Impulse: Book Three


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge" 

The American Heritage dictionary

By Mezzo

"This is Book Three in my series called Impulse.

If you haven't read Book One: AFTER ALL IS SAID orBook Two: IT'S JUST THE BEGINNING you might want to start there."


Copyright © 2002 by Mezzo All Rights Reserved

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Tori woke to find the bed empty.Looking around, she saw it was 11:15am.Ugh, when was the last time I slept this late.Tori swallowed. Her mouth felt like a whole cotton field had taken residence in it.She swung a leg out from under the covers and stretched out.She spread both arms out and let out a satisfied sigh.Whew, oh boy.Tori looked around the room trying to listen for any signs of where Brett might be.There weren't any.With a little protest she got out of bed deciding a quick shower might be a good idea.Going to her bags, she grabbed a fresh pair of jeans, a long sleeve crew, undies, and a pull over v neck sweater.Going to the bathroom she took a long look in the mirror and remembered the night she had with Brett.A blush came to her face.You are one lucky woman. Brett had proven to be quite a quick study and Tori was astounded by Brett's stamina.Looking closer in the mirror, Tori saw a rather large love bite on her shoulder.Oh well, at least it won't be seen by the general public. Tori felt a tingle on her back and turned around.Oh man, I'm really gonna have to talk to Brett about this. There were two distinct nail marks on Tori's back.Not that she minded really. She loved how intense they got while in the heat of passion, but Brett would surely have to be careful during the summer months.Tori had a black bikini that she knew Brett would love on her and couldn't wait to see the beautiful blonde's face when she walked out wearing it.She hopped into the shower allowing the spray to hit her in the face.Without warning, Jenna Carlisle's face popped up in her head.Anger started to brew in Tori's belly at the thought of the woman.The thought of Jenna running around freely after what she did to Brett made her crazy. She cherished Brett.She could not imagine hurting a hair on her head, much less, laying a hand on her.Tori turned the water temperature up and thought about what to do about the situation.

"Alright Jenna. What are you up to?"Tori thought of every possible scenario and only one was acceptable in her mind.

"She could really be on the way to recovery and just wanted to thank Brett for giving her a chance at a new life. Or she's still a psycho bitch that wants to get Brett back."Tori could feel a headache coming on.

"No way. She's with me and that's it.I won't stand back and let you near her."Tori slammed her hands against the shower wall and placed her forehead against it.

"Okay. What to do...."Tori had learned to deal with people that stood in her way or threatened the people that she loved.Her approach to things was to take an offensive position.That way she could control the situation. Not the other way.She finished rinsing off and decided to act right away.

Tori dried off and wrapped a towel around her.She went to her purse and grabbed her cell phone.She scrolled through the memory and found the number that she was looking for.

Setting her phone to automatically dial the number, she waited for an answer.

"Wilkes Detective Agency."A low pleasant voice answered.

"Hey Sam. It's Victoria Hull."Tori had Samuel Wilkes on her payroll for awhile.She had found his services invaluable especially in her business dealings.She found it very helpful to know as much about the people you dealt with.Tori kept Sam very busy.If there was information out there, he would find it.

"Hey Tori! What's going on?Finally decided to accept my offer to go out with me for a romantic evening?"Sam was a good-looking man.Tall, perfect brown hair, brown eyes, and a well-trimmed mustache.He was constantly flirting with Tori and had a great sense of humor.

"Sorry to disappoint. But I'm officially off the market."Tori liked how that sounded.She sometimes had to pinch herself.She couldn't believe that she actually shared a life with the woman she had spent years dreaming of.

"No way!When did this happen?"Sam was floored.In all the years he had known her, she never once mentioned a significant other.

"Just recently actually.Listen.... I need you to do something for me."Tori was anxious to get the investigation started.

"Sure. Who's the lucky person this time?"Sam loved working with Tori.She had a fascinating life and loved to live vicariously through her.She was an international figure and the circles she traveled in were very interesting.Many would be surprised at how savvy and street smart Tori was.

"I want all the information you can get on a Jenna Carlisle.She was a professor at University of Michigan and is now working here in the city.I want everything on her.Medical records. Family history. Work experience. Everything. And I want it as soon as possible."

Sam could tell from Tori's voice that this was an important one.He could feel the tension through the telephone and knew he would have to pull out all the stops on this one.

