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Academy of Bards Contest #23
Take Me Out To The Bard Game


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May 30th, 2010

The Sauna by TheGuardian [Classic/Alt/Complete]
The Sauna is very important to the Finlandians and this is something Xena and Gabrielle will find out when they are introduced to this wonderful custom while they are visiting the northern land.

May 26th, 2010

Message from OZ:

WOW! That was some Challenge. Lots of stories, lots of categories and lots of readers casting votes. One extremely close race which ended in a tie and one runaway race. EVERY story received votes. That is awesome.

Now without further delay, allow me to announce our winners:

In the SINGLES category:
Story C by Insane Englishwoman insane_brit@ hotmail.com

In the DOUBLES category:
Story C by Aurelia aurelia_fan@ yahoo.com. au

In the TRIPLES category:
Story A by Meretsegar meretseger.105. 40@earthlink. net

In the HOMERUN category:
Story C by Ladyhawke Ladyhawke124@ hotmail.com

In the GRANDSLAM category: Stories D and I tied.
Story D by Del Robertson delrobertson@ ymail.com
Story I by Ladyhawke Ladyhawke124@ hotmail.com

Our HOMERUN DERBY winner sent in 5 Grandslam entries (stories M, N, O, P and Q) for a total of 40 points:
Annazon Fox annazonfox@gmail. com

and we are adding one extra winner category that I did not purposely announce. I didn't want to influence the HOMERUN DERBY category but I was hoping that someone would attempt to HIT THE CYCLE. And someone did.
Meretsegar meretseger.105. 40@earthlink. net turned in stories in the SINGLES/DOUBLES/ TRIPLES/HOMERUNS categories.

CONGRATULATIONS to all our Bard Winners and a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who participated in the Challenge. SPECIAL THANKS to our two participating but not competing entries by D and McFluffy.

BTW...D won the bet. Just as she predicted, y'all picked the Trevi Fountain (pic #1) inspired story as your favorite.

Now is where I remind everyone that the Bards are sharing their talent with you for free and I ask the readers to go FEED THE BARDS and they, of course, reply..."You betcha, on my way to do that right now Oz."

It's good to be OZ.

I would like to ask our participating Bards to drop me a line or two. I would like to know if there is a particular challenge format you enjoy more than others. Do you like pictures or scenario set-ups or word lists or single word prompts best? Would you prefer we keep the challenges holiday/season themed or just open them up? Do you like the idea of them being open to all fandoms, uber and original characters? Word limits? I'd like your input. PHIL728@aol. com

Lastly, the PUNZle. Oh yes, the EVIL J/OZ concoction to warp your senses and challenge your brain cells. Did we succeed? Judging from the comments sent in with the entries...that would be a big YEPPERS. LOL

As you know, we like to tie in the PUNZle with the challenge theme...in this instance, it would be baseball. So did you see the Gotham batsignal in the sky? That was J's subtle way of telling you it had to do with Gotham (New York) batmen. All the answers were the nicknames of players who at one point in their careers played for either the New York Yankees, New York Mets, New York Giants or Brooklyn Dodgers. The answer key is posted. AND YES...the last answer was particularly 'punny' and oh so evil. Okay, make that E*V*I*L.

So I'm wondering if our winner AJ ajaldo@verizon. net is celebrating the win or trying to figure out if Brain Bleach will remove all traces of EVIL J and I from their brain.

LOL Oh and btw, all you New York baseball fans...a Red Sox fan won. I find that incredibly ironic and hysterically funny. Now before you start throwing stuff...I was born in New York and I am a Mets fan. However, I really, really do not like the Yankees. <.ducking.>

So until next time...remember. ..IF YOU READ'EM, then FEED'EM

May 25th, 2010

L-Book ePublisher New Book Release

Strength in Numbers by Jeanine Hoffman . Romance.   http://L-Book.com/jh-sin.html

All formats: eBooks, Paperback, Audio eBook and Micro/SD Memory Card.
Novel:  252 pages, 83,000 words.
Audio is mp3 format, 8:15 hours listening time, 344 MB Total, 45 Tracks, all eBooks are included.

