!" Josie babbled, barely coherent, as she tried to squirm away from the much larger and very determined woman.

Sandra sat on Josie's lap and leaned back against her body while she held tightly to her hand. The stick was hard and painful, but Sandra had no choice. She got her sample and let the small struggling woman up.

"That hurt!" Josie curled up into a fetal position, sobbing and whimpering, holding her still bleeding finger in her mouth.

"AWE, SHIT!!! Your blood sugar is only 32mg/dl. Shit!!! Ok, Sandra, calm down. What do you need to do? Sugar!..... We don't have any sugar. Shit! What else has sugar in it? Orange juice and bananas!" She ran into the kitchen, grabbing a banana off of the counter, pealing it, then opening the refrigerator and grabbing the carton of orange juice and pouring a glass. She ran back to her lover's side and gently shook her shoulder. "I need you to drink this for me, Josie. Your blood sugar is really low. It's making you act this way."

Josie swatted weakly at her tormentor. "No! You hurt me." Her tongue felt thick and the world seemed all fuzzy and frightening.

Sandra placed her arm under Josie's shoulders and lifted her up against her chest, while the weakened woman desperately flailed her hands in fear. "Open your mouth." Sandra demanded, holding the cup out of harm's way. "Open your mouth or I'll stick you again."

Josie opened her mouth and swallowed down the glass of juice, fear evident in her eyes. "Good girl. That's a good girl." Sandra set the juice down and grabbed the banana. "Now, eat your banana." Josie did as commanded. Little by little, her breathing evened out and the glazed look in her beautiful, sea-green eyes, slowly lifted.

"Sandy?" Josie whimpered.

"Yeah, boss, it's me. You're gonna be alright now. I've gotcha." Sandra held her lover tightly to her breast, as she rocked her in strong arms and kissed her golden curls.

"Sandy, I bottomed out......huh."

"Yeah. Your blood sugar was down to 32. Shit Josie, that's never happened before."

"I forgot to eat. I was so tired. But, I didn't forget to take my insulin." Josie gave her lover an apologetic grimace. "I didn't mean those things I said to you. I swear I didn't." Josie began to sob. "I wouldn't hurt you like that for the world. I love you, Sandy..... I'm so sorry."

"I know. Sh....., sh....., sh...... I've gotcha. It's OK, now." Sandra continued to rock her lover, until she fell asleep, then lay her upon their bed and covered her up.

After cleaning up the mess and checking that Josie's blood sugar was within normal limits, Sandra sat upon the bed and watched her lover's chest rise and fall, as tears streamed down her face, and she prayed to God to help her keep her wife safe.


Josie awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs, her stomach growling loudly in protest. She carefully sat at the side of the bed, checking out her sea legs. When she was sure she could safely walk under her own steam, she pulled on her winter robe that Sandra had left lying on the bed for her and shuffled into the kitchen.

Josie stood leaning against the wall, watching the woman she loved cooking at the stove, the lines of stress evident on her forehead and in her frown. 'I put that there. I have to be more careful. She doesn't deserve this.' Josie walked up behind her bride and wrapped her arms around her waist, breathing deeply of her scent as she nuzzled in between her shoulder blades. "You OK?"

Sandra soaked in her wife's loving touch and tried to imagine life without her. "Yeah. I'm OK. Breakfast is ready. You want to get the juice?" She responded, as she loaded up their plates and turned to place them on the table.

"Sure. You want a glass of the moo too?" Josie asked with a shy grin.

"You know it." Sandra smiled, but found it hard to make eye contact.

The couple sat in uncomfortable silence, pushing their food around their plates, neither knowing what to say or how to say it. Josie was the first to broach the subject that had been hanging in the air.

"Tell me about last night..... I don't remember much."

Sandra heaved a heavy sigh, looked into her lover's eyes, smiled sadly, and proceeded with a blow by blow description of Josie's "spell". When she was done, she looked down at her hands that were ringing the tail of her shirt.

"How do you feel about that?" Josie asked.

"I can't help thinking what would have happened if I hadn't been here or if I hadn't figured out what was happening." Sandra looked up into sad green eyes. "You would have died, Josie. You do realize that, don't you? You'd have slipped into a diabetic coma and died."

"But you were here and you did figure it out. Everything's OK now." Josie said as she reached for Sandra's hands.

"No! It's not OK now!" Sandra said with vehemence, as she slapped her hand away. "You have to take better care of yourself. You have to communicate with me." She jumped up, leaning over the table to confront her partner. "I didn't know you'd taken any insulin. I thought the glucophage was controlling your blood sugar with just you using regular on a sliding scale bases. You hadn't checked your blood sugar because the accucheck machine was still packed away. What were you thinking!?!" Sandra searched her lover's eyes for an answer.

"I had planned on eating a big meal with you last night and I figured that, the way I was feeling, my blood sugar was probably already a little high. And....., well....., I bought some pastries when we were in town and I was going to share them with you as kind of a honeymoon celebration." Josie got up and retrieved her shopping bag, pulling out a box of perfectly wrapped chocolate cream filled pastries. "Unfortunately, I fell asleep and none of the yummy dining took place and you know the rest." Josie hung her head in shame at her stupidity and for scaring her partner.

"That was a sweet gesture, albeit a stupid and dangerous one." Sandra sat back down and took her partner's hand in hers. "Please, Josie, promise you'll never do anything like that again."

"I promise..... I'm so sorry, Sandy. I meant well. But you know that old saying, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

"Amen..... Let me warm these plates. I'm starving and you need to eat." Sandra took both plates away.

"Yes ma'am."


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