Impulse: Book Two


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"
The American Heritage dictionary

By Mezzo

"This is Book Two in my series called Impulse.

If you haven't read Book One: AFTER ALL IS SAID, you might want to start there."


Copyright © 2002 by Mezzo All Rights Reserved

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It was just 9:30 when Tori entered the house. To her surprise a two-year-old, Marcus, came whizzing by totally unattended.

"What the heck?" Tori went chasing after her nephew, curious to find out where the little tyke was headed.

"Hey Markie, my boy, what ya up to?" Tori laughed as Marcus turned and gave Tori a toothless grin. Running back to her, he raised his arms for her to pick him up.

"Upf... you're getting heavy...Now why don't you tell your Auntie Tori why you're running around here like a maniac."

Marcus looked at her, gave her another winning smile, and started to giggle.

"I see. Mommy and Daddy have no clue you've escaped huh?" Tori swiped him on the nose with her finger.

"Why don't we go see where Mommy and Daddy are, okay?" Tori went up the stairs to where Pamela and Ian stayed.

As Tori got closer to their room, she could hear Ian and Pamela having a heated discussion.

"Look Ian, I don't know what I'm feeling. But I'm just not happy........" Pamela sounded fatigued and rather fed up.

"Pam please. I'll do anything. Just give me some time. Once everything settles down, we can go to counseling. Whatever you want. It's just that with everything that's happening, I'm being pulled in too many directions." Ian sounded beaten and terribly lost.

"Look Ian. You're going to have to decided what's going to come first in your life. Your work or us. We're not going to be here forever." Tori heard a slam of the bathroom door and thought it was best if she slipped away unseen.

Bringing Marcus back to his room, she turned on a light on the nightstand near his crib. Turning on the train set that went around the ceiling of his room, she sat in a rocker near the window.

She remembered a song that her mother used to sing to them when they were children. Marcus cuddled up in the crook of her arm and yawned.

"Okay little guy it's time for you to go to sleep."

"When the stars fill the sky and moon rises high.

There's a land that awaits, all the sleeping babes.

It's a world where your dreams are filled with magic and delight

Where characters are happy and the laughter fills the night.

There are castles, and cottages, and little ponies too.

Where the sheep run cross a meadow full of dew

There are elephants and ostriches and camels from a far

But best of all are bubbles that float up and turn to stars.

So close your eyes and wait for the sandman to arrive

And if you're lucky he will let you ride, right by his side

Before you know what's happening you'll find yourself upon,

A land that's filled with laughter and with fun

Close your eyes and you'll see all that's waiting there.

For all the little boys and girl sleeping everywhere.

When the bright sun rises to meet the morning sky.

You'll wave goodbye and meet again when you close your eyes."

By the final stanza, Marcus was well on his way to neverland. Tori kissed him on the head and carefully placed him in his crib. Turning she found her brother waiting for her at the door. He had tears in his eyes and a sad look on his face. She went to him and took him in her arms trying to soothe his pain.

He had been standing there listening to Tori sing the old lullaby that their mother used to sing to them. He hadn't heard it since their mother passed and it broke his heart. Life seemed so much simpler when they were kids. A part of him wished that life could be that simple again.

The two shared a much needed cry and Tori wished there was more that she could do for her brother.

"Hey guy. What's going on?" Tori observed her brother. He just wasn't himself.

"I don't know. I just feel like everything's getting away from me. I just don't know what I can do." Ian tried to pull himself together, but was failing miserably.

"Look Ian. I've got things under control. I can do tomorrow's meeting with my eyes closed. I'm sorry. I kind of overheard your argument with Pamela and I think you need to concentrate on your family, first and foremost." She placed an arm around her brother and they went downstairs to the family room. Tori fixed them both a stiff drink and sat beside her brother.

"Tori, you've taken on so much already. It isn't fair. You have to have a life also. I feel like I'm letting everyone down."

Tori noticed the dejected look on her brother's face. What's going on?

"Ian what's bringing all this on? I know that we're taking on a lot at work but there's something else isn't there?"

She knew that Ian and Pamela had been together since they were teens. Maybe that was it.