"Okay, I'll get right on it.I'll call you as soon as I get any info.Don't worry Tori. You know if it's out there, I'll get it."Sam really cared for Tori.If they could not be romantically involved, he wanted her as a friend.They had gotten along right from the start.It was as if they had known each other for years.

"Thanks, I know you will.Well I had better go.Take care. And if there's anything you need, just let me know."Tori felt relieved knowing steps were being taken to find out what Jenna Carlisle was up to.She would not take a chance on losing Brett or something happening to her.

"Will do.You have a good weekend."

"Yeah. You too."Tori hung up, got dressed, and went to find her girl.


Tori walked into the kitchen and was met with a host of delicious scents.

Brett was sitting on the kitchen counter talking to Lauren, Adrian, and Alexi.A look of concern was on each of their faces.

When Tori walked in, all heads immediately turned to meet her.

"Hey everyone.What's going on?Someone die?"Tori sauntered over to Brett on the counter and immediately wrapped her arms around in her.Brett bent down and gave Tori a very welcoming kiss.

The girls looked on as the two heated up the room.They had all been there through the whole Jenna ordeal.They had watched Brett keep her heart guarded the past few years, never allowing anyone to get too close.They had tried to get Brett to give love another chance but to no avail.There were a number of short-lived flings but nothing to write home about.....until now.

"Good morning......"Tori looked at the clock on the wall and realized her mistake."Make that afternoon.I missed you when I woke up."Tori inched even closer to Brett and buried her face in Brett's chest.

"I'm sorry.I thought I would let you sleep in while I rustled up something to eat.We kind of got into a discussion about Jenna's appearance last night."Brett looked at Lauren and her friends and hoped that their discussion was over.They were concerned and begging Brett to be careful.Brett had explained that Jenna just wanted to thank her. They weren't buying it.It was Adrian and Alexi that found Brett after Jenna had lost control and had beaten her unconscious.They would never forget the scene they found that day and would do anything to protect Brett even from herself.

"Tori, what do you think about Jenna?Brett said you were there."Tori turned around to face the girls but stayed between Brett's legs.Brett sat behind her on the counter wrapped her arms around Tori's neck.Tori reached up, placed her hand across Brett's arms, and thought about the question they presented to her.

"Well I can't say I was too cordial to the woman.I pretty much told her to watch her step or I'd make her life miserable."Tori's face showed no humor and Brett could feel the tension rolling off her.

"Honey, please.I think we're making way too much of this."Brett didn't want to deal with this again.She had spent too many years dealing with the aftermath and just wanted to put it all behind her: to finally find a bit of happiness.

"What?How can you say that?Baby, I wasn't there when all of this happened and believe me if I was, Jenna Carlisle would be no more.I know you've forgiven her and you think she's turned her life around, but there's something about her that's bothering me."Tori was now shaking and her nerves were on overload.She turned around again and looked at Brett with a furrowed brow.

"I can't lose you Brett.I have spent too many years denying my love for you and then too many years away because I thought you were with her.I won't lose you. And I won't stand idly by while that woman is running around out there free."Brett had never seen Tori like this.This was definitely a side that she had not seen before. And though she knew Tori would never hurt her, she was certainly scared for anyone that got in her way.

"Baby please.I... we're together.Isn't that enough?She can't hurt us if we're together.She's my past and I just want to forget about it."Tears were rolling down Brett's face and Tori's heart broke knowing they were there.

Lauren, Adrian, and Alexi watched in wonder.Brett had always been so headstrong and no one could ever convince her otherwise.But just as Tori was wrapped around Brett's finger, Tori had the same affect on Brett.They made a beautiful couple and they were all so happy to see them finally come home to each other.

Tori cupped Brett's face and kissed her tears away."I love you honey and you're right. She's never ever going to come between us... Never."Tori pulled Brett closer to her and they kissed tenderly.Tori released the kiss after a few moments and licked her lips.Taking Brett's face in her hands, she looked directly into Brett's eyes. "Honey, I understand why you'd want to forget everything that has happened. But we can never forget our past. We can only look to the future and be better prepared. Wiser for it."

