Impulse: Book Two


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"
The American Heritage dictionary


By Mezzo




"This is Book Two in my series called Impulse.

If you haven't read Book One: AFTER ALL IS SAID, you might want to start there."




Copyright © 2002 by Mezzo All Rights Reserved


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Tori had gone to her office and retrieved her messages. One message in particular from her brother, Ian, needed to be returned. He was concerned that she had left the office early on Friday and wanted to make sure she was okay. It was so unlike her. He also wanted to remind her of the important contract negotiation with Brighton and Moore, they had scheduled on Monday. He thought it would be a good idea if they could touch base and talk strategy before the meeting.


After returning the call to her brother and setting up a time on Sunday evening to meet, she was about to head back to the bedroom when an idea came to her. An hour later and plans made, she was finally able to go back to the bedroom. The sight she found when she entered the room touched her heart. In her bed lay a beautiful Brett curled up in a ball with her hand tucked under her chin. Tori went over to the bed and gently moved blond strands that had fallen onto Brett's closed eyes. Bending down she quietly observed Brett's steady soft breathing and the flutter of her beautiful eyelids. The sight reminded her of when Brett used to sleep over when they were younger. All the memories of those days came rushing back to her and a tear came to her eye. I could look at this face forever and still it would never be enough. Leaning over, she kissed Brett on the forehead. You will always be my little one. A smile of contentment graced Brett's face and Tori hoped that she would be able to give Brett a lifetime of things to smile about. With a happy heart she got up and went to the bathroom to wash up and change.


Tori had no sooner gotten into bed, when a sleeping Brett Montgomery took her position on Tori's available shoulder and tightly wrapped her arms and legs around her. Tori pulled Brett close to her and rested her chin on top of Brett's head. A smile of absolute bliss came to Tori's face as she inhaled the sweet smell of Brett's apple blossom scented shampoo. Ah, this is what I've waited sixteen years to feel. With that, she closed her eyes and sleep quickly came.




A young Tori was chasing an even younger Brett down a quiet beach. The waves were crashing against shell-covered rocks and the seagulls patiently hovered on warm sea scented air. The sun was setting upon carefully crafted sandcastles that dotted the beach. The two playmates had worked diligently all day constructing them. Now they were taking the sandcastles down with their antics. Tori finally closed in on her prey taking Brett gently down upon the sand created village.


"Tell me?!" Tori demanded as she tickled Brett unmercifully.


"No…No I won't." Brett loved to play this game with Tori. They would see who would hold out the longest but eventually one would give in.


"Come on. I'll give you anything you want? Just say it!" They had been friends since Brett was an infant and Tori knew every one of Brett's ticklish spots.


"No…I won't say it even if you gave me all the tea in China." Brett shot back laughing so hard she was going to pee her pants.


"Of course you wouldn't. You don't drink tea so that wouldn't be a good bribe." Tori continued her assault on Brett's ribs eliciting a scream that would shatter glass.


"How 'bout I tell you if you smell my feet." Brett tried to lift her feet to Tori's face but couldn't because Tori was sitting on her legs.


"Ew…You know Brett you are so gross. Absolutely not. But I will tickle them." Tori reached behind and attacked one of Brett's feet, keeping Brett in place by the sheer weight of her. This happened to be one of Brett's worst ticklish spots.


"Okay…I wouldn't tell you for all the ice cream in the world." Brett was now close to embarrassing herself. But she refused to give in to Tori.


"Why that is convincing. The way you put that stuff away. I almost believe you." Tori almost ceased her tickling but not quite.


"Okay…Okay…Stop." Brett croaked out.


"So you're gonna tell me?" Tori could almost smell victory, literally.

"No, I just tricked you into giving me a breather." Pushing Tori off with all the power her little body could muster, Brett got up laughing and ran away again. This time Tori did not follow.


Confused Brett came back. "Hey, what's wrong?" A little concerned that her friend was upset.


"Why won't you say it? Is it really so hard?" A confused fourteen-year-old Tori pouted. She didn't even know why she was feeling so sad. But lately her feelings for Brett got so intense, she wasn't sure how to handle them.


Brett knelt down beside Tori and took her hand. " Did I hurt you when I pushed you?"


Tori moved her head from side to side. Looking down, she could feel the tears start to come.