"Pam just isn't happy. We thought another child would be the answer but it's not. And to tell you the truth, I don't know what else to do. You know there is no one else for me but her. But I'm starting to think, that she doesn't feel the same way at all." Tori knew that they had never dated anyone else and Pamela had never really taken the time to figure out what she wanted besides Ian and the kids.

"Have you thought about counseling or something?" Tori was getting a bad feeling and didn't like what was going through her head. Not one bit.

"I tried to talk to Pam about it and somehow every time, it seems like it's always my fault. We've got so much going on at work I don't know what I can do." Ian really didn't know what was expected of him. He had loyalties to the family and the business and he had responsibilities to his wife and kids. Something had to give, but what?

"Look Ian, let me handle things at the office. Lucky for you, you have a brilliant sister." She shot her brother a smug look.

"You are a cocky little shit aren't you?" Ian loved his sister dearly. She always knew how to get him out of a funk.

"Don't I know it and don't you ever forget." Tori sent a smirk his way.

"Well humility was never your strong point." He nudged his sister knowing his comment couldn't be farther from the truth.

"Yeah. But seriously, I have everything under control. Take whatever time you need. The business will be waiting there when you come back." Tori hoped her brother would take her advice. The conversation she had overheard had really concerned her and she really felt Ian needed to take it seriously.

"But Tor, it's not fair for you. You never have time to just relax. I haven't seen you with anybody for the longest time. It's no life. I can't ask you to do this." Ian hated always having his sister bail him out. But that always seemed to be the case.

"First of all, you didn't ask. I volunteered. And just because you haven't seen me with anyone doesn't mean that I'm not." Victoria wanted to laugh at her brother's expression on his face. Weren't expecting that were you?

"Who are you seeing? This is news to me. Did you and Cole get back together?" Ian was so excited. He hated to see his beautiful sister bury herself in the company.

"No it isn't Cole. It's Brett." Tori waited to see her brother's reaction.

"Brett? Brett who? Do I know him?" Ian sat there running through all the people he knew and then the light came on. "Brett! Oh my gosh. Yu're, you're, you're.... Brett is..... you are..... when did this? How can....?" Ian, unable to finish his thought, just sunk into the couch stunned. After a long moment, he final got it. "You're a lesbian." It wasn't a question, it was just stated like a fact.

"Well, I'm really bi-sexual, if you have to label me. And that doesn't really describe me completely. If there was a category called ‘Brett', I'd fit perfectly in that one." With all her experience, the one thing she knew for sure was that Brett did it for her. Like no other man or woman ever could.

"Brett. Wow. Well I'll give you one thing, you sure have great taste. Cole is amazing. And Brett..... Well, she has to be the cutest, no..... adorable, no..... sweetest..... Well you know what I mean. Way to go sis. So....... what's she like?" Ian.... take away the exterior and he was a dog at heart.

" Hey. I'm not going to sit here and discuss that with you." Tori put on an offended look.

"Oh come on. This is your big brother. Just think? Now you and I have something else in common. This is great. I can give you tips and you can give me tips as well." Ian nudged his sister and gave her a wink and a smile.

"Uhhhh... I don't think so." Tori shook her head not very comfortable with revealing that much to her brother.

"Okay...Listen. I'm happy for you sis. Brett's a great gal. I know you two were always close. It makes sense somehow." Ian turned and gave his sister a hug.

"Thanks. That seems to be everyone's reaction so far." Tori was relieved that so far everyone was being so supportive.

"Hey? You don't think? I mean first Adrian and Alexi announce they're a couple. And now you and Brett? You don't think it's the water do you?" Ian held a straight face as long as he could and then burst into laughter.

"You are such a jerk. You know that?" Tori punched her brother in the arm and pushed him away.

"Hey what's going on in here?" The two looked up to find Pamela at the entrance of the family room.

"Hey Pamela, how are you?" Tori got up off the couch and went over to her sister in law.

"I'm alright, sweetie. A little run down but I'm hanging in there. How about you?" Tori and Pamela had gotten to be good friends during the years. Especially when Tori dated her brother Cole.

