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Lord Conqueror of the Realm

Written by WarriorJudge


Part 15

"Your Majesty, Sir Perous is asking for an audience with you," the Queen's lady in waiting Satirna announced.

"I will see him," Queen Gabrielle proclaimed.

The doors to her chambers were opened and Perous entered and bowed before.

"Your Majesty."

"How is your son, sir?" the Queen inquired.

"He is doing very well, Majesty. Pardon my belated expression of gratitude, but I wish to seize this opportunity and thank your Majesty now for saving my son's life," he said.

"You are welcome, and I'm pleased to learn that he is doing well, sir."

"As your Majesty must know, I have fallen out of the Lord Conqueror's good graces, and I was hoping your Majesty could assist me in this matter, and appeal to the Lord Conqueror on my behalf," he requested .

"May I ask, sir, what was the cause for the dispute between my Lord and yourself?"

"Majesty, it was nothing more than a trifle political matter," he answered with no hesitation. "May I add, that I would be most grateful to your Majesty and in return for your Majesty's benevolence, I would help to bridge the gap between your Majesty and the Realm's nobility and offer my good and honest advice."

"I will consider your request, sir, and will inform you of my decision in due time," Queen Gabrielle stated before he bowed before her and left her presence.

After the doors were closed behind him, the Queen turned to one of her ladies in waiting. "Have the ambassador of Chin, Sing-Xian, brought to me," she requested.

A short while later, an old bearded oriental man entered the Queen's chambers and bowed before her.

"Your Majesty," he offered with respect.

"Your Excellency," the Queen replied in kind, rising to her feet to shake his hand. "How is your dear Mistress?" she asked.

"Her Majesty Princess Lao-Ling is doing exceedingly well, and wishes to convey her deepest regards to your Majesty," his words were heartfelt.

"Please tell the Princess I wish my dear sister good health and all the happiness in the world," the Queen returned the sentiments with true heart and went back to her seat. She invited the ambassador to sit as well, then signaled one of her ladies to pour a steaming cup of tea for her guest.

"How may I assist your Majesty?" the elderly ambassador asked.

"What are your thoughts regarding Nobleman Perous?" the Queen inquired.

"May I ask the reason for your Majesty's inquiry?"

"He appeared before me a short while ago asking me to plea with the Lord Conqueror on his behalf," she raised her cup and brought it to her lips.

"And you sought my advice. That tells me that you have reasons to suspect his motives," the wise ambassador said and brushed his fingers through his long whitening beard.

"Nothing substantial, Excellency. I didn't care for the way he presented his matter. He began by thank me for saving his son's life about seven winters ago. I thought it to be of poor character that he didn't find it elementary to thank me for it when I was a servant. I also didn't like it when immediately after he had presented his request he informed me of what he could offer me in return," the Queen replied and laid down her cup onto the small table to her side.

"You were wise to consult me, your Majesty, and wise to suspect him," the ambassador nodded his head then leaned back into his upholstered seat.

"It was the priceless advise your great Mistress had given me before my marriage to my Lord, for which I am most grateful."

"I shall tell her your Majesty said so. Princess Lao-Ling would be pleased, I'm sure."

"Did Nobleman Perous tell you the reason for his fall from the Conqueror's graces?" he continued.

"He was less than forthcoming in this regard as well," the Queen recalled.

"I am sorry to tell you, Majesty, that the Lord Conqueror stripped him of his station and wealth because of the stand he took regarding your marriage to the Conqueror."

The Queen raised an eyebrow in surprise.

The ambassador continued, "After Princess Lao-Ling had suggested a marriage between herself and the Lord Conqueror, a meeting was held in the Great Hall. The noblemen of the Realm urged and pleaded with the Conqueror to marry my Mistress, but the Conqueror refused. My informant told me that Nobleman Perous had expressed his stance regarding your Majesty."

