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Lord Conqueror of the Realm

Written by WarriorJudge


Part 5

Into her fourth winter of her service to the Conqueror, more children were placed under the slave's care, and she expended her knowledge in the art of healing by apprenticing for the palace chief healer. Although her days were filled with activities, she never forgot to inform Karpa, the steward of the household, of her whereabouts so to constantly be available for servicing her Lord.

Her endeavors had reached the Conqueror's ear along with the fact that some had referred to her slave as ‘Lady Gabrielle'. When she caught a glimpse of her slave in passing, she noticed a slight change in her demeanors, a little more confidence perhaps. If it weren't for the collar around her neck and the plain frock on her back, she could almost be mistaken for a free woman. Her slave had been efficiently concealing any evidence of her Lord's ruthlessness either left on her body or anywhere else, and the slave's surface was serene, unrevealing and dignified.

The palace was buzzing that morning with arduous preparations for the summit, which was to be held between Britannia's emissaries and the Realm regarding the terms of Britannia's surrender to the Conqueror. The palace's maids splashed buckets of water and on their knees scrubbed the floors with large brushes. The gardeners trimmed the shrubbery, the trees and the grass and decorated the royal gardens with freshly planted flowers. Livestock came under the butcher's blade, and the kitchen's staff under the head cook's supervision arranged and readied the facility and stocked necessary provisions.

The commotion in the place caused the slave unexplainable exhilaration. She knew, of course, she wouldn't take any part in any of the formal events, nor be at her Lord's side during negotiations. Nor would she be at her Lord's side during the formal greetings or have a place at her Lord' table at the banquets, but rather she would wait in her chamber for her Lord's summon for pleasure or take her meals in the kitchen with the rest of the domestics.

During past winters, the arrival of envoys from within the Realm's provinces and from outside of it were common, but the surrender of Britannia was by far the greatest event of them all.

At noon, the first wave of the King of Britannia's entourage arrived at the palace. The advisors, tacticians, and military personal and their wives were shown to their quarters in the Conqueror's palace by the servants, under the watchful eye of Karpa. Every aspect of the Conqueror's hospitality under Karpa's conduction was nothing short of preciseness and flawlessness.

The body slaves of the more distinguished guests, who were also accompanied by their wives, were placed in the pen, but the body slave owned by the king's right hand was accommodated in the chamber next to the Conqueror's body slave.

After the arrival of the King's right hand and his wife, he was shown to the Great Hall. The Conqueror, in her formal regal attire, sat on her throne.

The ceremony master announced their names as they entered the Great Hall, which as vast in size and ornamented with marble pillars, Corinthian order style with lion capitals at their top, along the Great Hall's length on both sides and with unique arched windows. On its stony walls, there were murals which told the stories of the Conqueror's many quests.

The Conqueror signaled them to approach her throne with a wave of her hand.

"Your Majesty," he bowed before her and his wife curtsied. " It is a great honor to come before your Majesty on behalf of Britannia, and for your Majesty's pleasure," he said.

" We welcome you to the Realm," the Conqueror offered.

As the banquet was taking place at the Great Hall, the King's right hand' body slave, Malia, joined the Conqueror's body slave who was sitting at a small table next to the larder, alone in the kitchen.


“May I join you?” Malia asked and placed her plate on the wooden table.

“ Please do,” the Conqueror's slave replied and looked up to see the woman talking to her.

“You must be Gabrielle,” Malia pointed out when her gaze rested upon the Conqueror's slave's collar. " I'm Malia, the King's second in command's private servant,” she introduced herself.

“ How did you know my name?” The Conqueror's slave didn't hide her amazement.

“ Gossip travels faster than fire in a thistle field,” said another body slave owned by Marton, the Conqueror's most esteemed advisor and her governor to Macedonia . “People know who you are.”


“I didn't realize,” the Conqueror's slave said.

“ Indeed, all heard of the Conqueror's fair-haired nubile little slave who's apparently so good at what she does, she remained in the Conqueror's service longer than any of her predecessors, ” said Marton's slave, Navara, pulling out a chair and joining the table.

The Conqueror's slave lowered her head to hide a blush. She wasn't aware of the fact that she had survived in the Conqueror's bed longer than anyone else and felt curiously pleased.


“ So how is servicing the Lord Conqueror ?” Navara smiled knowingly. “Is the Conqueror as legendary as they say?”

The Conqueror's slave took a sip of water and kept silent.

Navara turned to Malia and said, “ She keeps her Master's confidence.”


“Well today was the first time I've ever seen the Conqueror…The Conqueror is magnificent and so high and potent. I've never seen anyone like the Conqueror before. In the Conqueror's presence I felt weak in my knees and slick between my thighs,” Malia said and grinned and Navara mirrored her colleague's expression.

“Hopefully in the spirit of good will, my Master would share me with the Conqueror tonight, “ Malia laughed. “ The Gods know he shared me around enough times in the past. For once, let it be someone I crave, and let him be contented in his wife's bed.”


The Conqueror's slave's lips remained sealed and offered no reply to the other slaves. She considered Malia's words disrespectful to her Lord and she didn't care for her insinuations either.

“ Is it common practice, to share slaves I mean?” the Conqueror's slave inquired.

“ You haven't been around the slavers block much, have you? Doesn't the Conqueror share you?!” Navara sounded flabbergasted.

The Conqueror's slave didn't reply. She felt a sudden brush of gratitude that though her Lord threatened frequently, she never forced her to service others.

“ Amazing loyalty, ” Navara pointed out, “ so rare in our line of work, practically unheard of .”