Brett leaned down towards Tori and they kissed again.Tori placed loving kisses all over Brett's face then continued. "Honey, you wouldn't write a book without doing you're research. And I certainly wouldn't walk into a court room or a business negotiation without having all the information.So why go through life like that?All I'm saying is let's find out as much about what Jenna's up to and deal with her that way.If she's telling the truth, then great.No harm no foul.But if she's up to something then we can prepare ahead of time and we'll be ready."Tori looked into somber green eyes and gave her another tender kiss."If it were me that Jenna had hurt and all of sudden she shows up after what... four years? Don't you think you would be just a little concerned?"Brett leaned her forehead against Tori's and nodded affirmatively.Tori lifted Brett's chin so she could get a better look at Brett's face. "We've finally found our way back to each other.I want to spend the rest of my life with you.You can't ask me to let this go.Please honey. I can't lose you. Not now."This time Tori turned on the water works and Brett was helpless to fight.

"Okay baby.We'll do whatever you want.I love you too and're the most important thing here.I can do anything as long as you're at my side." 

"Always.I'm not going anywhere."Tori gave Brett a gentle smile and lost herself in Brett's verdant eyes.

Brett wrapped both her arms and legs around Tori and they kissed with abandon forgetting everything and everyone around them.

Lauren cleared her throat to get their attention and had to clear it a couple more times before the two remembered they weren't alone.

Brett was the first to pull away slightly embarrassed that she had lost herself in the moment."I'm sorry.Tori has a way of distracting me."

The girls laughed, knowing this statement was all too true.

Adrian, being the clown of the bunch, couldn't help but put in her two cents."Hey... can we see that again?I don't think Brett got her tongue all the way down Tori's throat."

Alexi swatted Adrian across the head."Cut that out!!"

"What? Hey maybe you should try kissing me like that.I think I have a little of last nights dinner caught down there."

Adrian pointed to the base of her neck.

"You are sick!!"Alexi gave Adrian a dirty look.

"Hey. You weren't complaining last night.When we got home and heard Brett and Tori going at it, you were all over me like peanut butter on bread.'Deeper baby...deeper.Yeah right there...Yeah, yeah that's it.'"Adrian didn't notice the Italian stallion rise in anger.She'd soon be down for the count if she didn't cut it out.

"And you two..... What the hell were you doing to Brett last night?If there are two things I'm sure of, it's that Brett's found religion and she certainly likes what you do to her."Adrian was on a roll and there was no stopping her when she got started.

"And how would you know that?"Brett was as red as a tomato from embarrassment and anger.

"Well do the phrases 'Oh God' and 'what you do to me' ring a bell?"Tori and Adrian both gave each other a high five and fell on the floor laughing as Alexi and Brett fumed.Lauren just shook her head in amused observation.

"Miss Hull!"Tori quickly looked up and immediately wiped the smirk off her face.She knew Brett was perturbed having their sex life advertised.

"Huh...Uh...Yes dear?"Tori got up quickly and went to Brett.

"You find Adrian's antics amusing?"Brett gave Tori a questioning look.

"No ma'am. Not at all."Tori gave Brett a kiss on the cheek and gave Brett her best puppy dog eyes.

"Unbelievable. Tori.... you are so whipped."Adrian had a sarcastic look on her face.

"Hey buddy.... I may be whipped, but at least I'm getting some tonight."Tori nodded her head in the direction of Alexi.

Alexi was sitting back in her chair with her arms crossed looking very upset.She slowly got up from the table and left the room.

Adrian's shoulders slumped."Um... I think I have some kissing up to do."

Tori made a smooching sound and Adrian gave her a 'get lost' look and left the kitchen.

"Well that was fun."Lauren stood up to check on brunch.Turning the bacon over, she put the fork down and looked at Tori and Brett seriously. 

"So what are we going to do about Jenna?I know mom and dad are going to flip when they find out she's back."Lauren went over to where the two were and leaned against the counter beside them.

"Well, I'm not going lie to you.I called an investigator this morning and he's going to get me all the information on our friend, Miss Carlisle."Tori looked up at Brett apologetically. "I know I should have discussed this with you first baby.I'm sorry."Tori kissed Brett trying to avoid any further arguments.

"Honey, you know how I hate it when people make decisions for me.I understand why you are doing this.All I ask is that you keep me informed.Please, I have a right to know what's going on."Brett had a pleading look on her face telling Tori that there was no compromising on this point.

"I promise honey.From now on, what I know, you know, okay?"Tori smiled and gave Brett a wink.

"Oh how I love this face.How can I possibly be mad at you?What do you think sis?Doesn't Tori have the most adorable face?"Brett turned Tori's face towards Lauren and squeezed Tori's cheeks together.

