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April 29th, 2009

Added part 4 of Innocent Catch by Weebod

Added part 2 of Twisted Secrets by Mickey Minner

April 27th, 2009

Added part 17 of When in Rome by Kamouraskan

April 26th, 2009

Added the conclusion (part 4) of The Riches of Mercy by Rysler

April 22nd, 2009

Added part 16 of When in Rome by Kamouraskan

Sand by K W Jordan [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
In a post-apocalyptic world, it’s living that’s hard. Questions go unanswered, needs go unmet, suffering goes unnoticed, and heroes are in short supply. But there’s always someone searching for answers and willing to go the distance—even if it is for a price.

Added part 3 of The Riches of Mercy by Rysler

Added part 13 of Badges And Needles by Warrior Angel

April 20th, 2009

Added part 15 of When in Rome by Kamouraskan

April 19th, 2009

Welcome to the Academy, Sammet

Taming the Wolf by Sammet [Uber/Alt/Incomplete]
Being a globetrotter, as well as a vampire, Lauren Gabriel is used to unpleasant encounters with vampire hunters and has no qualms about killing them. So when visiting her clan, she is happy to help her friends raid the local Hunters' base. What she didn't expect there, was to find a young vampire who had been captured by the Hunters and seems to have lost her mind. Despite her friends' protest, Gabriel is determined to save her.

Arena by Sammet [Conqueror/Alt/Incomplete]
As Empress of Greece, Xena has a lot on her hands – two wars to fight at the same time, peasants on the verge of revolting and impertinent noblemen constantly trying to outsmart her. Fearing a slave revolt on top of everything else, Xena finds the solution to at least one of her problems in a blonde slave with angry green eyes.

Darkwood by Sammet [Uber/Alt/Incomplete]
On her monthly visit to her favourite S/M club, Alex witnesses a young slave being sold by auction. On a whim she buys her and soon has to discover that the small blonde is more than she seems.

April 18th, 2009

Added part 2 of The Riches of Mercy by Rysler

April 17th, 2009

Added Living in the Past, Book 2: Chapter 5 by Xenamungrrr

Worth the Pain by IseQween [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Xena’s obsession with Alti’s fourth-season vision of Gabrielle’s death severely tests the soulmates’ bond during CRUSADER, PAST IMPERFECT and PARADISE FOUND.

Announcement from Geonn Cannon
"NO USE CRYING" by Geonn Cannon
In the continuation of "Better Angels," Detective Riley Parra is trying to come to terms with the new world in which she finds herself. Meanwhile, life (and death) continues, and she investigates the death of two men found on the elevated train.
The story can be downloaded as a free PDF here: http://www.geonncan non.com/riley_ parra.html

Announcement from Blue Feathers Book
We're very happy to announce the release of not one, but TWO new titles this month!

In the Works , by Val Brown
Civil Engineer Anne Schneider and her business partner, Patrick Ford, are struggling to make their new business enterprise, Clearly Perfect Water Systems, successful. They land a contract for a major project involving tainted wastewater from the Big Tree Paper Plant near the tiny town of Wood Mill, southeast of San Francisco. The job requires Anne to be on site for six months, under the watchful eye Adehm Trent, from the plant's headquarters office in Detroit.
Anne takes on the job, despite the fact that it takes her away from her parents in Albuquerque. Her mother's health is failing badly, and her father relies on Anne to help with her care. Confident she can handle both her personal and her professional responsibilities, Anne heads to Wood Mill, ready to prove to Mr. Trent that Clearly Perfect Water Systems is equal to the task at hand.
One tiny problem… Mister Trent is really Ms. Trent, and not only that, but she's drop-dead gorgeous, to boot, not to mention a demanding employer.
Anne and Adehm find their way to workable relationships, both as colleagues and as something much more satisfying-until Anne's mother's condition deteriorates, forcing Anne to choose between fulfilling her obligations to Adehm and Big Tree and returning to Albuquerque to help her parents.
In the aftermath of Anne's choice, Adehm must face old demons that have haunted her for years. Like Anne, she too must decide what really matters in her life.
Everything was going so well, but now both Anne and Adehm have to contend with serious derailments of their plans. What will happen to their goals and dreams that were In the Works ?
Get your copy of In the Works now!

And, in honor of National Poetry Month, Diminuendo, by Emily Reed:
Aptly named, this poetic composition hints at a rousing, consuming fire of ecstasy that dies down, dwindles, and finally ends, leaving only banked embers. Passion has played its course, and love drifts into a spiral of aching memories.
Not a crashing of cymbals or a beating of drums, Diminuendo is a plucking, strumming, and crying of the poet's heartstrings. Subdued but rhythmic beats coil through the reader, pulling, pushing, tugging, and then touching, with glimpses of a bared soul. One who has suffered any sort of loss will understand and relate to every word.
Nann Dunne - author; poet; publisher of Just About Write, www.justaboutwrite. com
Support your friendly neighborhood poet, and get your copy of Diminuendo, now!

April 15th, 2009

Added part 3 of Innocent Catch by Weebod

The Riches of Mercy by Rysler [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
North Carolina prosecutor Natalie Ivanovich just needs a weekend in Wilmington to clear her head. But when a deer crosses her path, she finds herself swerving and stranded in a small town hospital. Her nurse, Merry Jameison, is her only anchor, but Merry has problems of her own and she needs a good lawyer. Natalie might be facing the trial of her life.

