Impulse: Book Three


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge"

The American Heritage dictionary

By Mezzo

"This is Book Three in my series called Impulse.

If you haven't read Book One: AFTER ALL IS SAID or Book Two: IT'S JUST THE BEGINNING you might want to start there."


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Tori watched in wonder as Brett writhed in ecstasy. Brett moaned with every taste and every sip, lost in the sensation of every texture and nuance of the feast before her. Tori stared entranced as Brett enthusiastically enjoyed her appetizer and dipped again into the sauce. Tori thought for sure that Brett would reach a climax right there in the restaurant. Watching Brett eat was a lesson in pure unrestrained bliss. Tori licked her lips as Brett let out another satisfying moan, savoring yet another morsel that saw its end on Brett's tongue. At the moment, Tori wished she was one of the very lucky Thai spring rolls. Reaching across the table Tori took Brett's hand in her own trying to relieve the pressure that was building in her lower extremity any way she could.

"Baby, I can't tell you what watching you eat does to me. I've missed you so much. You're driving me mad." She lifted Brett's hand to her lips and tenderly kissed it.

"I'm sorry honey. I'm making a veritable pig of myself. I'm just so famished. I haven't eaten all day and didn't get a chance to grab a bite before the book signing. Not to mention how much I adore Thai food." Brett gazed into Tori's deep blue eyes lost in the sensation of the love that radiated there. The feel of Tori's lips against her hand was successfully distracting her from her plate.

"Honey… you really shouldn't skip meals if you can. I guess I'm going to have to make sure my sweetie gets at least three square meals a day. Can't have you withering away to nothing, now can I?" Tori leaned over and whispered into Brett's ear. "I love you and this beautiful body. I have a personal stake in making sure you are happy and healthy. I plan to spend the rest of my life ensuring that happens." Tori ran her hand across Brett's thigh under the table and then gave Brett a smile that sent warm soothing vibrations straight to Brett's soul.

"I love you." Brett whispered in return.

So wrapped up in the moment, they didn't notice the other patrons in the restaurant staring at them. Although the two sat in the back of the restaurant, their connection still reverberated throughout the place. No one could ignore the energy that the two gave off whenever they were together. Though Tori and Brett tried to be discreet, no one could deny that the two women were very much involved.

"I love you too little one. I have spent way too many years to experience my life without you. And now that we're together, I plan to cherish every moment. I love you so very much Brett." Brett blushed and lowered her head feeling like a schoolgirl in love.

Tori smiled and lifted Brett's face to meet hers. "I thank my lucky star everyday for having brought you back to me. And I will never take you for granted. You are very, very, very, special to me. You do know that don't you?" Tori ran her thumb across Brett's cheek.

"I do. I feel the same way, Tori. What you and I share is so incredible, I sometimes can't believe how truly blessed I am. You have this way of making me feel so very loved. And the emotions you are able to bring up in me are so intense. I thought I'd experienced every part of myself, until you came back and showed me I hadn't even scratched the surface. I want to spend the rest of my life taking care of you and ensuring that you are well loved, also." Brett reached under the table and placed her hand over Tori's. The two knew that they both wanted to go home and enjoy their connection. The waiter brought their entrees to the table interrupting the moment.

"Ooh this looks great." Brett's eyes grew wider as the rest of the meal was placed before them. They had ordered Pad Thai Noodles, Chicken Satay, Shrimp Masaman, with an extra helping of Jasmine scented white rice.

"Yes it does." Thai food happened to be one of Tori's favorites as well. The waiter laid out clean plates for them and asked if they needed anything else. Tori looked at Brett and pointed to her glass. Brett gave her a nod.

"We'll have two more Thai ice teas, ice water, and can you bring us an extra dish of peanut sauce?" The waiter nodded to Tori and went off to fill her request.

Tori picked up the serving spoon and placed some white rice on each of their plates. Placing the bowl down, she picked up the spoon for the Shrimp Masaman and placed a serving on top of their rice, making sure that enough coconut curry was on it. She then placed a healthy portion of the Pad Thai on their plates squeezing a little lemon juice on top. She then placed a skewer of chicken satay on the side of Brett's plate with a dollop of peanut sauce.