Brett squatted down to try and get a better look at Tori's face. "What is it then? You know I was just playing?" The tears started to fill her own eyes. She hated to see Tori upset. "You know I won't say it for tea or ice cream. But I'll say it for you. I'd do anything for you. You know that. Please don't cry. I'll say anything if you want me to.." Tori looked at Brett with a tear-streaked face and nodded her head. "You Victoria Amanda Hull are the best friend I've ever had and you always will be. I love you. Now come on…Please stop crying. You know it hurts me when you hurt."


A beautiful smile came to Tori's face as she gave her best friend a huge hug. This was the beginning of a very confusing time in Victoria's life. She seemed to constantly need reassurance that the bond between her and Brett would never be broken. However, in her heart she knew it would be. 'Everything good always goes away', Tori thought remembering her mother's passing. It wasn't long after that day on the beach, that she decided to stay away from Brett. Her feelings for Brett were escalating. Afraid that her feelings for her little Brett would hurt or scare her someday, Tori took it upon herself to protect Brett from the monster that Tori felt she was becoming.




Slowly leaving her dream state and coming into consciousness, Tori woke to the most beautiful smiling green eyes she had ever seen. 'How could I have possibly walked away from this so long ago', Tori thought, very disturbed from her dream. The sun was now setting and an orange glow was cast around Brett's beautiful face. Reaching out Tori drew Brett to her. She needed to feel Brett surround her, smell her perfume, see her beautiful smile, taste her soft skin, and hear her voice. She deepened the kiss and felt Brett's hands begin to roam. The two frantically tried to possess one another and every inch of exposed skin rubbed against each other creating an intense heat. Needing more contact Tori pulled away to look into Brett's passion filled eyes. Her senses were on overload as the passion that she felt for Brett was about to surge out of control.


"I want you Brett. I don't think I'll be able to stop if we continue." Tori stated with her last bit of restraint.


"Tori….please don't stop. Not now…Not ever…" Brett had been watching Tori sleep. She could not believe that they were together after being apart so many years. She had been tracing the outline of Tori's brow working her way over a narrow nose and perfectly shaped lips, memorizing every contour, as the woman that she loved lay beside her. Brett rolled over and pulled Tori on top of her. Kissing her with such desire that there was no mistaking what she had in mind.


Tori's mouth moved to Brett's neck and tasted every delicious nuance of Brett's pulse point. Sliding her long legs between smaller ones, she heard the seductive whimpers of a very aroused Brett.


Brett desperately groped at the offending clothes that kept her from her goal. She needed Tori, as she needed the elements. She had dreamt of this very moment so many times in her life that its reality was leaving her breathless. The intoxicating dance of seducing and being seduced was such a heady feeling. She felt like every cell in her body would combust from the heat of it.


Taking the hem of Tori's t-shirt Brett ripped it off and threw it across the room with such force Tori was sure that it would be found on the other side of the Penthouse. "Tori…please… I need you…", desperately trying to loosen the tie on Tori's pajama pants but not getting very far.


Why is it when you need to get these pajamas off in a hurry? The ties always seemed to be triple knotted. Tori thought in frustration.

Having just about enough, she got off the bed to get the pajama bottoms off. She skipped around on one leg, almost falling flat on her butt and pulled at the cuff of her pants.


Brett sighed in impatience. "Tori…. please?"


"Baby, I'm doing the best that I can. Forgive me, but the part of my brain that's responsible for coordination just shut down when my libido kicked in." Finally free of her restraints, Tori tried to gain some composure. Climbing back on the bed, she resumed her position on top of Brett. "Now love… Where were we?" Brett motioned to her with her finger to come closer and gave Tori a come-hither look.


Smiling, Tori slid up and captured Brett's enticing lips. She ran her hand down the length of Brett's body, cupping a perfectly shaped buttock, and then continued, running her hand down a strong yet supple thigh. Her passion rose even higher from the heat she felt off Brett's smooth skin. Grasping the back of Brett's knee, Tori adjusted her own thigh closer to Brett's center. Together they slowly established a sensual rhythm. Tori moved away from the wet warmth of Brett's lips and teased a hardened nipple through Brett's silken nightshirt.


Running her hands through Tori's thick tresses, she urged Tori's mouth to engulf her swollen breast. "Oh yeah…that's it…Oh Tori you make me feel so good. Oh yeah take it in…mmm."


