So Far From Home

by Psyche_B

Year three in the Voyage of Andromeda.  The adventure that started in  Among the Stars, and Beyond the Farthest Planet continues in Far From Home.

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                                        CHAPTER 14 A

    The journey down the corridor took just a few seconds.  Kate rang the bell to their parents quarters.  Liam opened the door.

  "Come in lasses.  Your mother is not quite ready."

  "Where are the squeakers?"  Kacey asked.

  "In with your mother.  She told me to be sending Katie and Anya into the bedroom."

  "Me?"  Kate asked. "Are you sure she said me?"

  "Aye, Katie.  I was asking her that me self."

  Kate shrugged and followed Anya to the closed bedroom door.  Anya knocked.  The door opened and they entered.  The door closed behind them.  Minutes later the door reopened.  Kate carried Caitlyn who wore the a miniature version of the dress Natalia wore.  Anya carried Patrick who wore the same outfit as Kacey.

  Natalia went to Kate.  "How did you managed to get their outfits.  They are perfect."

  "I agree.  Mom these are unbelievable."

  "I can not give away all my secrets."  Patricia stated.

  "Hey little buddy.  You are very handsome.  Caitlyn my little girl, you are beautiful.  Talia is right mom, these are perfect."

  "Come over here everyone.  We have time for a wee drink before we leave."  He handed them each a drink.  "Happy birthday lass."  He said and raised his glass.  The family all toasted Kacey.  "Now we need to be going."  He said and placed his glass on the table.  Kacey went to take Patrick.

  "Not so fast, Kacey."  Kate pulled her away.  "The children are fine in their stroller."  She opened the bag she carried and pulled out a blindfold that she handed to Kacey.  "Put that on."

  "What the Hell for?"

  "Just do it."  Kate ordered.

  She looked around at her family who all looked away.  "I need to know why."

  "Kacey just do it."  Patricia said.

  Kacey sighed and grabbed the blindfold and slipped it over her eyes.  "Now can we go to dinner?"

  "Not yet.  I am going to touch your head.  Do not slug me."  Anya stated as she took the headphones from Kate.  She slipped them over Kacey's head just behind her ears.  "I will move them into place shortly.  You need to hear further instructions."

  "Yeah yeah, yeah.  Just try not to steer me into any walls.  I have enough bruises."  Kacey complained.

  "Just relax and keep quiet."  Kate said.

  Kate and Anya each took an arm as they led Kacey into the corridor and to the lift.

  "I am going to cover your ears now."  Anya told her.

  "If I walk into a wall, I will kick both your asses."  Kacey said.  She felt the earphones cover her ears.  Now she was deaf as well as blind.  She had no choice but to trust Kate and Anya to keep her away from any obstacles.  "Okay I am in the lift."  She thought as she felt the lift move.  She could not hear the floor bell ring.  Seconds later the lift stopped and they were moving again.  They did not go far when she felt the earphones removed.  The blindfold was still in place.  She could hear the sounds of many people breathing.

  "You can remove the blindfold now."  Anya said.

  Kacey reached up to remove the blindfold.  "SURPRISE"  A hundred voices shouted.

  She jumped and a smile split her face.  "You really got me."  She leaned over to Kate.  "Just remember, paybacks are a bitch."

  "If memory serves me, this is paybacks for what you did to me."

  Kacey pulled Natalia close.  "What happened to family and a close friends?"

  "Can you say that we are not family and friends?"

  "You have a point.  Thank you all."

  "Do not be thanking us yet, lass.  There are a few more surprises to be showing ye.  Come sit down.  We have a little video for ye."

  They took their seats facing the video screen.  Servers placed drinks in front of them.  The room darkened, music started playing softly.  Kate's voice began to speak over the music.

  "The date eleven November 2148.  The time eighteen hundred hours.  The East Coast of the United States was waiting for Hurricane Gregory to hit land.  The day started out rainy and winds were whipping the trees around.  Before Hurricane Gregory could hit, another force of Nature arrived."  The screen showed a video of a newborn infant fist waving in outrage as she cried. Spiked black hair framed the redden face.  Kate's voice continued.  "Eight pounds fifteen ounces and twenty one inches of total screaming fury was born."

  Kacey was grateful for the darkened room to hide the blush from her face.  "A restless bundle of energy named Kirsten Campbell O'Malley.  A strong name for a child as long as her name.  A name that was quickly shortened to Kacey.  At an early age she showed her athletic prowess."  The video changed to a smiling child who batted at floating objects above her.  "An exhibitionist from an early age."  The scene changed to a nude baby laying on a white fur rug, smiling at the person holding the camera.

  Natalia leaned over and whispered.  "The backside has not changed at all."  Kacey chuckled.

  The video changed to a laughing little girl in a light blue dress that flared out from the layers of petticoats and pale blue shoes.  The child smiled as she held the finger of the man who helped her walked.  Her giggles could be heard as well as Liam's encouraging words.  "What none of us knew at the time was that first step was just the beginning of the force of nature Kacey would become."