Four women. One ran from her best friend years ago but wants to make amends, if she can. A second has buried herself in work for so long she isn't sure she knows how to do much else. The third has traveled and played the field, while playing some of the finest golf courses of the world. And the fourth is the best friend that had her heart broken so many years ago. She hasn't trusted many since.

All four women have things to face about themselves and the others.

What do these women have in common? A crisis. Their lives are all about to turn upside down and the outcome can only be determined by their faith in the saying, There is Strength in Numbers.

Note: As per L-Book new release tradition, we are giving away Free jigsaw puzzle of the book cover. Receive the free gift with purchase of Strength in Numbers any format. All puzzles are 300 pieces and sizeable to best match different size screens. Free Gift Jigsaw Puzzles by Galore Puzzles.

Thank You for supporting our authors, eBooks, L-Books (Audio) and paperback.


May 24th, 2010

Message from OZ...
Well the Bard Game (Challenge 23) is over. In a couple of categories it came right down to the wire and the last few votes made all the difference. The score? Six different winning Bards and a bunch of happy readers. Give us a little time to get the voting links removed, to put the ID info back on, to contact the winners and to get EVIL J working on the graphics for the personalized tiles. We will announce all the winners shortly. We will also post up the answers to the PUNZle and announce that winner as well. OH and btw...D won her bet. Y'all picked the same favorite story bit she did (Trevi Fountain/pic 1). I owe her Oreos and Moo Juice now. But it's all good...she shares. Stay tuned Y'all.

May 22nd, 2010

Added Part 5 and Part 6 of The Icarus Reversal by Adam [Multi fandom Crossover/Alt/Incomplete]

May 19th, 2010

Riley Parra : Ride Along by Geonn Cannon [Original/Alt/Complete]
Riley's guardian angel Zerachiel follows her on a dangerous night and is present for the wind-down.

Revised Version of Part 1 of Dreamin In The Pit by Everett Deane [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
An urban tale of Karima Jenkins, a female ex-criminal who clashes with her tenant Sienna Joffe, a dedicated public school teacher who is instrumental in helping Karima to resist the “pull” of Sincere, a man who has returned from the dead to reclaim his most treasured acolyte, Karima.

Added Part 2 of Dreamin In The Pit by Everett Deane [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Added part 8 - the conclusion of First Time by Kim Pritekel

Announcement from Kim Pritekel
Hello again, all. Thank you all so much for your interest in my need for a web designer for my feature film. We have found our gal, so please no more inquiries. You all rock!!!

May 19th, 2010

Motel Daze by Sandra Barret [Original/Alt/Complete]
An overnight stay at the wrong motel ends up the right place to be.

My Name Is Brianna by Rae D. Madgon [Original/Alt/Complete]
So. So my sister is dead. So it was my brother's fault. So my father denied that it happened. So my mother is a broken shell. So how do you deal with that?" The story of a MTF transsexual, narrated by her lesbian sister.

May 18th, 2010

Added part 7 of First Time by Kim Pritekel

Announcement from Kim Pritekel
Hey, all. Per my announcement about a need for a web designer for our film. Here's the email address to contact us, as I noticed it got a wee scrambled in the original message: aspfilms@officialas pfilms.com or you can email me personally: XenaNut@hotmail.com .

May 17th, 2010

Two new Bards join us today. Welcome Sacchi Green and Fishermensrib!

Healing by Sacchi Green [Original/Alt/Complete]
Erotic short story “Healing”, by Sacchi Green. This piece was previously published in Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2005. I do own the copyright.

Synopsis: New Hampshire State Trooper Jo Benoit turns to the natural surroundings of the Mount Washington Valley to help her heal from wounds—both physical and emotional—incurred in the line of duty. But nature has more tools for healing than just deep forests and mountain vistas, as Jo discovers when summer-theater actress Katzi Burns makes offers she can't refuse.

Note: I'm editing an erotica anthology (my sixth) on the theme of Lesbian Cops. If anyone would like the guidelines, contact me at sacchigreen@ gmail.com . The deadline for submissions is August 1, 2010. Original fiction only.

The Secret Life on Annabelle Lee by Fishermensrib [Original/Alt/Complete]
When Johnson had told her he had invited someone special tonight she had thought nothing of it, after all Annabelle told herself she had nothing against hired guests, they were a necessary evil serving to provide some additional eye candy for the evening. But why the Hell did it have to be Cristobel Ong and why the Hell didn't anyone tell her. They had to know that she had a crush on Chris for the longest of time. Brucie knew, Jack knew, even Johnny, Paul, and Charlie knew. Hell everyone whose number was stored in her hand phone knew.