The Queen didn't expect this answer. To be sure, she didn't think that the Conqueror had stripped Perous of his station merely for some insignificant incident that might have taken place between them, but rather something more substantial than that, but she couldn't believe it had anything to do with her, nor could she believe that the Conqueror would punish someone so severely simply for having a disagreeable opinion of her.

"What did Nobleman Perous say?" the Queen inquired.

"I don't wish to cause your Majesty any unpleasantness," he tried to spare the Queen from Perous' humiliating words.

"I need to know, Excellency."

"Please forgive me for what I am about to say, but he said that your Majesty would forever remain in his eyes as nothing more than a body slave of low breeding . The Lord Conqueror punished him right after that."

That bit of information pleased the Queen. She so longed to further ask the ambassador about what else had taken place at that meeting, especially what her Lord had said and done, but she held her tongue. Matters between the Conqueror and her were private; moreover, she did not wish to put the ambassador in an uncomfortable position. "I don't understand his logic. What possessed Nobleman Perous to approach me of all people and ask for my help with my Lord?"

"He was operating under the assumption that none of the noblemen who attended the meeting would reveal this information to you, and that the Lord Conqueror wouldn't either so as to spare your Majesty's feelings. He surmised that when you'd have spoken to the Conqueror on his behalf, the Conqueror would assume you had forgiven him without raising the specifics of his previous slight against you."

"May I ask how you know what has taken place during that meeting?"

"With respect, I would prefer to keep the identity of my informant unknown. It is for the best, your Majesty."

"Of course, Excellency."

"Majesty, I should tell you that Nobleman Perous has a second plan already in progress should going through you fails. I have it on good authority that he is currently trying to raise a fortune and an army, not too successfully, I might add."

"This is disturbing," the Queen said. She abhorred the notion that her Lord might be taken away from her by yet another war.

"Thank you very much, Excellency. You have been a great help to me," the Queen said. "Be sure to extend my gratitude to my sister, Princess Lao-Ling."

"I will," he promised and stood to bow before the Queen of the Realm. "Your Majesty," he said before leaving her chambers.

Meanwhile, in the Great Hall, the Conqueror was sitting on her throne and was engaged in a meeting with her council of noblemen.

"Is there anything else, noblemen?" the Conqueror hoped there wouldn't be, for she longed to return to her Queen.

"I am sorry to present your Majesty with this matter yet again," said nobleman Antonious.

"What is it?" the Conqueror was intolerant.

"It has been three moons since your Majesty's marriage to Queen Gabrielle and we have yet to hear any news regarding your Majesty's succession."

The Conqueror maintained her stoic exterior but inwardly she could feel her wrath brewing. "You will hear news on this matter when I'll have news to relay," the Conqueror said and she made her way to vacate the Great Hall and passed by the bowing noblemen.

As she made her way to the Queen's chambers, the Conqueror revisited the subject of children, which had been occupying her thoughts for quite some time. There was no way around it, it seemed. She understood the issue of her succession was crucial for the maintaining of peace in the Realm. The Conqueror was aware of the noblemen's agenda. They needed an assurance that a powerful Sovereign would continue to rule the Realm should the Conqueror, for some reason such as death or illness, would be indisposed or absent. And what better ruler than the one she'd breed and train?

The Conqueror had yet to present the Queen with the matter for she hasn't made up her mind regarding the best strategy to go about it. She considered her brother Toris to be the most excellent candidate to impregnate the Queen, but the thought of having someone else touching the Queen that way would flood her with unsurpassed fury and jealously.

"The Lord Conqueror," one of the Queen's lady in waiting announced as the Conqueror entered the Queen's chambers.

"Your Majesty," the ladies murmured and curtsied.

"My Lady," the Conqueror addressed the Queen and bowed.

"My Lord," the Queen greeted and curtsied. The fact that the Queen's curtsy was the deepest, the lowest and the most meticulous of all the other ladies' curtsies was not lost on the Conqueror.

"You may leave us," the Queen said to her ladies.

When they were left alone, the Conqueror offered her arm to the Queen, which the latter gladly took and they sauntered together back to the Imperial suite.