April 14th, 2009

Added part 14 of When in Rome by Kamouraskan

Intaglio Publications, Inc. is proud to announce the release of Echo’s Crusade by JM Dragon.
Echo’s Crusade
By JM Dragon
Release: April 2009
Price: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-935216-02-5
Genre: Mystery
Available at www.bellabooks.com and www.scpbooks.com

Echo Radar is outgoing and happy, working as an advertising executive in a reputable firm with a bright future for promotion. Karen Thompson, from a poor unstable background, works at the same advertising firm as Echo. Where Echo prefers a relaxing environment in her free time, Karen helps others through the Greystoke Project, which caters to the very people she had once been—destitute and down on her luck.
Two women form a bond and look forward to the prospect of a romantic relationship when the disturbing events of a Thanksgiving holiday bring the walls tumbling down around them.
Echo is now on a quest, and with the help of Detective Roan Keating, searching for justice becomes Echo’s crusade.

April 13th, 2009

Added part 13 of When in Rome by Kamouraskan

Added the conclusion (part 9) of To Ayer is Human by Phair
Please read the warning and disclaimer

April 12th, 2009

Ameera by BlueMoonWriter [Original/Alt/Complete]
Taken by force, but ultimately captured by love.

Infamia by Vivian Darkbloom [Classic/Alt/Unfinished]
An AU story, based loosely on 'When Fates Collide.'

April 11th, 2009

I Promise by Syro [Original/Alt/Complete]
Carrigan Anderson has had bad breaks since she was 10 years old. Losing the only family she had ever known at such a young age, all she knows is to be alone. Jada Reimer is a loner on her own, working ungodly hours to fill her time until one fateful night when their solitary worlds collide, changing both of them forever.

April 10th, 2009

Added part 10 of When in Rome by Kamouraskan

Added part 11 of When in Rome by Kamouraskan

Added part 12 of When in Rome by Kamouraskan

April 7th, 2009

Added the conclusion (part 3) of Strange Love by Kim Pritekel

Added Living in the Past, Book 2: Chapter 4 by Xenamungrrr

April 6th, 2009

April Issue of Khimairal Ink is up:
Below was my blurb about the ezine being live. However, April 1st fools hijacked our Bedazzled Book Peddler site and we were worried other places would be compromised so we waited a day to make sure everything was clean and safe. Our Book Peddler site will be back up next week. We will have a special presale for our latest book, Lavender Ink, Ed. Fran Walker, so stay tuned! However, Khimairal Ink is now up!

Join us in welcoming spring with the April issue of Khimairal Ink. Enjoy the mix of new and returning authors, Renee Strider, Fran Walker, Lydia May, Jill Zeller and Tom Olbert, as they share their talents with us. Check out the new page-turning format of the ezine here: http://www.bedazzle dink.com/khimairal- ink/khicurrent.html

Added part 12 of Badges And Needles by Warrior Angel

Twisted Secrets - Part 1 by Mickey Minner [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Dorthea Furston is in her mid-50s and troubled. Raised by an aloof aunt, she has never felt wanted. Questions about her parents and the circumstances that separated them from her have gone unanswered. She desperately wants to know about her parents; and to know why she was left in the care of such an uncaring woman.
Kimberly Chadwich has been Dorthea’s best friend since the day they met in high school. Unlike Dorthea, who has never seemed interested in relationships with men, Kimberly has had many suitors over the years. Her most recent has proposed marriage but something is holding her back from accepting. She wonders why she can’t bring herself to agree to something she has always said she wanted.
The two women share an apartment and struggle to make right out of their wrong worlds. Will the anniversary of an event that took place when they were children bring the answers they are seeking?

Roxy by IseQween [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Early in the fourth season, Gabrielle and Xena encounter a market that leads each to wonder if the other has taken browsing a little too far.

April 5th, 2009

Something new at Intaglio Publications:
Intaglio Publications is starting something new - Interview With The Author.
We have a good group of writers at Intaglio, and we'd like you to get to know them so each month I'll be doing an interview with one of them. So, please visit our website http://www.intagliopub.com and read our first interview with Mary Jane Russell, author of The Arcanum of Beth that was released in March.
As you read the interview, if you have any questions you'd like to ask any author, or comments, please feel free to drop us line anytime.
Enjoy the interview, and as always, thanks for reading.
Kate Sweeney

Strangers On A Train by Geonn Cannon[Original/Alt/Complete]
Two travelers get to know one another on the Trans-Siberian railway.

April 4th, 2009

Added part 2 of Strange Love by Kim Pritekel

April 2nd, 2009

The Undaunted Heart by Aurelia [X:WP Pre-Conqueror/Alt/Complete]
A sequel to “The Most Dangerous Game of All”, the story picks up a couple of months later as Xena’s march across Greece is halted when she has the urge to visit Amphipolis. She expects a frosty reception from her mother but to her surprise Gabrielle is there also. That could mean only one thing… trouble.

The Little Things by Bardaholic [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Xena has a restless night, and so she spends some time just thinking...

April 1st, 2009

Strange Love by Kim Pritekel [unfinished/original/alt]
summary pending

from PD Publishing

Barb and I are pleased to announce the release and availability of three new PD titles.

In alphabetical order, we have:
Ancestral Magic, by Moondancer Drake
Gemini, by Geonn Cannon, and
Renegade, by Cheyne Curry.

All three stories are as unique and as interesting as their authors. Go to www.pdpublishing.com in order to read a synopsis. Remember that PD Publishing offers you, the reader, the ability to read an excerpt from each of our books, usually the first chapter, by going to our website. On each of our title pages we have a "Read an Excerpt!" link for your use.

Also, don't forget the recently released PD titles:
The Veil of Sorrow, by Crystal Michallet-Romero
Barking at the Moon, by Nene Adams
The Visitors, by Trish Kocialski.

Thanks for supporting our authors! ~ Linda


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