Impulse: Book Two


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"
The American Heritage dictionary

By Mezzo

"This is Book Two in my series called Impulse.

If you haven't read Book One: AFTER ALL IS SAID, you might want to start there."


Copyright © 2002 by Mezzo All Rights Reserved

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Leaving the two behind, she grabbed her coat and purse and went to the garage. Turning the light on in the 10 car garage she went over to the fourth bay. She pulled off the car cover and there like a thing of beauty, lay Tori's pride and joy. It was a fully loaded, highly polished, silver Aston Martin. She got goose bumps and chills up and down her spine, whenever she saw her car. She loved her toys, but didn't have a chance to use them that often.

"Ooh baby, come to Mama." Tori opened the door and slid into the Black Conolly leather seats. She sat there for a moment with her hands on the Metallic and walnut steering wheel. Reaching over, she ran her hand across the walnut wood finish on the dashboard, then checked her mirrors. Hitting the garage door opener, she flipped down the visor and the keys fell into her lap. She picked them up, put them in the ignition, turned, and the car came to life. She hit the power on her Alpine system and popped in Peter Gabriel's So, also known as the White album. She hit select and "In your eyes" came on.

Placing the car in reverse, she backed out into the crystal clear night. She wished she could put the Black leather top down but it was much too cold for that. Looking at the clock it was 10:30. She hoped it wasn't too late for Brett. she really wanted to see her. I'll just wake up early and look over the contracts. I know all the points anyway. I'm the one who pursued the contract.

She turned up the volume on the CD player. She loved this song. Placing the car in drive, she headed down the driveway and out the gates singing along with the music.

‘Love I get so lost, sometimes

Days pass and this emptiness fills my heart

When I want to run away

I drive off in my car

But whichever way I go

I come back to the place you are'

Tori shifted gears and felt the power of the engine kick in.

‘All my instincts, they return

And the grand faÁade, so soon will burn

Without a noise, without my pride

I reach out from the inside

In your eyes

The light the heat

In your eyes

I am complete

In your eyes

I see the doorway to a thousand churches

In your eyes

The resolution of all the fruitless searches'

Images of Brett's face filled Tori's head and tears came with the thought of her.

‘In your eyes

I see the light and the heat

In your eyes

Oh, I want to be that complete

I want to touch the light

The heat I see in your eyes.'

She thought about how everyone seemed to know that they belonged together. She remembered the look of pain on Brett's face. The day she walked away at the ice cream parlor when they were kids. The night in Michigan when Brett walked away to be with Jenna. And the other night when Brett cried in her arms.

‘Love, I don't like to see so much pain

So much wasted and this moment keeps slipping away

I get so tired of working so hard for our survival

I look to the time with you to keep me awake and alive'

They were together now and nothing was going to keep them apart. She spotted the Montgomery home and turned into their driveway waiting for a response from the intercom at the gate.

"Montgomery residence."

"Hi Philip. It's Victoria Hull."

"Yes Miss Hull. I'll let the family know you are coming."

Tori waited for the gates to open and proceeded down the long driveway.

The song continued to play.

‘And all my instincts, they return

And the grand faÁade so soon will burn

Without a noise, without my pride

I reach out from the inside.'

Tori pulled the car around to the front and found Brett happily waiting for her. She turned up the volume on the CD player and got out of the car to meet Brett. Taking Brett in her arms, they danced while she finished singing the song to her.

‘In your eyes

The light the heat

In your eyes

I am complete

In your eyes

I see the doorway to a thousand churches

In your eyes

The resolution of all the fruitless searches

In your eyes

I see the light and the heat

In your eyes

Oh, I want to be that complete

I want to touch the light.

The heat I see in your eyes

In your eyes, In your eyes

In your eyes, In your eyes

In your eyes, In your eyes'

The drums faded away and all that was left was the beating of their hearts. Tori bent down and captured Brett's lips wanting her to feel all the love she felt for her.

"I love you little one. I love you so much." Tori leaned her cheek against Brett's forehead and they just floated on the strength of their connection.

"I love you too. No one's ever made me feel like you do." Brett soaked in every ounce of love that poured out between them. She had never felt so blissfully happy.

"I thought you were going to call me when your meeting was over?" They continued to share sweet kisses along every inch of accessible skin.

"I was, but I just couldn't wait." Tori loved the feel of Brett's skin against her mouth and the smell of her perfume.

"Well aren't I lucky." Brett enjoyed the feel of Tori's mouth nibbling her earlobe.

"You don't know how true that statement is." Tori whispered into Brett's ear.

"Are you saying I'm going to get lucky?"

"Most definitely." Tori turned and tasted Brett's lips.