"It seems you've had a long day, my Lady," the Conqueror said with a caressing voice.

"So have you, my Lord," the Queen replied. "And if I may…"

"You may," said the Conqueror, opening the doors to the Imperial chambers and guiding her Queen inside.

"I don't wish to trouble my Lord, but since our glorious wedding we've hardly had time…"

"A respite away from the palace is needed," the Conqueror suggested with a questioning tone and glided her fingers over the Queen's golden hair she adored immensely.

"Yes, if it does not inconvenience you, my Lord," the Queen answered.

"I agree and it does not inconvenience me. I know a charming little lake between the palace and Athens , about a candle-mark' ride away. I shall take you there tomorrow morning. How do you like fishing, my Lady?"

"I don't know, my Lord, I've never had the pleasure," Gabrielle chuckled in bright spirit courtesy of the Conqueror's promise for some time alone.

"Then I shall teach you, my Lady. We shall leave tomorrow at daybreak on horseback, just you and I, dressed as commoners with none of the symbols of our station so that we won't be bothered on the road."

"May we visit Athens ? I've never been there and I wish to see its markets and its streets."

"I will do you one better. We shall spend the night in one of the fanciest taverns," the Conqueror cherished the look of joy on the Queen's face.

"Thank you, my Lord," said the Queen as she readied herself for bed, brushing her golden hair stroke after stroke. She then turned to the Conqueror, who was already reclining in their bed.

"Perous came to see me today, my Lord," the Queen said and hoped the subject wouldn't ruin their evening or their little trip tomorrow.

The Conqueror shot up to a sitting position and watched the Queen while she lavished her skin with scented oils.

"What did he want?" the Conqueror asked.

Never neglecting her feminine pampering ceremony to her figure, the Queen told her Lord about the conversations she had had with Perous and with the ambassador Sing-Xian in great detail. When she was done, the Conqueror invited her to join her in bed.

"How much of what happened in that meeting I held with the council of noblemen before our wedding do you know?" the Conqueror asked.

"Just what Perous said and the punishment you've sanctioned, my Lord. I did not inquire any further," the young Queen answered and climbed into bed.

"I was already aware of the fact that Perous is trying to assemble a group of warriors, and I suspect he might not be acting alone. He was never much of a leader or a statesman. The only reason I gave him his position to begin with was his administrative talents."

"What would you have me tell him, my Lord?" the Queen asked and rested her head on the cool pillow.

"When we come back, tell him you'll appeal to me in his behalf. That ought to afford me enough time to look into the matter more closely."

"I shall, my Lord." The Queen seemed concerned for a brief moment but when she pensively gazed at her Lord, whose upper body was propped up against the pillows, she sensed there was no cause for alarm.

"You've managed the situation admirably well, my Lady," the Conqueror said and the Queen in response lowered her gaze with gratitude for her Lord's kind compliment.


At first light, when the sky was still bluish grey, the night's chill was still present and a fine layer of dew burdened the thicket of growth. The Conqueror and the Queen, disguised as commoners, crossed the palace's gates on horseback.

As they were passing by a small village on the way to the lake, the Conqueror and the Queen saw a small girl pointing at them and pulling at her mother's apron.

"Look mother, it's the Conqueror and the Queen," she exclaimed and knelt before them as they were passing her by.

The young girl's mother pulled her up to her feet by her blouse and admonished her, " Silly girl, the Lord Conqueror is taller and the Queen is prettier!"

A healthy laughter was released from the Conqueror and infected the Queen. "Did you hear that, Gabrielle? The Queen is prettier than you," the Conqueror teased.

"I have missed my name upon my Lord's lips, and my Lord's lips upon mine," the Queen replied earnestly .

The words she had spoken earned her a passionate kiss.

When they arrived at the lake, which was well hidden by a small forest off the main road, the Conqueror dismounted her mare and helped her Queen down. She then took out the fishing gear from the saddlebag and a basket packed with some provisions and a blanket.

