Among the Stars

by Psyche_B

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Accessory alert.  This is basically another of those plot? what plot chapters.  If this makes you uncomfortable please skip to the next part.


  For the first time in several days, Kacey woke refreshed. With that, came the restless, wanting to leave Sick Bay feelings. She doubted it would be today, as she had yet to be allowed out of bed. She felt antsy and wanted a hot shower. Sponge baths even with Natalia giving them, just were not the same.
"Good morning." Natalia said from the doorway.
"Good morning beautiful." Kacey said with a smile. "Come over here please?"

"I don't know. What is over there that is not over here? Natalia asked.

"I am over here."
"That is very true. But I am not sure. Are you the one my mother used to warn me about? The one who is after my virtue?"
"That would be me." Kacey answered.
"I will come over there on one condition."

"And that is?"
"That you behave yourself."
"I am so bloody tired of being good. Lets be naughty together."
"As much as I would love to be naughty with you, that is not a good idea right now."
"Your mother is out here talking to the Doctor. She has your breakfast tray."
"Damn it. Can I at least get a good morning kiss?"
Natalia walked to the bed and kissed Kacey. They were soon lost in the sensation They broke apart when they heard a discreet cough from the door way. "Wish I could lock that damn door" Kacey whispered.
Patricia carried a tray into the room. She placed it on the bed table and wheeled it over the bed. She raised the head of the bed so Kacey could eat.
"Is it chicken or beef broth this morning?"
"Neither. You have oatmeal and raisin toast. If you are able to eat everything, you can have a cup of coffee."
"Coffee?" Kacey perked up at the mention of her favorite beverage.
"That is if you eat everything." Patricia reminded her. Kacey picked up the spoon and began to eat. She liked oatmeal, especially the way her mother made it. She put in chunks of fruit. Her mother could make anything taste good. Well almost anything. No one could make milk taste good to her. Kacey was glad the portions were small. After almost two weeks of getting her nutrition from an I.V bag or clear liquids, she filled up quickly. She barely was able to finish eating. Patricia handed her a cup of coffee.
"Thank you mom. That was very good."
"You are welcome ." Patricia moved the table away from the bed.
Doctor McCloud walked into the room. She checked the empty bowl. "Colonel, how are you feeling this morning?"
"A lot better Doc, now that I have my coffee and something other than herbal tea and broth. I would really love to get out of this bed."

"So do it." The doctor said.
"Really?" Kacey asked.
"Really, but you need to take it really slow, and tell me when you feel light headed." She pulled down the blankets and grasped Kacey's ankles. She pulled them until they were over the edge of the bed. "Mrs. O'Malley, would you take her right arm, I will take the left. Colonel, put your hands here on our upper arms. We will get this lay about out of bed for a short time." They pulled Kacey slowly into a sitting position.
"Whoa." Kacey said, as the change of position caused her to become lightheaded. If her mother and Doctor were not holding her, she was sure she would be face first on the floor.

"Yeah." Kacey responded.

"Sit here until it passes. Take slow deep breaths."
Kacey sat on the edge and waited for the light headedness to pass. Eventually it faded.
"Yeah. I thought the field was bad"
"Ready for the next part?"
"Lets do it Doc."
"Natalia will you push that chair over here please." Dr. McCloud asked.
Natalia pushed the chair from the door closer to the bed. She knelt down to put slippers on Kacey feet. Kate watched from the door.
"All right Colonel. Nice and slow. Put your feet flat on the floor"
Kacey followed the directions. Patricia and the Doctor stood up and pulled Kacey upright. She swayed. Kate started to go help, but stopped when Kacey pulled herself upright."
We are going to take a few steps to that chair. Take your time. This is not a race. Ready?"."
"Ready Doc". The three women walked slowly to the waiting chair. They had a tight grip on Kacey's arms and made it safely to the chair. Kacey turned and sat down.

She breathed a sigh of relief. "How the hell did I get so out of shape so fast?"
"Laying in bed for two weeks will do that to you. You will be able to get back into shape as soon as your are able to be up and about.

"When will I be able to get out of here Doc?"

"How about that. She is up for two minutes and she wants to leave us." Dr. McCloud said with a smile. "Once you leave here we can start our next pool on how long it will take you to be our guest again. The last pool was over a thousand credits."


To be continued...

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