"Mmm, this is just great, Honey. The girls and I used go to Chinatown to this wonderful Thai restaurant down there although we haven't found the time to go down there lately." Brett inhaled the aroma of the food through her nose and smiled happily. "Mmmm…. Thank you for bringing me here. I've been craving Thai food for the longest time." Brett took a bite of rice and shrimp. Taking the time to slowly taste her meal, she allowed a big satisfied smile to come to her face in satisfaction adding to that a very happy moan.

"You're very welcome. I have to admit. I did it for me as much as for you. I'm addicted to this stuff. When I worked at the firm, I used to order Thai all the time." Tori took a bite of the rice and shrimp and let out a pleasurable sigh. Taking her napkin, she wiped the corners of her mouth and finished swallowing. "Uh, that's good. I would love to learn how to cook a few these dishes. Mainly to find out what spices they use that have me craving for it in the middle of the night." Tori picked up her skewer and took a bite enjoying the combination of peanut sauce and chicken. The waiter came over and brought them their drinks just as Tori took another bite. Brett nodded and thanked the waiter. Looking back at Tori as the waiter left, Brett had to suppress an urge to lean over and lick the drop of sauce that was on Tori's lips. Luckily, Tori quickly licked it off. However, it did nothing to squelch the flames that were growing in Brett's belly with her actions.

They hadn't been together in over two weeks and they both teetered on the edge of desire for each other. Even when they had seen each other everyday, they always enjoyed a healthy dose of one another at some point during the day. Often times more than once.

"So how was your trip?" Brett tried to get her mind away from her thoughts of her eating companion. Well, long enough to get through dinner and safely back to Tori's penthouse.

"It went well. I met quite a few of the employees in the L.A. office and got a good feel for how operations are running there. Of course I had a week full of my brother, Senor Don Juan." Tori shook her head thinking of her little brother.

Brett laughed. "How is Stephan? You just have to love him. He really cracks me up whenever I see him."

Stephan was twenty-eight years old and a very good looking young man. He was a combination of both his parents. With his sandy blonde hair and blue green eyes and a dimply smile that went on for days, he was a hit with all the women and he knew it. Tori often wondered if he might have been adopted. He was so different from the rest of his siblings. Though one never knew whom Stephan would show up with next, you could not help but be drawn to him. Just like their youngest sister Jessica, Stephan could charm the pants off you. Literally.

"Oh Stephan's ..well…Stephan. What can I say? He's not with that girl he was with at Thanksgiving anymore. And I don't even think he knows who he's with at the moment. Although while I was at the L.A. house, I accidentally walked in on a very pretty blonde while I was there." Tori said nonchalantly.

"When you say walked in on? What do you mean exactly?" Brett had a jealous streak a mile long when it came to Tori and Tori knew it. It wasn't a fatal attraction kind of thing. Just a healthy dose of possessiveness between partners.

"It wasn't a big deal. I wasn't quite awake one morning and decided a nice swim would wake me up. So I slipped into my suit, went to the pool, and dove right in. When I got out to dry off, I found Stephan's friend spread out on the chaise, obviously not a believer in my propensity to wear a bathing suit." Tori smirked knowing Brett was more than a little ticked at the girl she had never met.

"Really. Some people. You have got to wonder where they were raised." Brett's face was starting to turn a shade or two and Tori could have sworn she saw a bit of steam escape from Brett's ears. If Brett's eyes weren't already green they most certainly would have been now.

"Oh I don't know. If I had the opportunity to have met her parents, I might have congratulated them." Tori you are so bad. She knew she was pushing Brett's patience but she could not pass up the opportunity to get back at Brett for her stunt this morning with the gorilla. I'm not alone indeed. Hah…

"Oh really? Why would you want to do that?" Brett was now squirming in her seat. They had not said that they were seeing one another exclusively. But it was most definitely implied.

Tori could see the slight clench in Brett's jaw and knew she was skating on thin ice.

"Well they obviously gave their daughter wonderful genes. She had the most perfect…" Tori made a cupping gesture with her hands.

"Excuse me!" Brett said in outrage. Looking around for the waiter, she motioned for the check.

Tori got the waiter's attention and waved him off.

"I'm ready to leave, Tori." Brett stated. A furrow made its way to her brow when she saw the waiter quickly run into the kitchen not wanting to be in the middle of an impending argument.

Tori leaned over and whispered in Brett's ear. "I'm sorry honey. I didn't mean to make you mad. You know there is no one for me but you."

Tori brushed her lips across Brett's cheek and took her hand in hers. "She has nothing on you. Actually, I was going to give your parents a call as soon as I had the chance."