The Queen took the basket and the blanket from the Conqueror, then spread the blanket on the ground under and prepared the site she had picked for a picnic, while the Conqueror started a small bonfire.

When everything was ready, the Conqueror and the Queen sat at the edge of the lake's bank and the former taught the latter how to fish, and disclosed all her best secrets for a successful fishing.

"It helps me clear my mind," the Conqueror divulged a personal detail to her wife.

"I can see the appeal, my Lord. It is so peaceful and quiet in here and the water and the small ripples have a soothing quality to them," the Queen concurred and looked around.

"Indeed. We must do this more often," the Conqueror said and threw the hook with the fresh bait back into the water.

"It would be my pleasure, my Lord."

The royal couple enjoyed the morning in each other's company, fishing privately without the weight of their statuses, without interruptions. The Queen even managed to catch a fish to her delight and sense of pride and the Conqueror helped her reel it in.

The Queen cooked their catch of the day in a frying-pan over the fire, and when they finished dining, they lay next to one another over the blanket Gabrielle had spread and listened to the sounds of nature around them, and the sun's warmth invading through the treetops.

The Queen couldn't remember when she had drifted off into light slumber, but the cutting sound of a whiplash startled her and her eyes flung open. She moved quickly to a sitting position. That's when she saw it. In front of her not ten feet away, a beast was glaring at her with its canines exposed. It growled at her.

"Don't move," the Queen heard her Lord's low and warning voice and at the corner of her eye, she saw the Conqueror standing still with her whip in her hand and two beasts standing close to her glaring at her perfectly still.

"These are wolves," the Conqueror said.

"My Lord is a lion," the Queen replied.

The Conqueror understood the true and full meaning of her wife's words. "They recognize me as the Alpha. They will attack me first," she said to calm her Queen, but the Queen was calm already, feeling safe and sound in her Lord's presence.

The Conqueror reached down slowly for the dagger tucked in her boot, keeping her glare fixated on the wolves, flexing her muscles and expanding her chest to make herself seem even bigger. She gripped the dagger's hilt in her hand and pulled it out, when both wolves pounced on her. In mid air she slit one of the wolves' throat and it plummeted dead to the ground. Its warm blood spattered over her, but the other one knocked her to the ground. She straggled with it, clasping its jaw shut with one hand and beating its side with her other fist whilst the beast tried clawing at her, until its lung collapsed and it wheezed and died as well. The Conqueror pushed its carcass off of her and rose back to her feet to face the third one guarding her Queen.

The Conqueror picked up the whip she had discarded earlier when the other two wolves had made their move on her. The remaining wolf walked slowly towards her. They held each other's glares. It tried to circle her but the Conqueror moved as well, never breaking her eye contact with her prey.

When the wolf finally pounced, the Conqueror swiftly moved behind it while wrapping her leather whip around the beast's neck. She howled a war cry then pulled hard on both ends of the whip, strangling the animal forcing it upwards to stand on its two rear legs.

The Queen watched her Lord with fascination, observing the tight muscles of her biceps bulging and the chiseled thighs from beneath the leather trousers.

The Conqueror held the wolf like this till she felt its life leaving it and its massive body stopping its straggling movements then going limp. Only then did she release it and let the cadaver fall to the ground.

The Conqueror wiped the wolf's blood off her chin with the back of her hand still holding the whip, and her eyes were predatory as she looked at her Queen.

Gabrielle scurried on all fours to the Conqueror raising a small cloud of dust from the quickness of her movements, and when at her Lord's feet she turned around and lifted up her backside like a feline in heat. She pushed up her dress and her hastened hands struggled with her undergarments.

"Rip them off," she snarled with a voice her Lord had never heard her use.

The Conqueror dropped to her knees behind the Queen and tore her undergarments with her bare hands.

The Queen purred when she felt the delicate fabric being ripped against her heated skin, exposing her buttocks to the fresh air. "Mount me, my Lord!" she urged the Conqueror, who watched what was being offered so passionately to her.