"Um... yeah Brett, you did alright for yourself.She is definitely not hard on the eyes. And that tush.You sure work those jeans.Mmm. Mmm. Mmm."Lauren shook her head appreciatively.

"Uh, Lauren?Is there something you want to tell me?You don't play for our team now, do you?"Tori released Brett and stood in front of Lauren.She ran her hand down the side of Lauren's face and watched a blush follow where her hand was traveling."....cause I wouldn't be opposed to taking on both Montgomery sisters."Lauren gulped and both Brett and Lauren stared at Tori confused.

Tori on the other hand started laughing again uncontrollably.

"Oh my goodness!! You should see the look on both of your faces.I wish I had a camera."Tori was holding her sides.

Brett just gave Lauren a perturbed look. "You see?You see what I have to put up with?She does this to me all the time."

The two just looked on as Tori fell into a chair still laughing uncontrollably.

"You two are just so easy.Lauren, I'm sorry.I didn't mean to do that to you.Your sister is just about all I can handle as it is.I'm sure the two of you would put me in an early grave."Tori started to laugh again."Oo wee, that's good.I haven't laughed like that in a long time."Tori wiped the tears from her eyes and tried to get her breathing back to normal.

"I'm glad we could amuse you."Lauren went over to Tori and straddled the amused woman's lap."But I was hoping you were serious.I've had an itchin' for you for the longest time and was hoping you'd scratch it."She ran her fingers slowly down Tori's lips, down her chest, and leaned in to purr in Tori's ear."Grrr."

Tori sat there stunned. Lauren had dark hair and green eyes.She was very attractive also and Tori's body involuntarily reacted.She looked at Brett and gave her a pleading look.In a voice that could barely be heard, she said, "Help me..."

"Ooh sis, I'm with you."Brett got off the counter and went around the back of Tori's chair.She blew into Tori's other ear and ran her hand down Tori's chest from behind.

"I don't mind sharing as long as I can watch."Brett winked at her sister and mouthed a "thank you" that could not be seen by Tori.

Lauren winked and tried to suppress a laugh.

Tori on the other hand was outraged. She quickly stood up and almost dumping Lauren on her keester,

"I can't believe you two.Wait until I tell your parents what kind of girls you've grown up to be.I'm gonna tell. You're in trouble now....." Tori stomped out of the room and did her best impression of a nine-year-old.

"Oh sis I owe you one." Lauren and Brett watched as the brooding executive stormed off and the two sisters gave each other a high five laughing their asses off.When they finally got themselves together, they finished preparing brunch.

"So, things are going well?"Lauren bumped Brett with her hip and then wrapped her sister in an embrace.

Lauren adored her sister and they had become very close throughout the years especially after Brett's time in the hospital.

"Yeah, you know.I look back at all these years and I wonder how I survived."Brett looked up at her sister and a happy look came to her face."I've never felt anything like this.I know it sounds cliché, but I truly think I've found the other half of my soul.Tori is so amazing.She's loving, caring, and considerate. Not to mention drop dead gorgeous. And I can really see myself with her for the rest of my life."Brett let out a sigh of contentment and gave her sister a smile."I love her."

Lauren gave Brett a big hug and started to cry."Oh Brett. When you were lying in that hospital bed, fighting for your life, I prayed that you'd come back to us and find someone who would love you the way you deserved to be loved.When I see you and Tori together, it just makes me so happy.I love you little sister and I wish you and Tori all the happiness the world can offer."Brett started to cry also and the two were gushing for quite a while.

"Look at us....You'd think we were a bunch of hopeless romantics or something."Brett wiped away her tears, then handed her sister a tissue.

"You know, I never believed in that sort of thing until I saw you and Tori together.For the first time in my life, I can almost believe there's someone out there for me." Lauren blew her nose, washed her hands, and retrieved a glass of water for the both of them.

"Oh sweetie, there is.I just know it.Not just because you're my sister. But because you're an amazing woman.You're going to make someone very happy someday and they're going to be very lucky indeed."Brett scooped out the oatmeal and placed the bacon on a plate.

"Thanks. I sure hope so.Wherever he is, I wish he would get here already."Lauren squeezed Brett's arm and proceeded to scramble the eggs for omelets.

Brett took out a plate of chilled fruits and placed it on the table.

"Well, I'm gonna go find my sweetie.I'm sure I'm going to have to smooth over some ruffled feathers."Brett left the kitchen and went to find Tori.

TO BE CONTINUED.Installment Nine

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