Impulse: Book Three


"Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge" 

The American Heritage dictionary

By Mezzo

"This is Book Three in my series called Impulse.

If you haven't read Book One: AFTER ALL IS SAID orBook Two: IT'S JUST THE BEGINNING you might want to start there."


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Brett had left the restaurant and, as luck would have it, found a cab waiting right outside the doors.Her nerves were raw.With Jenna showing up at the book signing and Tori's insistence on playing games with her, she had had enough for one night.She knew that Tori was just having fun as they always had. But she just wasn't in the mood.She hadn't seen her in two weeks and she just wanted to be with Tori. "Was that really so hard to understand?"Brett wondered on her way back to her apartment.Maybe the whole Jenna thing unearthed her insecurities again.

She directed the cab to her apartment address and by the time the cab left her at her doorstep, she was beyond wiped out.Taking her keys out, she opened the front door then took the elevator to the sixth floor.Luckily, no one was home.She kicked off her shoes and went to the kitchen to grab a bottle of Evian.Brett looked at the clock; it was 9:45pm.

"Great. Just great.All you could think about for the past two week was Tori and look at how you're spending your Friday night."Brett went into the living room, turned on the television, and flicked through the channels.

"Providence?Ooh that actor has pretty eyes.You aren't my Tori, but you're pretty just the same."Brett thought about what she had said and tears came to her eyes.

"You just totally overreacted.Tori was just playing with you and you just went ballistic.Why would she want to bewith you?You've got more baggage than American Airlines."Brett swiped at her tears totally pissed off at herself.

Just then, her cell phone rang.Reaching over, she retrieved the phone from her purse.Looking at the caller id, she saw that it was the woman of her thoughts.


Tori could hear Brett sniffle and knew she was crying."'s Tori."

"Yeah?"Brett replied, unable to say anymore for fear of balling her eyes out and losing all composure.

"I was worried and I didn't know where you went."Tori felt like crap and wanted to crawl under a rock for making Brett feel so bad.

"I'm okay.I just came home."Brett's voice sounded so quiet that Tori could barely hear her.

"Look Brett. I'm sorry I pushed you too far.I didn't mean to make you mad.I really didn't.I sometimes forget that we aren't kids anymore and we can't always kid around like we used to.I know you must be upset with seeing Jenna and I certainly didn't help matters.I'm sorry."Tori waited for Brett to say something and when she didn't Tori figured Brett was still mad."Okay, well I guess I'll let you get some rest.I'll give you a call sometime this weekend."Tori lowered her head feeling totally dejected.She was about to hang up when she heard Brett's voice.

"Tori?Tori are you still there?"Brett didn't want to spend another night alone.

"Yeah. I'm here."Tori did not like the way Brett's voice sounded and wanted desperately to be with her.

"Where are you?"Brett said trying to suppress a sob.

"I'm downstairs.Gibeau was parked across the street and said he saw you jump into a cab. I figured you came home.If you weren't here I was going to go to the Grove next.I know that you and the girls usually go there on Friday night."Tori hoped that Brett would invite her up.She really didn't want to leave things the way they were.

"Do you want to come up?"Brett asked hesitantly, not wanting to hear Tori's rejection.

"Yeah baby, I do."Tori heard the door buzz and quickly opened it.She waited for the elevator and impatiently ran her fingers through her hair.Tori wanted nothing more than to take Brett in her arms and beg for forgiveness.

The elevator announced its arrival and as soon as the doors open, Tori jumped in.She pressed the sixth floor several times and made a mental note to get a faster elevator installed in Brett's building.The elevator door barely opened to the sixth floor when Tori squeezed through and hurriedly ran to Brett's apartment door.She rang the buzzer and waited for Brett to come.

As soon as the door opened, Tori threw her coat and purse down then scooped Brett up in her arms and bombarded her with as many kisses as she could possibly muster.

"Oh baby I'm sorry.I'm an idiot.There's no other way to describe me.I love you, baby.Please....Please forgive me?"Tori backed Brett into the couch in the living room and they fell onto the couch with Tori on top of her.