As she undid her trousers and pulled out her shaft, the Conqueror said with a rasping voice, "Wolves hunt in packs. These were just three. We seemed to have encroached on their territory. Soon more would come. We best be on our way."

"Not before you take me, my Lord," Gabrielle moaned and pushed her buttocks higher, showing her Lord her glistening opening.

The Conqueror, still holding the whip, began to slide its leathered handle against Gabrielle's wetness, moistening it, all the while wondering whether it was the danger or the sight of her killing the beasts to save their lives, which made her wife become so consumed with arousal. It was the latter.

She inserted the saturated whip handle into Gabrielle's anus and heard a guttural moan coming from beneath her. She began moving it slowly in and out of her wife, enjoying the young woman moving back and forth against her whip.

The Conqueror sent her free hand to her wife's sex and massaged the erect nub, feeling it getting harder and swollen against her fingers, and her own body began to demand pleasure. She left the whip handle inside her wife, almost making it look like she'd grown a tail, then possessively grabbed at her hips and introduced her length into the Queen's womanhood, while sinking her teeth into the Queen's nape.

They were like two animals mating in nature driven by primal needs and primitive instincts.

"I want you to bare me children," the Conqueror rasped while mounting her wife.

“I've been ever comfortable to your will and pleasure,” the Queen moaned, not the least bit surprised or astounded by her Lord's words. “ My body is yours,” she continued and unabashedly slammed her rear against her Lord's loins, marveling at the sensation of the Conqueror's naked chest pressing down against her back, “ and I will bare your children,” she said as she began to feel a shuddering climax hitting her sex like a lightning-bolt and curling her toes. From above her, she heard her Lord howling her release and she felt her Lord ejaculating her warm sex liquids all over her buttocks. Gabrielle loved the feeling of her Lord's release fluids dripping down her ass and sex, and tickling her skin. She reached behind and smeared the scented fluids all over her fleshy globes.

As soon as they were able they made their way to Athens . Enjoying their anonymity, the Conqueror and the Queen were free to cruise Athens ' streets and markets freely. The Conqueror was pleased to see her Queen being so excited, like a young child with her first toy, about the sights she had seen and the richness and the variety presented by the vendors. Close to sunset, the Conqueror brought her Queen to a fancy tavern near the city's center.

Sitting at a private table in the corner away from prying eyes they dined together, when the Queen suddenly felt her dress being moved under the table, then a warm large hand caressing its way upwards along her right thigh, dallying over the leather collar around it and pulling at it twice, then proceeding upwards to cover her sex. Other than a quick smile to inform her Lord that her advances were registered and welcomed, the Queen's countenance remained unrevealing.

When she felt her Lord's long frisky fingers playing with her protruding nub, the young Queen began to discretely ground herself against her Lord's arousing touch and thanked the fates that her undergarments had been torn earlier that day, leaving her sex naked and accessible to her Lord beneath her dress.

Once inside the private chamber, which the Conqueror had rented for the night, the Queen, still exuberant by the day's events and aroused beyond measure by her Lord's merciless attention during supper, which left her aching with need, solicited the Conqueror into taking her again.

As soon as the Queen closed the door behind them, she turned to her Lord, moored her hand behind the towering Lord's neck in order to pull her down for a fervent feral feed off her lips. With her back to the door, her wee hands unbuttoned the Conqueror's trousers, and pulled out the Conqueror's shaft. She guided its head into her sex whilst wrapping her leg around her Lord's waist, then seduced her Lord to have carnal knowledge of her against the wall.

Whilst enthralled by the great pleasure of intercourse, the royal couple was entirely oblivious to the sounds of fierce gratification they were making, and the thumping sounds against the wooden wall.

It was the thunderous knock on their door that drew them out of their mutual ecstasy.

"This is a respectable establishment, not a brothel," the innkeeper shouted from the other side of the door. "We've had complaints."

"Don't you know who I am, sir?" the Conqueror exclaimed while still moving deeply inside her wife. "I am the Lord Conqueror of the Realm," she looked into the Queen's eyes with mischief in hers.

