Among the Stars

by Psyche_B

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Accessory alert.  This is basically another of those plot? what plot chapters.  If this makes you uncomfortable please skip to the next part.


    Arm in arm, Kate and Anya walked slowly back to their quarters after spending almost two hours visiting with Kacey in Sick Bay.  They left when it became evident Kacey was struggling to stay awake.  A struggle that she was losing. 

     Natalia remained behind. She promised she would not stay long.  Kate still worried about the younger woman.  True, she was getting more rest now that Kacey was recovering, but was it enough.  Natalia was the first to arrive in Kacey's room and the last to leave each day.

     The girls ran ahead of their mothers as they raced each other for the lift.  They would not normally be allowed to run in the corridors on the ship.  They had been very good while they visited their aunt.   The two bundles of endless energy sometimes made their mothers tired from just watching them.  They were not trouble makers, but they were children who could and did get into trouble.  Anya kept a tight rein on their exuberance.  Not enough to kill their spirit, but enough for them to learn that there were things that would not be allowed.

     Anya was strict and would tolerate just so much before she put a halt to what ever they were doing.  She usually only had to speak to them once.  Kate was more lenient with them.   But Anya had her trained as well as the girls.  Kate would never go against Anya when it came to the girls.  All it took, the one and only time she did, was for Anya to look at her with that force ten glare.  Kate never did it again.  They showed a united front when it came to their children.

     The girls were put to bed shortly after they returned to their quarters.  Their mothers relaxed while they waited for silence from the girl's room.  They had soft music playing in the background and the lights were turned down low.  Both had taken off their over tunics and were in their under shells.

     Anya leaned back against the arm of the couch.  Kate lay with eyes closed on Anya's chest.  She listened to the strong heart beat under her ear.  Anya held Kate as she tenderly massaged Kate's back.

     "Falling asleep, my Kate?"

     "Not at all darling.  I was just thinking how good Kacey looked tonight."

     "She did.  I believe she is well on her way to making a full recovery."  She felt Kate take a shuddering breath.  "What is wrong Kate?"

     "I just thought about how close we came to losing her.  So very close.   If she had not come back from this, I..."

     "But she did Kate.  She did.  What ifs at this point are useless.  It did not happen."  Kate sniffed.

     They listened to the girls chatter.  "Which of our girls will be the protector?"  Kate asked.

     "That would be a hard guess.  It could be Erica because she is a few minutes older, but Erin is a little more self assured.  I hope they learn to protect each other."  Anya said.

     They listened to the music for a short time.  "Is that the disc Kacey made for our anniversary?"

     "It is."  Anya whispered, her breath tickling Kate's ear as she bent down to kiss her head. They relaxed in silence as the music played.  The sounds of their girls tapered off until only the music was heard. 

     "I have often wondered what life would be like if she had chose one of the symphony invitations instead of staying with the Marines."

      "The only thing I am wondering about is now that the girls are asleep, why are we still here on the couch  talking instead of our bed making better use of our time?"  Anya said very softly which caused a shiver to run down Kate's spine and the tingle of anticipation.

     "You are so right, my love."  Kate stood up and held her hand out to Anya.  They left the music playing as they walked into their bedroom.  Anya kissed Kate as she closed the door with her foot.

     Anya pulled Kate's shell over her head and one handed undid the clasp to her bra.  She pulled the straps slowly down Kate's arms, lowering her head to take one hardening tip into her mouth.  She pushed Kate's trousers down past her slim hips until gravity took them to the floor.  Kate felt her knees grow week as Anya kept up the gentle suction.

     "That feels so good."   Kate said as Anya moved to the other breast.  Kate felt that if Anya arms were not holding her,  she would soon be on the floor.  Anya stopped and picked Kate up to place her gently on the bed.  Anya knelt beside Kate and continued to pay homage to Kate's breasts.  Kate tugged at Anya's shell.  Anya stopped and got off the bed.  She went to the foot of the bed to remove Kate's shoes and pants before she started to undress.

     Anya released her hair and let it fall soft upon her shoulders before she removed her shell.  She kicked off her shoes and slowly removed her trousers.  She stood before Kate clad only in her underwear.  Kate's grey eyes were smoky with desire.  She reached for Anya only to have her hands gently slapped away.  Anya released the clasp on her bra and release the twin globes that Kate loved to touch.  Kate realized Anya wore the special underwear they had bought before they left Earth.  The underwear had little silver snaps on the sides, that made removing them very erotic.

    Kate smiled when Anya undid the snaps and let the thin material fall to the floor.  Her smile grew when Anya joined her on the bed.   Anya kissed her passionately as her hands teased Kate's nipples into hardness.  As their tongues danced, Kate reached out to touch Anya's breasts, only to have her hands gently slapped away again.  Anya broke off the kiss and teasing Kate's breast long enough to take Kate's hands and place them on the top of the head board.