"Oh honey, there's nothing to forgive.I'm the one who overreacted."Brett's hands pulled at Tori's blouse that was tucked in her jeans. All she wanted was to feel Tori's skin on hers.She hated fighting with Tori.It was as if a part of her was being ripped away a piece at a time.

"I shouldn't have said those things.It was stupid and childish.I promise. I'll never pick on you again."Tori continued to shower Brett with kisses.

"No honey, I love the way we are with each other.It's just..... it's just today was a little too much. I'm a little off.I think everything just got to me, especially seeing Jenna after all this time.I wouldn't change a single thing about you.Please forgive me? I'm so afraid you're going to get tired of me and all my problems."Brett's tears escaped once again and an overwhelming pain came over her.

"No Baby. Never.I'm in this for the long haul.I told Jenna tonight that I'm not walking away this time and I meant it. You and I have so much living to do and I plan to experience every moment with you.That means the good and the bad.You're stuck with me.Remember when you asked me to fight for us?" Brett looked deeply into Tori's eyes and nodded."Well I was just confused and thought you asked me to fight with you.I'll try my best to rectify that.I can be a little dense at times."Tori tried to lighten up the mood.They were both running on empty.


"Yeah sweetie?" Tori ran her hand through Brett hair and down her face.

"This isn't how I imagined tonight would be."Brett looked a little worn and Tori knew she needed to pamper Brett a bit.

"I know honey.Why don't you stay here and I'll take care of everything."Tori made sure Brett was comfortable.She made a phone call to Gibeau to tell him that they would be staying at Brett's tonight and that she wouldn't need him for the rest of the night.She asked that he bring up the luggage that were in the trunk.She waited for Gibeau and he brought her bags to Brett's room.Gibeau and Brett talked while Tori prepared things in Brett's bedroom.She went to Brett's dresser drawers and looked through her sleepwear.She was very pleased with what she saw there.Ooh I'm gonna have to keep this drawer in mind. She pulled out a very sexy mint green negligee. Then went to Brett's bathroom and drew a bath for the both of them.Pouring in a capful of honeysuckle and rose hips, she checked to make sure the temperature was just right.She then turned down the bed.It was a beautiful canopy bed with an intricate gold Egyptian pattern on the bedspread.She lit a few candles and went to her bags.She took out a bag from a boutique that she found in Los Angeles.She had bought a few items that she thought Brett might enjoy. And a few for herself.She smiled remembering the look on the clerk's face when Tori asked what her size was.She had in her hands a leather bustierre that she thought would look amazing on Brett.The clerk was around the same body frame that Brett was and wanted to make sure she was getting the right size. The clerk blushed, obviously taken by Tori's beauty and more than willing to model the item for her if she wanted.You're such a bad girl when you want to be. Getting back to the task at hand, she took out a bottle of Kama Sutra Vanilla Crème massage oil and placed it on the nightstand next to the bed. Not wanting to reveal all of her goodies, she tucked the bag out of sight on her side of the bed.She turned on Brett's stereo receiver and turned the radio station to CD 101.9.A soft soprano sax filled the air and Tori smiled.Perfect.Looking around the room, she checked to make sure everything was set.Once everything met her approval, she went back into the living room.

Gibeau had left and Brett rested against the arm of the couch well on her way to falling asleep when Tori returned.

Squatting down next to the couch, Tori caressed Brett's cheek.

"Hey sweetie, everything's all ready."Brett's eyes fluttered open and sleepily connected with Tori's gaze.

"Ooh, I'm sorry.I think I fell asleep for a second." Brett went to stand up but was stopped in mid motion.

"I know.Why don't you put your arms around my neck and leave everything up to me."Tori leaned over from her position and placed her arms around Brett's back and knees.

She easily lifted Brett off the couch and carried her down the hall and into Brett's room.Once inside, she kicked the door to the bedroom closed and carried Brett to the waiting tub.

Brett took in the suds and the candles.She inhaled the scents that filled the room and turned her head so she could give Tori a very grateful kiss.