"Well, then what are we doing standing out here?", she murmured against Tori's mouth.

"Do you have to say goodbye to anyone inside?" Brett turned her head from side to side not wanting to stray from Tori's lips.

"Well then get in the car. I'm going to give you the ride of your life." Tori took Brett's hand, opened the passenger side door and helped her get in. She grabbed the seat belt and reached over to make sure that Brett was secure.

"Why, thank you." Brett whispered. As Tori started to stand straight up.

"Anytime." Tori gave Brett another kiss, shut the door, and went over to the driver's side.

"Tori, this is beautiful." Brett looked around the car in appreciation.

"No.... this is nice." She made a show of the car. "You're beautiful." Tori leaned over and gave Brett another kiss.

"You sure know how to sweet talk a girl."

"I try my best." The two continued to take pleasure in each other's kiss. "You want to see what this baby can do?"

"I already have, but I'm always willing to take a spin." Brett gave Tori an adorable look.

"Oh boy, I think I've met my match." Tori just adored everything about Brett. No one made her feel such joy. It was intoxicating.

"You sure have and don't you ever forget it."

"I don't intend to." She lovingly lavished Brett with more kisses.

"Ooh, can we put the top down." Brett squealed with excitement.

"Uh, Uh...I'm not taking a chance at getting my girl sick. I promise in the spring when the weathers nice, you and I can go somewhere for a nice long ride." Tori placed the loose strands of Brett's hair behind her ear and smiled appreciatively at her.

"Ooh, you and me on the open road. I like it." Brett's eyes sparkled at the thought of the two of them together a few months from now.

"Me too. Now come on.... Let's get out of here." Tori put the car in gear and headed out on to the main road. Seeing the time, she decided they should probably just head home.


They arrived back at the estate and Tori and Brett made their way to Tori's bedroom. They had spent so many nights together in this room as children. Having Brett in her room now was like fulfilling some kind of childhood fantasy for her.

"So shall we play dress up?" Brett asked Tori coyly.

"I was thinking more along the lines of dress down actually." Tori was fiddling with the bottom of Brett's sweater. Actually her sweater if you thought about it.

"Ooh that sounds a lot better." Tori lifted the sweater over Brett's head and dropped it to the floor.

"I think it's your turn." Brett reached over, pulled Tori's sweater over her head, and planted a kiss on Tori's chest. All the while the two headed in the direction of the bed.

"Hmm, if I remember correctly, you have something of mine?" Tori's hands went around Brett's waist and slid her hands inside the back of Brett's jeans.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" Brett felt Tori's hand massage her backside.

"I think so, but I'm going to have to get a better look so I can identify them." Tori took her hands out from their position, reached down, and unbuttoned the fly on Brett's jeans. Brett then kicked off her shoes. Finally reaching the bed, Brett laid back and allowed Tori to slip them off her.

When she was finished, Brett sat up and watched Tori step between her legs. Sitting up to gain better access, Brett unbuttoned Tori's pants and licked her lips as they fell down around Tori's ankles. Slipping off her shoes, Tori stepped out of her jeans. Placing one knee on the bed, she gently laid Brett back down, kissed her, and slid her body down on top of her.

"I love you." Brett loved the feel of Tori's smooth body on top of her.

"I love you, too." ,showering Brett with soft affectionate kisses.

With tender desire and intimate touches, the two lost themselves in their passion for each other. This wasn't the urgency that was shared earlier, but a slow loving exploration of each other's body and soul. Their eyes would constantly meet and their love clearly evident with each glance.

Tori slid her hand to Brett's hip and slipped the panties off Brett. Bringing them to her lips, she could smell Brett's arousal on them. She inhaled deeply loving the scent of Brett on her panties.

"Oh yeah, they're definitely mine." She placed the panties to the side and continued her journey across Brett's body feeling more aroused then she had ever remembered being.

"I thought I owed you a massage?" Brett whispered.

"We'll get to that eventually. Right now I have other things in mind." Tori reached over and turned off the light. Happy to spend the rest of the night lost in one another. Work be damned. Right now, pleasuring Brett was the only job Tori had in mind and she planned to do it with flying colors. Besides, after all was said, it was just the beginning and Tori was far from getting started when it came to loving Brett Montgomery. There was so much more that she had planned for her childhood friend and their life together. She planned to fulfill every single one of her dreams, and desires adding to them all that Brett had for her. Taking the beautiful blonde in her arms, Tori lovingly captured lips that infused with her own. Their friendship had survived and their love was maturing into a beautiful chiaroscuro of light and shade. No matter where they went from here, they knew without a doubt that it would be together.



Impulse: Book Two


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