"And I'm Queen of the Realm!" he retorted sarcastically then added, "Just keep it down!"

When they heard him furthering away from the door, the royal couple kept at it, trying their best not to disturb the neighboring guests until satisfaction was achieved.

As they lay in their bed, with the Conqueror fondly drawing lazy circles around Gabrielle's right nipple, the subject of children rose between them again.

"Who would my Lord have deliver the seed?" the Queen asked.

"I am considering my brother, Toris, whom you've met at our wedding," the Conqueror replied.

The Queen sensed her Lord's body tighten and tense against hers and her mood becoming murky.

"The child would be of your blood and mine," she tried to appease her Lord's darkness, "It would have been my choice as well, my Lord," she said.

The Queen looked into her Lord's eyes and thought she saw some shade of sadness in them.

"It's just the thought of having someone other than me…"

"I understand, my dear Lord." She paused for a few moments then said, "If I may…"

"You may."

"He needn't touch me, my Lord. I wish to try a method of my own design, first. A tool I can create that might enable us to introduce my Lord's brother's seed into my womb without him ever..."

The Conqueror rose and lifted her weight to rest on her elbow, facing her Queen. "It would seem like you've already given it considerable thought," she pointed out.

"Indeed I have, my Lord," replied the Queen.

"How long?"

"Since my Lord's generous and much appreciated marriage proposal," the Queen answered.

"Do you think it could succeed?"

"It might," the Queen smiled.

"If it does, than you would have given me the best present I could ever hope or wish for, for my birthday," the Conqueror ran her fingers affectionately against her Queen's cheek.

"Is it my Lord's birthday today? I wish I had known beforehand, or I would have…"

The Conqueror placed a hushing finger over her Queen's lips. "You have already pleased me to the highest degree, Gabrielle."

The Queen thought it was one of the most beautiful sentences her Lord had ever said to her. "Let's see… My Lord has conquered Greece at twenty – four, so much is well known… I entered my Lord's service six winters later," the Queen calculated in her head, "and seven more winters have passed since then, that would make my Lord thirty-seven winters old."

"It is all well and true, only I conquered Greece at seventeen," the Conqueror chuckled when she noticed bewilderment spreading rapidly all over her Queen's face.

"Surely my Lord…"

"My age as it is known was a lie I initiated, enabled and allowed to flourish. Back then I believed that the men wouldn't follow a seventeen year old, no matter how strong or skilled, into battle against the powerful and corrupt regime of Athens and its fierce warlords. Their respect and trust was easier to obtain by planting in them the belief I was older and hence wiser. Since I was taller and stronger than my peers, no one suspected my real age. Only my mother, my brother and a very few of their neighbors who prevailed after the attack on Amphipolis know my secret and guard it zealously. Now you know it as well."

"I thank my Lord for the great trust placed in me," the Queen pressed her lips against her Lord's hard jaw.

“When is your birthday, Gabrielle?” the Conqueror asked.

In three moons time, my Lord,” she answered.

“And what would you wish for a gift, sweet Gabrielle?”

“For this to go on,” she said and kissed her Lord's lips silently explaining what she meant by ‘this.'

“Granted, what else do you wish for?”

“I would forever be grateful if my Lord would commission the construction of a hospice in Macedonia where poor commoners can come and heal, free of charge, a place where healers are trained.”

The Conqueror's admiration towards her Queen thrived and grew tenfold for her selfless and charitable request.

“Your will be done, my Lady Gabrielle,” the Conqueror promised, and she gathered the Queen in her encompassing arms and slowly spread small kisses over her face.

"And now, if it pleases you, since today is my Lord's thirtieth birthday…" she wore a sultry look about her, and pressed her naked body against her Lord's to rekindle her desire for her.

"Again?!" the Conqueror's eyebrow rose.

"Didn't my Lord just finish telling me how young…" the Queen began to tease but the Conqueror's gluttonous lips barred the Queen's with a passionate kiss.


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