"Thank you baby. This is just what I needed."Brett nuzzled Tori's neck and planted soft kisses on Tori's collarbone. 

"Don't thank me yet.I haven't even started."Tori kissed Brett's cheek and then captured sweet lips again."Okay here we go."She bent over and carefully sat Brett on the side of the tub and went to work on her clothes.She lifted Brett's fleece sweater over her head and unbuttoned her wool pants.She slipped Brett's socks off and quickly removed her undergarments.She took a moment to take an appreciative gander over Brett's beautiful body. 

She guided Brett over the edge of the tub and waited until Brett was securely in it. Tori happily commenced in her task of pampering Brett. Gathering Brett's hair, she twisted it and put it up with a clip. Reaching over, she picked up a loofah sponge, dipped it into the water and lathered it up.She lifted one of Brett's legs, gave it her full attention starting with her toes, and worked her way up to a glistening thigh.She did the same to Brett's other leg and proceeded to Brett's fertile valley.Not wanting to linger too long, she decided to return when the valley wasn't submerged in water.Tori brought the sponge up the furrowed plains of Brett's stomach and continued up Brett's majestic mountains.When Tori's tour was over, she bathed Brett's mouth with her own. 

Brett's body was on fire by the time Tori was finished.No one ever made her feel the way this tall sable haired beauty did.She liberally showered her with an abundance of affection and left her feeling very loved from the inside out.Brett felt the day's affects leave her now lost in the moment and sensations that Tori was inciting in her.

Tori placed the sponge on the side of the tub and then took her own clothes off.She made sure she had Brett's full attention as she slowly finished the job that Brett had started out on the couch.Starting with the top button, she opened it and worked her way down making sure that Brett's eyes followed along.She unbuttoned her shirtsleeves and let the blouse slide over her shoulders and onto the floor.Next, she unbuttoned her jeans and slowly lowered the zipper.Brett's eyes locked with the motion of her hands and the steam in the tub rose a degree. Tori stepped out of her jeans and picked up the items on the floor.She purposely turned to bend over and gave Brett an eyeful of her rear attributes. Tori had a strong slender back and perfect waist.Every muscle was well defined but not to the point of being overly so.Tori was the perfect combination of fitness and femininity and looked amazing with and without clothes.She was wearing a black lace bra and under garments, that accented her perfect curves.Slightly translucent, Brett could see the outline of Tori's areolas and the perfectly shaved V beneath her panties when she turned back around.Brett inched her way closer to the edge of the tub and watched as Tori lifted her foot and placed it on the edge of the tub, then bent over and rolled her stockings off one leg at a time.When she was through, she stood up, removed her bra, and slid off her panties.Tori had no inhibitions when it came to her body.Like everything else in her life, she took care of it.She wasn't fanatical about what she ate. She tended to enjoy a large variety of foods.However, she knew she needed to combat her eating habits with a good exercise regimen.

She stood in front of the tub and waited for Brett's eyes to meet her own.She was very flattered by the appreciative look that Brett had on her face.When Brett's eyes finished their perusal, she smiled when they finally met her own.

"Do you like?"Tori asked in a low sensual tone.

Brett licked her lips and gripped the edge of the tub trying desperately to keep from jumping out of the tub and claiming Tori right that second."Yes very much.You are magnificent."

"Thank you, I like how you look at me."Tori watched as Brett took another appreciative glance and licked her lips.

"Why don't you come and join me?"Brett held her hand up for Tori to take; watching as long well toned legs stepped forward towards the tub.

"I'd like that."Tori took Brett offered hand and climbed in behind her.Settling back into the tub, she pulled Brett back against her.She brought her hand around Brett's body and cupped Brett's perky breasts.Brett moaned in ecstasy.Her body was already so aroused and the contact with Tori's hands shot a wave of instantaneous pleasure straight to Brett's groin area.She arched back into the touch and felt Tori's hot mouth sink into her neck.With insistent hands and a hungry mouth, Brett was lost in intense arousal.

"Oh, honey."Brett had never known such bliss.