Brett turned and gave Tori a questioning look.

"I was going to thank them for giving you a body that blows me away every time I'm near it. Every time I think about it, taste it, see it, and feel it rub against mine." Tori could feel the heat that was radiating from Brett and knew her words were having a definite effect.

Brett swallowed as her lower extremity kicked in.

"Is that so?" Brett bit her lip and slit her eyes as she looked at Tori.

"Yes it is. So you had better eat up. Cause you, my love, are going to need your strength tonight." Tori released Brett's hand and reached under the table. She slowly ran her hand up Brett's thigh.

"Am I forgiven?" Tori said in a whisper. She felt Brett twitch a little and knew the little writer was feeling amorous.

"You know if you weren't so irresistible, I'd leave your butt right here." Brett smiled but raised an eyebrow at Tori.

"Now honey, don't be like that. I was just getting back at you for this morning." Tori gave her her best puppy dog look.

"This morning? What did I do?" Brett had a shocked look on her face.

"Oh I seem to remember someone implying that they weren't alone in bed when I called." Tori dared Brett to deny it.

The look on Brett's face changed from shock, to outrage, and then to guilt.

"Okay, I guess we're even then. But you had better not do that again. At least not tonight, if you know what's good for you?"

"Oh, I don't think we're quite even yet." This time Tori raised an accusing eyebrow at Brett.

"Why? What have I done now?" Brett really did not know where Tori was going with this.

"Well, I told Stephan about us and he informed me that you have something to tell me about you and him. You wouldn't know what he's talking about would you?" Tori knew that Brett and Stephan had attended the prom together but she was not through stirring Brett up yet. She had asked Stephan if anything happened between them and he informed her that he had a crush on Brett. Who wouldn't? However, after spending the night with her at the prom, he realized that she had a thing for Tori because she kept asking about her. They still had a great time together but there was nothing romantic about it. Tori had apologized to her brother. She hoped Brett's interest in her had not spoiled his prom. He laughed.

"Are you kidding? Tori, at the time, Brett was one of the most popular girls in school. She was and is a real babe. I cannot tell you what it did for my reputation, when everyone found out I was taking her to the prom. I was the envy of every guy in school. Besides Brett is one of the sweetest people I have ever met. Although she may have had a thing for you, she was still a lot of fun as a date for the prom. After I had told her everything about you, she promised to stop asking about you and then we spent the rest of the night dancing and goofing around. I can see why you are in love with her. Way to go Sis. You're a chip off the old block." Stephan smiled when Tori rolled her eyes at his comment. He knew that he and his sister were more alike than she would ever admit. He heard all the stories about his sister and knew she broke as many hearts as he had. Especially when there was a rumor that Tori played both sides of the fence.

Brett's face turned red. What did that little shit tell his sister? I am going to ring his neck the next time I see him.

"Honey, I don't know what you're getting at?" Brett gave Tori her most innocent look.

"So you're telling me, you're not the one my brother lost his virtue to?" Tori wanted to collapse on the floor with laughter as the look of absolute outrage covered Brett's face.

"Is that what that little shit told you? I thought Stephan and I were friends. I cannot believe him. What is his number? I'm going to call him right this minute and give him a piece of my mind." Brett pulled out her phone from her purse and waited for Tori to give her the number.

Tori reached over and took the phone out of Brett's hands and set it on the table.

"Tori, I really want to call him? I can't tell you how mad that makes me." Brett was fuming and Tori knew she had really done it this time.

Tori placed a finger on Brett lips, so she could speak. "First of all Brett, you're in no position to call anyone little considering your size." Tori this time let her laughter come with the look of indignation and anger that was so evident on her mate's gorgeous features.

Brett sighed in absolute frustration.

"Secondly and most importantly, I think I got you again." Tori said when she got control of her laughter.

"Damn it. That's it." Brett reached into her purse and threw some money on the table. She grabbed her coat and phone, and walked out of the restaurant.

Tori just sat there and bit her lip. I think I went too far this time. So now I know there's a limit to her patience. She motioned the waiter to bring over the bill and he quickly wrapped up the food. Once everything was taken care of she grabbed her things and went to search for her lover. At least she hoped Brett was still her lover. Victoria…. for someone whose supposed to be so damn smart, you can be a real idiot sometimes. She stepped out of the restaurant on 10th street and looked to her left and right. Brett was nowhere in sight. Damn.

TO BE CONTINUED. Installment Seven

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