"I'm good. Great in fact. I was just telling Ian a bit of news." Will this ever end. Now how do I break the news to Pam? Pam knew that her and her brother saw other people but didn't know how she'd react to this bit of news.

"Really? Something good I hope? I could really use some good news." Pamela stood there in anticipation.

Well here goes nothing. "Pam........ I'm dating Brett Montgomery." Tori waited to see what Pamela's reaction would be.

"Well it's about time. Does Cole know? I've always thought that you two were destined to be together. Don't get me wrong I love Cole. But you and Brett had something. I don't know...I can't put my finger on it. That's great!" Pamela went over to Tori and gave her a big hug.

"Okay..... did everyone know about Brett and I? All this time I thought everyone would be against this?" Tori just stood there perplexed. Maybe I should have just told Brett when we were younger. Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk as they say. But what a waste of time. Tori sighed and resigned herself to enjoying her life with Brett now.

"I didn't know. Well not until now." Ian looked at his wife and sister.

"Yeah well........." Tori shrugged her shoulders and lifted up a hand. As if to say, ‘you're a little slow on the uptake'. Tori and Pamela exchanged a look and they started to laugh.

"Hey what is that supposed to mean?" Ian didn't like being the brunt of a joke.

"It's alright honey, we understand." Pamela went over to Ian and sat on his lap. "I love you anyway."

"You do?" Ian gave his wife a very sad look. Hoping that it wasn't too late.

"Yes I do. I know I haven't showed it lately, but I do." Pamela bent down and gave Ian a kiss. The two just needed to get some help.

"Well guys, I'm going to head over to Brett now. You have a great evening." Tori really wanted them to talk. Hopefully, they would be able to now.

"But what about tomorrow? We were supposed to go over the negotiation?" Ian lifted his head and questioned his sister.

"And I told you I'd handle it. This is where you need to be." She pointed at the two of them. "Believe me. I'm keeping track of all the favors you owe me. Paybacks are a bitch and I plan on collecting sometime." Tori gave her brother an evil grin then softened her smile. "I'm serious. You two go and take as much time as you need. The company will still be there when you get back. What you two have may not, if you don't take steps to improve it." Tori's eyes focused on Pamela and saw the tears in her eyes. Tori went over to the couch and crouched down in front of them. She wiped the tears away from Pamela's face.

"Honey, believe me when I say this. It's no better out there......" Tori motioned her head to the door. ".....than it is here." She looked at the two of them.

"There are people out there who would kill to have what you two have. And there are no guarantees once you walk out that door. Figure out what makes you happy and everything will fall into place." Tori leaned over and kissed Pamela on the forehead. "You're not alone sweetie. You have a family that cares about you and are willing to help you get through this. Whatever you need..."

Pamela lifted her arm up from behind Ian's neck and turned to hug Tori. "Thank you. You don't know how much I needed to hear that. Ian tries, but it just sounds different coming from you."

Tori smiled and looked at her. She rubbed Pamela's back. Pulling away, she gave them each a cocky grin. "I know. The girls just love me." Pamela laughed and Ian just rolled his eyes. "I was just telling Ian how brilliant I was."

"Out... get out! You have a girlfriend. You're not smooth talking my wife as well." Ian pointed at the door and gathered his wife back into his arms. "Mine." He flashed Tori a smile.

"Well, I know when I'm not wanted." Tori stood up from her position on the floor. "You know, I hear the skiing is great in Colorado this year. Maybe you two should check it out. I know you pay your nanny a lot of money and I'm sure Dad, Aunt Diane, and Uncle Paul would love to baby sit their grandkids. I could stay here after work and help while you're gone. Especially since Brett's going to be out here while her Grandparents are here. So you see... now would be a perfect time for you to get away together. Just the two of you." Tori smiled, held out her hands and pointed to them.

"Oh Ian...could we? I really like that idea." Pamela gave her husband a hopeful look.

"Okay honey. I'll call the travel agent in the morning." Pam threw her arms around her husband, buried her head in his neck, sobbing uncontrollably.

Tori waved to her brother and started walking backwards toward the door.

Ian waved and mouthed the words "thank you" to his sister.

Tori nodded and soundlessly said "I love you" with a wink in return.

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