One of Tori's hands slid further down Brett's body and gently opened Brett's legs.Her fingers gently coaxed Brett's center and caressed Brett's labia between her fingers.She worked Brett's opening and center for a long moment lovingly carrying Brett over the edge.

"Mmm...Oh..." Brett was so aroused that her climax was not far away.

"Come for me Baby."Tori whispered into Brett's ear.She knew Brett liked it when she gave her gentle coaxing.

"Mmm...yeah.Mmm, oh yeah Tori." Brett's body swayed in the water sending little waves splashing around the tub.

"You feel so good, and the way you move.You are so hot."This was all Brett needed to send her crashing against the shores of her climax.

"Oh Tori, yes, yes, yes... OH YESSSSSSSSSS.Hhhhhh..." Brett arched up almost completely out of the water and then collapsed against Tori, limp and sated. 

Tori held Brett, contented to stay there for as long as Brett needed.She lovingly caressed Brett's belly and kissed her head and neck, allowing her to savor every wave of her release.

Brett languished in the feeling of Tori surrounding her.The safety she found in her arms was heavenly.She sank back even deeper into Tori's embrace and happily surrendered to the feeling that lay there.

"You know love if you're as good at your job as you are at making love, I feel sorry for your competitors. You are magnificent."Brett ran her hand down Tori's expansive leg.

"Why thank you.I aim to please."Tori nestled into the curve of Brett's neck and lovingly nipped at it.

"Mmm...You do, so completely.You're like nothing else on this planet."Brett turned her head to the side and captured Tori's probing lips and ran her tongue over every surface of Tori's mouth.

"Well after two weeks of not being together, it's understandable. I'm just as turned on by you my love."Brett turned and straddled Tori's hips.She was happy that the tub was oversized so they could fully enjoy each other.After many minutes of exploration, Tori knew it was time to move to the next phase. 

"As much as I'd love to stay here with you, I'm afraid we're going to shrivel up.What do you say we get out of here so I can pamper you a little more?"Brett turned and looked into Tori's warm inviting eyes.

"Okay. Why don't we move this to the shower and quickly wash off?"Tori stood up and water cascaded down the length of her heated body.

Brett stood up also and leaned in to give Tori a warm embrace.

"I missed you.I hate being away from you."Brett nuzzled into Tori's chest and Tori wrapped her arms around Brett's shoulders.

"I missed you too.I don't know how I was able to function these past years without you.I'm absolutely hopeless without you now."Tori kissed the top of Brett's head and ran her hands down Brett's back."Come on before we catch a cold standing here."

She led Brett to the shower and they quickly washed off. Well not that quickly.Brett took the opportunity to soap up a few of Tori's hard to reach places. And a few not so hard to reach places.Actually, she didn't miss a spot.Once they were squeaky clean and fully inspected, they made their way to the bed.

"Come on."Tori patted the bed motioning Brett to lie down. "Lay on your tummy.I'll give you a massage."

"Honey, you must be tired.I'm alright. We can just relax and fall asleep in each other's arms."Brett appreciated everything that Tori did but she didn't want to take advantage of her.

"Stop.Are you denying me the pleasure of running my hands over every inch of this beautiful body?"Tori wiggled her eyebrows and gave Brett a pleading look.

"Honey, I just don't want to take advantage of you.I'd like to enjoy you a little also."Brett ran a finger across the top of the towel that Tori was wearing.

"Well you did.What do you call what you just did in that shower?"Tori inquired.She looked in the direction of the shower and she began to blush.I didn't know I could actually bend over that far.

"I call that a beginning."Brett smirked.

"If that's a beginning, I'm in trouble."Tori pulled Brett on to her lap and gently kissed her while she laid her down onto the bed.

Lost in the sensation of Tori's lips, she didn't notice Tori slip off her towel.Pulling away, she settled Brett on the bed. She then leaned over and retrieved her massage oil.She motioned Brett to turn over and waited patiently for Brett to get comfortable.

"You know you are very smooth.I didn't even feel you take my towel off.Talk about being in trouble. You're lethal."