“ Either that or the Conqueror has disciplined her well , ” Malia presented another possibility and got up. “ I'm going to prepare myself for service, if you'll excuse me,” she turned and left the kitchen.

“ The banquet will be over in a couple of candle marks, I should prepare myself as well ,” Navara indicated. “ I have forgotten to pack my facial colors and bath oils. May I borrow some from you?”


“Of course,” the Conqueror's slave replied. “ Please come with me,” she said and led Navara to her private chamber where she kept hers.

When they reached the small chamber, the Conqueror's slave opened her chest to retrieve the items requested. Suddenly she heard the chamber door being closed and locked behind her. Swiftly, she turned around and saw a man wearing Britannia's colors standing in the chamber with her and Navara and putting the key to her chamber inside his pocket.

He passed by Navara and reached straight for the Conqueror's slave. With one hand he grabbed her by her sleeve and with the other he unbuttoned his trousers. The slave tried to free herself from his grasp and reach for the window. She knew a fall off the window would in all likelihood kill her but all she could think was preventing what was about to happen at any cost.

The man pushed her down onto her pallet. From behind her the Conqueror's slave heard Navara telling her, “ Don't resist. Let him finish his business so that no mark is left on you. Wash yourself afterwards so that your Master never finds out, otherwise you'll be resold or worse. This is just the risk of our trade.”


But the Conqueror's slave jerked and fought relentlessly like a trapped wild animal to fend off the man's attack. He was too strong, however, and he soon overpowered her. She could smell spirits on his breath when he leaned down to mount her. Only then did he see for the first time the Crest of the Conqueror on the collar around the slave's neck.

He immediately got off her and moved on to Navara. The slave saw Navara's head being slammed against the wall when the offender threw her onto the pallet.

The Conqueror's slave screamed for help and pummeled the door with her fists. No one came to her aid, for everyone was busy with the banquet taking place downstairs in the Great Hall. She tried to push the man off Navara, but he knocked her off him with a blow of his elbow. The slave landed on the floor and hit her chin on the corner of the table. She ignored the gash of blood trickling down her chin and resumed frantically banging on the door.

When the man finished, he got off Navara's body, unlocked the door and fled. The Conqueror's slave rushed to Navara. The woman lay there, naked, violated and unconscious with a severe bruise on the back of her head. With the door finally open, the slave ran down the corridor and raised an alarm. Two guards followed the slave to her chamber.

“She was raped,” she told them and immediately covered the unconscious naked woman with a blanket for modesty when they entered her chamber. “ Her assailant fled not a few moments ago. She needs a healer.”

One of the guards went to fetch the healer and the other stayed in the slave's chamber.

“ Do you know who did this, lady?” he asked.

“ A man with brown hair, wearing Britannia's colors. He is about twenty-five winters old, perhaps a bit older. I will recognize him if I see him again,” she answered.

A short while later the healer came in accompanied by the Conqueror. When the Conqueror entered the small chamber, the slave bowed her head and knelt.

“What was so important that my banquet had to be disturbed?” The Conqueror asked the guard.

“ It appears this woman was raped, my Liege . ”

“ Who is she and what is she doing in your chamber? ” The Conqueror asked her slave.

“ She is Sir Marton's personal slave. She asked to borrow some of my bath oils because she had forgotten to bring hers, my Lord,” the slave replied.

“ Have you witnessed the entire event?” The Conqueror asked.

“ I have, my Lord ,” the slave replied.

“ Then I trust you will be questioned. Now go wait for me in my chambers, ” the Conqueror ordered and her slave obeyed.

The slave waited kneeling in the Conqueror's chambers. She instinctively knew to remain clothed even though her frock was stained with blood and wasn't appropriate for service.

The Conqueror entered her chambers. She wore her formal regal attire and her crown was still adorning her head.

“Were you raped?” the Conqueror asked.

“I was not, my Lord,” the slave replied.

“By the blood on your chin and on your dress I assume you haven't bathed since the event, am I correct?”

“Indeed, my Lord is correct,” the slave answered with a tremor in her voice although she had spoken the truth.

“Lie down on the bed and lift up your dress,” the Conqueror ordered and the slave did as instructed. “Spread your legs wider.”

As the Conqueror hovered over her closely inspecting her nether region for any sign of violation, the slave understood that her Lord was checking to see if she had told the truth.

The Conqueror straightened herself back up to her full stature.

“Very well, ” she was finally satisfied.

The slave began to undo the laces of her dress when she heard her Lord's sharp tone of voice, “Your services won't be needed. Have the healer take care of your wound and retire to your chamber, which you will keep locked. A guard will escort you at all times until such time that the perpetrator is apprehended. Tomorrow morning you will report to the investigating officers.”


For a moment there the slave felt some sense of gratitude that the Conqueror might be concerned with her wellbeing, but the next sentence out of the Conqueror's mouth shuttered that farfetched assumption.

“ I will not have what's mine tampered with. You are dismissed.”


Puzzled by the fact that her Lord hadn't expressed any will to learn what had happened, the slave was escorted by a guard as she made her way to the infirmary both to receive treatment and to inquire after Marton's body slave's state of health and to assist the healer as best she could.

Soon after sunrise, the slave was thoroughly interrogated by the Realm's investigating officers for several long candle marks. She was taken to stand before an array of men that fitted her description from the night before. She identified the attacker as soon as her eyes landed on him.

He was a captain and a military advisor to the King's second in command and he was incarcerated and placed in the palace dungeon. By noon that day, Marton's body slave, Navara, passed away after a drastic deterioration in her state.

With accordance to the laws of the Realm, he was to face the Conqueror's justice and the prescribed punishment for murder in the Realm was death.


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