     "You may not remove you hands from here Kate.  If you do I shall stop.  Understand?"  Anya whispered in Kate's ear.  Kate swallowed hard and nodded.   They had toys that they sometimes used, not because their love life was lacking in any way.  Once in awhile they felt adventurous.

     "Close your eyes, Kate"  Anya ordered. Kate complied.  "Keep them closed.   You may be Captain of this ship, but tonight I am your Commanding Officer.

     Kate felt Anya leave the bed and frowned until she head the drawer open.  She heard Anya remove items from the drawer and had to force herself not to take a peek.  Her breathing increased in anticipation.  She felt the blindfold as it was put over her eyes.  "Just in case you decided to peek"  Anya said soft in her ear.  The warm breath tickling her.  Kate heard liquid as it was poured into a bowl and items placed in the liquid.

     Kate could feel herself getting wet just listening to what Anya was doing.  She did not need to see what Anya was doing to get aroused.  Kate heard Anya come back to the bed.  She felt Anya grasp her legs and bend her knees.  " Raise up Kate."  Kate pushed her heels into the mattress and raised her bottom.  She felt the pillow as it was placed under her.  "Kate listen to me.  Relax, you must relax."

     Kate took a deep breath and relaxed as much as she could.  She heard the sound of gloves being snapped on.  Kate thought, that can only mean one thing, as she tried to relax further.  Anya watched for the signs that Kate was relaxing.

     Anya dipped her gloved finger into the liquid and brought it to the small puckered opening.  She massaged the area.  Anya slowly entered the opening and felt Kate start to tense up at the intrusion.  "Relax Kate,"  Anya said softly.  "Relax"  Anya felt the muscles relaxing as she continued to slowly insert her finger into the tight opening.  "That's it, relax"  Anya moved her finger in and out slowly gradually opening the muscle.  When she judged Kate to be open enough, she picked up the spheres from the liquid and placed the first one near her finger.  As she removed her finger, she pushed the first sphere in before the muscle could tighten again.  There were seven spheres of increasing size connected by a cord.  Anya pushed the spheres so that one by one they entered Kate.  As the last one was inserted all Kate could say was, "Oh".  She felt the vibrations as Anya turned the spheres on.  Kate heard Anya remove the gloves and throw them away.  Then there was no sounds except for the music that still played softly.  The only sensation was the vibrations from the spheres.  Kate licked her lips that were suddenly very dry.  Suddenly there was straw in her mouth.  She sucked greedily and was rewarded with cold water.

     The straw was removed and her mouth was covered by Anya's in a searing kiss that left Kate breathless.  Then she was gone again.  Kate whimpered in frustration.  She heard Anya chuckle and pouted.

     "A pout no matter how cute it is will not work tonight, Kate.  I told you I am in charge."

     Kate listened intently but could not place where Anya was in the room.  She could not even hear her breathing.  Until she felt Anya teasing her nipples into stiff peaks.  She felt the tight constriction as the clamps were attached to the harden tips.  She moaned in excitement.

     "How are you doing, my Kate?'  Anya asked and licked Kate's earlobe which caused her to shiver and in turn made the clamps tighter.  Anya kissed her again then brushed her lips over the clamps which caused Kate to gasp.

     "Please Anya."  Kate begged.

     "Not yet my Kate.  I am not ready to give you release yet."

     Kate knew from past experience that Anya could delay her release for a long time no matter how much Kate begged.  Kate felt Anya's hand trailing down her stomach to her center.  Anya avoided touching the pearl and entered Kate.  Kate was filled.  She could feel Anya's fingers against the spheres that were vibrating inside her.

     Kate had a death grip on the head board.  Her breath coming in short pants.  She had no idea how long Anya kept her in a state of arousal so profound, yet still denied her release.  Every fiber of her being was zeroed in on what Anya was doing to her.

     Finally, finally Kate felt Anya's mouth cover her clit and take it into her mouth.  She had barely touched it when Kate felt the tremors start.  Slowly at first then the explosion as Kate climaxed.  Anya removed her fingers and pulled on the ring to  remove the spheres.  Anya did not release the nub as Kate gained control of her breathing.  Anya took her over again.  She let Kate come back down and moved up to Kate's side where she removed the clamps.  Then she removed the blindfold.

     "You can remove your hands now Kate and open your eyes."

     "Darling that was incredible.  If I still smoked I would light up a cigarette right now."  Kate joked.

     "Do not ever joke about that Kate."  Anya told her.

     "I am sorry darling, but that was so mind  blowing fantastic.  I don't know how I can compete with that tonight."

     "A competition is not necessary Kate."  Anya said and took Kate in her arms.

     "Give me a few minutes and I will try to do justice to  loving you."

     "Take your time Kate.  I am not going anywhere."


To be continued...

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