Impulse: Book Three



"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"

The American Heritage dictionary


By Mezzo




"This is Book Three in my series called Impulse.

If you haven't read Book One: AFTER ALL IS SAID or Book Two: IT'S JUST THE BEGINNING you might want to start there."



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Victoria raised an eyebrow and set her jaw. She had walked in just after Jenna had approached Brett. Waiting to see if there would be any trouble, she stood to the side so she could observe unseen but still close enough if Jenna tried anything. Victoria's anger was very palatable; it was rolling off of her in controlled waves. She knew that Brett would not want her to take retaliation on Jenna and would want her to be as understanding as she was. For Brett she would do anything, overcome anything. Even her anger. However, she would not stand back and allow Jenna to come between Brett and her again.

Jenna looked up at the face that looked familiar to her. And yet it was different. The eyes jogged her memory. A laugh escaped Jenna's mouth as she remembered who was standing before her.

"Victoria Hull isn't it?" Jenna said with a mixture of hesitation and ambivalence.

"Yes, yes I am." Victoria just stood there not wanting to say too much; afraid her anger would escape her.

Brett watched the exchange and knew she would have to defuse the situation. Walking past Jenna, Brett took her place beside Tori.

"Hi sweetie." Brett reached up and pulled Tori down for a kiss knowing that Tori would relax once she felt Brett's presence.

"Hi love. I'm just saying hello to Miss Carlisle. This is quite a surprise. What brings you here?" Victoria gave Jenna a no nonsense look. Unlike Jenna's behavior years ago, Tori was the epitome of sophistication. She did not treat Brett as if she was a piece of property or mark her territory but gave Brett the respect she deserved. Brett had worked hard for her independence and Victoria was very proud of her.

"I came to congratulate Brett on her success and thank her for all that she had done for me. I'm not here to make a scene. I think Brett and I have been able to set aside some of the pain that we've experienced. That's really all that I came here to do." Jenna appraised the two women and, with a slight flash of anger in her eyes, she looked back at Tori. "Although, I must say it doesn't surprise me to see you here in the least." Jenna said, knowing that years ago Brett and Victoria had a strong attraction to each other. Many fights had ensued between Brett and Jenna because of her inability to control her jealousy of Victoria.

Tori did not take the bait and ignored Jenna's comment. "Yes.....well Brett has made quite a name for herself. What she's been able to do these past years is nothing short of remarkable. It's amazing what she has been able to achieve, especially when faced with such adversity. She's one of the strongest people I know." Pride painted all across Victoria's face. Unable to stop, Victoria embraced Brett and placed a gentle kiss on the top of her head.

Brett's eyes glistened with tears of joy. Tori always made her feel so wonderful and her love surrounded her like a warm cocoon. The two lovers stared lovingly into each other's eyes conveying all the love and respect they had for one another.

"Honey...... Jenna works and lives here in the city now." Brett gave Tori a look of reassurance that said everything was okay.

"I see. Well I hope everything works out for you. For being such a large city, it can really feel like a small town. So I'm sure we'll run into you again." Victoria released Brett and took her hand. "Well love, are you ready to go?" Tori looked around the bookstore to make sure there weren't any more fans waiting to have their books signed.

"Yeah, I just have to say goodbye to the store manager and my publicist. I'll be right back." Brett stretched up and gave Tori a kiss on the cheek.

Tori smiled and watched Brett walk towards a group of people talking. A look of adoration was plainly visible on her face as she took in Brett's lilting gait. Her heart fluttered as she took in every curve and nuance of her partner. Victoria Hull was in love and there was just no denying that the little writer had totally captured her heart and soul. With a happy sigh, Tori resigned her self to her destiny and happily accepted her fate. Brett could do whatever she wanted to her and she would happily comply like a happy puppy. Tori had visions of falling to the floor and Brett rubbing her tummy. Ooh, she could scratch my tummy anytime, any place, anywhere. .......Ruff.... Snapping out of her daydream Tori remembered she was not alone. Turning towards Jenna, the happy smile on Tori's face quickly disappeared replaced with a look that would disintegrate lead.

"Miss Carlisle, I can't say that I'm pleased to see you. Brett recently informed me of what you did to her and believe me when I tell you........ I am not as forgiving as Brett. She told me that you had received help and recovered from your problems. But I'm not so easily convinced. I don't like you. And I certainly don't trust you. Brett is the most precious person in the world to me. If I hear that you've bothered her in any way, I promise will live to regret it because I will make sure every second of your life is agony. I'm not the same person you met years ago and I will not walk away again. If you hurt her, you will pay this time." Tori got right up in Jenna's face to make sure her words were heard. "Make no mistake; I am a very powerful woman. Whatever you did to Brett will not even be a scratch compared to what you'll have when I'm through. I hope I've made myself clear Miss Carlisle. Because unlike Brett .....I don't believe in second chances." Victoria allowed her dark side to surface. And a chill went up Jenna's spine.

"Like I said I'm not here to cause any trouble. I truly just wanted to thank Brett for all that she has done for me. Although I'm pretty sure that Brett would not be too pleased to hear you talk like this....." Jenna gave Victoria a smug look, and Tori turned when she heard Brett's voice behind her.

"I'm sorry. But what wouldn't I be pleased about?" Brett had heard the end tail of their conversation and knew it wasn't friendly by the look on Tori's face.

'Why you little....' "I was just informing Miss Carlisle that I would be watching her. I'm not as forgiving as you are my love and I was just warning her to be very careful. I know this might upset you, sweetheart, but I wanted to make myself very clear." Tori saw the look of surprise on Jenna's face. Weren't expecting that now were you? You will not come between us. I promise you that. Tori gave Jenna a look that told her not to mess with her. "I'm not the same person I used to be back then, Jenna. Step out of line and you'll truly see how different I am." Tori gave Jenna a menacing look and this time the math teacher stepped back in fear.

"I see... Well I think we've sufficiently covered that subject and everyone has reached an understanding. Jenna....I'm glad you came here today. As Tori said, I'm sure we'll see each other again. Take care." Brett turned and looked up at her lover. "I believe you promised me dinner, love......."

"I believe I did." Tori took Brett's hand and turned to go to the door, without as much as a goodbye to Jenna.

Jenna stood there watching as Brett and Tori walked hand in hand to the door. Jenna could feel her anger rise but used techniques that she had learned to control her temper. A part of her was seething with anger at Victoria Hull. Something about Victoria Hull always got to her. Maybe it was because Brett loved her so. Taking a few cleansing breaths, Jenna tried to get back some control as she had learned to do in therapy. Okay, so Brett is with Victoria. It still doesn't mean I can't try and win her back. I've changed; I know I can make her happy. If she could just give me another chance. She purposely did not tell Brett that she had gotten a position at Columbia University where Brett also taught. She did not want to scare Brett away before she had a chance to win her back.


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Impulse: Book Three