  "Is that the last time you have worn a dress?"  Natalia asked.

  "It could be.  Mom learned that the quickest way to have me streaking about the house naked was to put a dress on me."  Kacey answered.

  Kate cleared her throat to get their attention.  The video turned to a child on a tricycle.  "Soon walking or running were not fast enough, along came a tricycle.  A energetic puppy followed Kacey as they tore around the yard.  "Soon three wheels led to two."  The video changed again to a slightly older child clad in jeans tee shirt and sneakers perched on the seat of a bicycle while Liam steadied her and ran alongside and Kacey pedaled.  He let go and she was off.  "Soon the neighborhood was under friendly fire from Hurricane Kacey and her loyal sidekick Bear."  The room erupted in laughter.  Even Kacey laughed.

  "The neighborhood was under constant attack from us."  Kacey whispered.

  "For a short time, two wheels were fast enough until..."  The video changed to a five year old Kacey perched in front of Liam in the saddle of the back of a large black horse.  Her childish giggles could be heard.  She banged her small feet against the sides of the large horse.

  "Go daddy."  She called to him.

  "Hold tight lassie."  Liam said as she nudged the horse forward.  Soon they were galloping across the field.

  "Life can not be all fun and games and soon it was time for the first day of school."  The video showed Kacey with a backpack waving at her parents as she walked in school for the first time.  "School also meant pictures."  The next shot was a still of the serious looking child in braids who looked bored at having to sit still.

  "Why were you so serious?"  Natalia asked.

  "I was probably bored.  I hated sitting still for any reason."

  "That has not changed at all."

  Kate clear her throat again and looked at them.  "Then came first grade and the start of a musical education."  The next picture of Kacey with her first violin.  "For a short time each day, Hurricane Kacey was downgraded to a tropical storm.  A love affair was started that day.  Throughout school, academically, athletically, and musically Kacey excelled."  Pictured flashed across the screen to show Kacey as she slowly aged and included pictures of her on her horse and playing her violin.  "High school started.  Equestrian champion three of four years.  I still say the judges were wrong in their scoring that one year."  Kacey laughed.  "Named to the All City Symphony orchestra, straight A student, National Honor Society, Class Valedictorian."  Pictures of Kacey on her horse surrounded by trophies and awards, of her playing with the symphony and standing in her cap and gown at graduation as she gave the valedictory address.  Her black hair blended with the black mortarboard.

  "First day of basic training before starting the Marine Academy."  The next picture showed Kacey in regular clothes with a duffle bag as she waited in line for her turn in the barber chair.  "Then six weeks later, her long hair gone, dressed in her formal uniform, she walked into our house.  Our mother took one look at the short hair and cried.  She immediately grounded Kacey until it grew back. I believe she is technically still grounded."  Everyone laughed.  "Life at the academy was full and demanding."  Pictures of Kacey on the dressage team, playing her violin with the Marine symphony, studying in the library, on their survival trip which ended with a very tired, muddied Kacey smiling at the camera.  Then to Kacey standing in her formal uniform as she delivered another Valedictory address in front of twenty five hundred graduates and thousands of family and friends.  Pictures of her in her Presidential Mounted Guard uniform as they rode in front of and behind the President.  Then pictures of her sitting in the cockpits of a dozen different fight craft.  The final pictures came on screen of Kacey and Natalia's wedding, followed by a family picture.

  "We could sit here for probably another week and go through all of Kacey's accomplishments, but that would waste a good party."  Everyone laughed.  She picked up the glass from the table next to her as the lights came back on.  "Ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses to celebrate Colonel Kirsten Campbell O'Malley's thirtieth birthday.  Little sister  the past thirty years have been a whirlwind.  Heaven help us if the next thirty are the same."  They laughed.  "It has been a pleasure and a trial at times to be your big sister.  I believe there will be a special section in the annals for Space History that will list all the arguments we have had on this journey."  Kate took a breath and continued.  "No matter what, it is an honor to be related to you.  You can drive me crazy at times, infuriate me at other times, but I am always proud of you little sister.  Happy birthday."  She raised her glass.  The guests did the same.

  Kacey accepted the sentiments as she walked to the stage where she joined Kate.  She surprised Kate when she threw her arms around the smaller woman in a tight hug.  "I love you too, Kate."  She said and released her.  Kacey walked to the microphone.  "I want to thank everyone for this party.  It was a complete surprise.  The video show was,"  She cleared her throat, "educational. I will have to work hard to top this, but I will try.  So Kate be afraid, be very afraid."  The crowd laughed.  "Seriously, I want to thank everyone for being here to help me celebrate my birthday.  It really means a lot to me.  There is just one more thing I would like to say.  Let's eat and GET THIS PARTY STARTED."  She stepped away from the microphone.  The guests cheered as the sisters left the stage.