Tori reached under Brett's nightshirt with her left hand and captured Brett's right nipple between her fingertips. Twirling it between them and running her thumb across it with increasing pressure. She then moved her mouth to the other nipple, not wanting the left one to feel left out. After teasing the nipples to their limit, Tori stopped long enough to help ease the nightshirt over Brett's head. Once Tori had a clear view of Brett's soft creamy skin, she gazed upon Brett's beauty. "Oh Brett you are magnificent! In all my years of dreaming of this moment, nothing could ever come close to the reality of all that you are." Looking down past a perfectly sculpted abdomen, Tori's eyes stopped at the green silk thong Brett had on. "Oh baby, thank you." Fingering the edge of the panties and grazing her finger across a very sexy hip bone, "You are so beautiful…Just beautiful." Tori slowly slid down Brett's body. The sight of Brett in her thong was too tempting to resist. Tracing a path across each side of Brett's ribs, she could feel Brett's body respond against her mouth. Looking up, she was met with eyes that held such need and desire that all Tori wanted to do was satisfy. Licking and nipping a path down the center of Brett's body, she stopped at Brett's navel and lovingly explored its dip.


Tori looked up again at Brett. "Honey, do you like how I make you feel? You don't know how many nights I've spent thinking about you, dreaming about you. Tonight I want to show you everything I've ever wanted to share with you and more." Tori's eyes filled with passion, love, and tears of joy. All her dreams were finally coming true.


Brett sensually licked her lips and nodded. Tori felt Brett's pelvis move against her chest revealing her arousal. Resuming her exploration of Brett's body she adjusted Brett's legs over her shoulders and rubbed her nose across silk covered blond curls. The scent of her was so erotic that Tori just wanted to bath in it. "Oh baby, what you do to me. Everything I am is drawn to you. I just want to devour you."

Brett had never felt anything like this before. Her whole being was on fire. She just wanted Tori to take her. She wanted Tori to command her, to own her, to leave every part of her quivering in satisfaction. Grasping at Tori's head, she pulled her closer to her center. "Tori…. take me. Take all that I have to offer. I'm yours, honey. Every ounce, every fiber of my being was meant for you…only you. We were meant for this. Show me Tori…. show me how much you love me."


Tori lifted her head and got into a kneeling position. Holding both sides of Brett's thong, she slowly removed it. All the while running fingers down Brett's heat sensitive legs. Brett arched her lower body up to give Tori better access and then lowered it back down. Brett brought her knees up and spreading her legs wide giving Tori a perfect view of her sex drenched center.


Tori had spent years trying to fight the fantasies she had of Brett. Unbelievably, Brett was offering her everything she had ever wanted. It was like a drought that had lasted a thousand years and was now over. Tear-filled blue eyes looked up to meet Brett's green ones as the reality of the moment hit Tori squarely in the heart. "I love you. I want to spend forever showing you just how much. I offer you all that I am and all I'll ever want to be."


Brett took in the look of love on Tori's face and returned a look that conveyed every bit of love she felt for Tori. "I love you Tori. In all my dreams and in all my hopes, it has always been you that I shared them with; I have and always will be yours. Take me Tori. Take what has always been yours…just yours."


Tori reached down and dipped the tip of her finger down the swollen lips of Brett's creamy center. Bringing her glistening finger to her lips, Tori tasted Brett's ambrosia. "You taste so sweet." Tori looked into Brett's eyes. "I just want to feast on you forever." Seeing nothing but love and desire in Brett's eyes, Tori lifted one of Brett's legs. She planted tender kisses along the length of it, slowly working her way down the inside of Brett's thigh and eventually resuming her position between her legs.


Brett felt Tori's mouth work it's magic. After a thorough exploration, she could feel Tori's tongue beg for entrance to her center. Opening ever wider, she felt long powerful fingers replace a very skilled tongue at her entrance. The walls of her throbbing center easily allowed passage. Like a good hostess, Brett offered all that she had.


Tori rhythmically plunged and licked Brett's center and swollen nub like a fine tuned instrument. Brett joined in the dance, swaying her hips to the rhythm Tori created and added to the music with her own percussive tones. Brett's need for Tori increased and she ran her hands through Tori's thick, luscious hair. "Tori? Honey I need to taste you too." Pausing Tori looked up and turned giving Brett access to her center. Brett slid Tori's panties off her legs and claimed all that she had to offer. Resuming the dance, two hearts synchronized to the primal beat that the two lovers shared in time. Emotions rose higher, ever higher as the movement of their spirits crescendo to an emotionally explosive climax bonding two souls in a union that took half their lifetime to accomplish.


TO BE CONTINUED. Installment Five

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Impulse: Book Two