"I try.Now come on. Turn over."Tori waited for Brett to settle down and climbed on top of Brett's haunches.Kneeling back, she settled her weight evenly on her calves and the back of Brett's thigh.

She poured a little of the oil in her hands and rubbed them together making sure the oil warmed a little from the heat from her hands.She leaned over, took both thumbs, and worked a knot that she felt at the top of Brett's neck.Gently she worked out the kink, until she felt it release.Moving down, she massaged Brett's shoulders licking and kissing her way across Brett's neck, blades, and down her spine.With gentle pressure she adjusted Brett's back as she felt gentle pops travel down the length of Brett's vertebrae.She massaged Brett's arms and with her thumb and fingers, she lovingly massaged Brett's hands and fingers.She sat up and put her weight on one knee.Cupping Brett's buttocks, she worked the fleshy body parts and lovingly nuzzled them before she moved to Brett's thighs.She got off the bed and massaged Brett's thighs and calves. Temptation too great, she saw the effect she was having on Brett and couldn't help but sample a bit of her work.Running her hands across the bed on each side of Brett's body, she lifted Brett's hips up a little to gain better access and dipped down for a quick taste.

"Oh Tori."Brett's body bucked at the contact of Tori's mouth on her center.She pushed back a little wanting Tori to consume her.

Tori released Brett, though she was far from over. She loved how Brett tasted and the affect that her touches had on her. Brett was so sensual and so responsive to her exploration, Tori wanted nothing more than to be lost in her. Devouring every ounce of ambrosia that Brett offered her.Brett let out a sigh of frustration when Tori pulled away.

"I know honey.I'll come back real soon.I promise."She got back up off the bed and continued down Brett's thighs, calves, and then her feet.She lifted one of Brett's feet and massaged every inch, eliciting a laugh from her partner.

Brett turned over when she couldn't take anymore.Her feet were very ticklish and Tori knew it.

"Okay, now the fun part."Tori gave Brett a very seductive look and Brett stopped laughing immediately.

"What do you have in mind?"Brett's body was already burning from Tori's touch.Anymore and she was sure she would spontaneously combust.

Tori pulled Brett's body down the bed leaving her legs dangling off the bed.Tori spread Brett's legs and stepped between them.Her pelvis met Brett's center and Tori began to sway her hips sensually against Brett's hot need. 

"You know Brett, while I was in L.A. I picked up a few things."Tori continued her dance against Brett.She had never felt so turned on in her whole life.

"Really?What might those things be?" Brett sat up and captured one of Tori's nipples between her teeth.

Tori saw stars from the effect of Brett's mouth on her.

"Well, why don't you have a look?"Tori waited for Brett to release her hostage.

Brett gave her an excited, yet inquisitive look.Tori walked around to the right side of the bed picked up the bag that she had hidden there and walked back.She winked at Brett and placed the bag beside her on the bed.

Brett dipped into the bag excitedly as she took in the various toys.

"Oh are just too good to be true."Brett pulled Tori's head down for an earth-rocking kiss, searing both of them right to the core.

Tori swayed trying to keep her balance as she shook her head to get back her equilibrium.

"You keep kissing me like that and I'll give you an unlimited credit card to Toys R' Us.What you do to me."Tori bent over to whisper in Brett's ear."So my little minx, you see anything that you like?"

A coy smile came to Brett's face and with a twinkle in her eye she looked at her lover.

"Oh I see a little something I might like."Brett looked into the bag again."Well maybe not so little."Brett licked her lips and her eyes widened in anticipation of what Tori had in mind for the rest of the night.

"So where would you like to start?"Tori waited for Brett to take the lead.She wanted Brett to enjoy their exploration of each other, giving her a safe environment to experience all of her desires.

"How 'bout right here?"Brett laid back and brought Tori down on top of her.

They spent the next hours savoring their connection leaving no desire unturned.Tori's bag of goodies lay empty on the floor and various items lay scattered around the bed.As the first flickers of light began to filter through the blinds, the two lovers finally succumbed to exhaustion.Sated and satisfied, the two would not wake until the sun was well into the sky.

TO BE CONTINUED.Installment Eight

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