                                         CHAPTER 14 B

    The children fell asleep during the party, despite all the noise the adults made.  Kacey and Natalia walked back to their quarters after the festivities had ended.  Kacey pushed the stroller with Natalia's hand through her arm as walked down the corridor.  Natalia smiled as she thought of the birthday present she had yet to give Kacey.

  They changed their children into their pajamas and lay them in their cribs.  With their arms around each other they watched their children sleep.

    "The party was great, but this is the best present I have ever received in my entire life."  Kacey said.

    "You still have one more present to unwrap."  Natalia told her.

    "Do I need to put the blindfold back on?"

    "You know that is not a bad idea now that you have volunteered."

    "I did not volunteer.  I asked a question.  That is not volunteering."

    "Do you trust me?"

    "Of course."

    "Then while I am getting your present ready, you can get undressed.  I will not make you use the blindfold on if you promise to close your eyes and keep them closed until I say you can open them."

    "I promise."

    "Give me one minute to get what I need, then go into the bedroom and get ready for bed."  Natalia kissed her cheek and left the nursery.

  Kacey watched the babies sleep and she mentally counted off the required minute.  She turned on the baby monitor, shut off the nursery light and went into their bedroom.

  She removed her new outfit and folded it on the chair for later cleaning.  She waited with her eyes closed.  Kacey heard the bathroom door open.  She felt her heart eat speed up in anticipation.

  "You can open your eyes now."  Natalia said softly.

  Kacey opened her eyes.  She smiled when she looked at Natalia.  Whipped cream covered both breasts and a small triangle below her navel.  Kacey swallowed hard.

  "Sweetheart you are extremely beautiful."

  "It is not a full bikini, but I did not think you would mind."

  "Not at all."  Kacey watched Natalia walked slowly towards her.  She leaned down and kissed Natalia.  Their tongues danced.  She bent further to lick the whipped cream off one breast until just the nipple remained covered.  She moved to the other breast and did the same.  Natalia felt her knees grow weak.  Kacey bent to pick her up but was stopped.

  "You are not allowed to pick me up."

  "Then let me see what I can do before we lay down."  Kacey knelt on the floor and started at Natalia's navel and kissed her way until she reached the whipped cream.  Natalia stood with her eyes closed and placed her hands on Kacey's shoulders for support as Kacey teased her while she very slowly licked at the whipped cream.  By the time she was finished, Natalia's legs were rubbery with desire. 

  Kacey stood and led her to the bed.  They lay next to each other.  Their lips met in a kiss that left them both breathless.  Kacey trailed kissed down Natalia's throat to capture one still covered tip in her mouth.  She licked off the remaining whipped cream and moved to the other breast until both were clean.  She nipped the sensitive tip before flicking her tongue rapidly over the hardening nipple.  Natalia hummed in excitement and excitement.  Kacey hand slowly moved down until she reached the soft down.  She moved from one breast to the other as her hand continued to travel down.  Her lips followed her hand.  She spent several minutes making sure all the whipped cream was gone.  Her hand moved slowly over the hardened clit and slowly entered Natalia.  She returned to the breast and lavished her attention on the twin globes while her hand slowly worked it's way into the moist center.

  Kacey moved until she was kneeling between Natalia's legs.  Her hand continued to stroke the soft walls.  She lay down and licked the hardened nub several times.  She felt Natalia responding.  Kacey withdrew her fingers and inserted her pinky and moved it around until it was liberally coated.  She moved her little finger down to the smaller opening and slowly massaged the area to relax the muscle before she slowly pushed her finger in.  She felt Natalia tense.

  "Relax sweetheart."  Kacey felt the muscle relaxed and pushed her finger into the tight opening.  She withdrew a short ways before pushing in again.  After a few seconds, Kacey felt Natalia responding.  She brought fingers up and entered both openings.  She slowly worked her hand.  Natalia's hips moved in tandem with Kacey's hand.  Kacey increased the pace and leaned down to pass her tongue over the reddened nub.  She felt Natalia respond to the triple assault and increased the pace of her hand and tongue.  Natalia quickly reached her peak and with a cry happily let Kacey take her over.  Kacey guided her through the powerful climax and as the spasms slowed sent her over again.  She stilled her hand and tongue and waited for the subtle shift to tell her it was all right to move.

  When Natalia moved, Kacey withdrew her hand and slowly moved up Natalia's body.  She licked the still sensitive clit once move which made Natalia jump, before she continued until they lay together.  She took Natalia in her arms and kissed her.

  "Did you like your birthday present?"  Natalia asked when the kissed ended.

  "That was the absolute best gift I received today.  You my love are incredible.  I love you."

  "I love you too.  Give me a minute or two until all the bones return to my body and I will try to make you feel as loved as you just made me feel."

  "My heart, I am not going anywhere.  You take all the time you need."  Kacey replied.

To be continued...


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