Announcement from Kim Pritekel
Hello, all. My production company, Asp Films is currently filming a feature film here in Denver, and we're in dire need of a website designer. Our budget is very small for this, but we do have one, as well as you'd get credit on a feature film for your work.

If this is something you'd be interested in doing, please contact us at: aspfilms@officialaspfilms.com with a resume and/or samples of your work.

Thanks so much and you guys ROCK!
Kim Pritekel

May 16th, 2010

Announcement from Blue Feather Books
Can't decide if you're in the mood for a mystery or a romance? Good news! Blue Feather Books is pleased to announce the release of two new books - a heart-warming love story by Chris Paynter entitled Come Back to Me and Nann Dunne's Staying in the Game, a gripping who-done-it. Both books are available from www.bluefeatherbooks.com and in e-book format from www.bellabooks.com.

In Come Back to Me, author Angie Cantinnini (who writes under a male pseudonym) is brought back together with the love of her life, Meryl McCain, whom she hasn't seen in more than a decade. Meryl is the book review editor at the prestigious New York Banner, and has no idea that the book she's just ripped to shreds in her article was authored by none other than Angie, writing as Zach England. Fate has reunited them, but Angie's secret identity and a painful past trauma from Meryl's childhood threaten to destroy their happiness. Their hearts beckon to one another, "Come back to me," but can they overcome the barriers that have kept them apart?

* * *

Someone is killing beautiful young college women in Pennsylvania. Angela Wedgeway and her softball teammates worry who the killer is and who the next target will be. Mysterious Shelley Brinton enrolls at Spofford College and joins the softball team - stealing Angela's position at first base in the bargain. Losing her spot on the ball field is the least of Angela's worries when another murder victim turns up in a nearby town. As Angela and the others learn more about Shelley, they can't help but wonder if she's tied to the murders in some way. Angela befriends Shelley and soon becomes her only ally. Late one night in a dark chemistry lab on campus, Angela discovers that she has a lot to learn about Shelley and the murders. Who is Shelley Brinton? And will Angela regret Staying in the Game?

Added part 6 of First Time by Kim Pritekel

May 15th, 2010

Welcome to a new bard at the Academy, Foxfire!

Coming Home for a Coming Out by Foxfire [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Xena and Gabrielle are soul mates and lovers, but what happens when they return to Potedia as a couple for the first time?

Added part 5 of First Time by Kim Pritekel

May 14th, 2010

First Time by Kim Pritekel [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Summary pending

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

May 11th, 2010

Gabrielle In The Underworld by Norsebard [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Gabrielle is dead! -- When the young bard suddenly finds herself thrust into the Underworld, she doesn't know that it's merely the starting point for her greatest adventure yet. While Xena is travelling to Potaideia with Gabrielle's remains, she hears of a myth that could help her get Gabrielle back. Will Xena succeed, or will they be separated for all eternity?

Added Part 4 of Trust Our Tomorrows by Carrie Carr (Part of the Lex and Amanda Series )

May 7th, 2010

White Fever II - Dames Dollars And Death by Norsebard [Über/Alt/Complete]
(Sequel To White Fever) For Maeve Donnelly (aka White Fever) and Staci Hart, the mean streets of the Big City just got meaner! When a new and merciless crew executes a series of daring raids against both the Donnelly and the Coluzzo crime families, Fever leaps into action to stop them - but then she receives a 'business offer' she can't possibly refuse...

May 6th, 2010

Announcement From The Academy Of Bards

The writing part of Bard Challenge #23 is now over. It's time for the readers to step up to the bat.

We gave the Bards 18 pictures to use as inspiration for their stories. And inspired they were...we ended up with 32 competing entries and two non-competing entries. This time around you get to vote for five stories. Yep, FIVE. One in each category of competition. One single, one double, one triple, one home run and one grand slam. Read the entries and pick the ones that you like best. Deadline for voting is May 22nd. Just click on the voting links at the bottom of your chosen entries to send in your votes.

As for the non-competing entries...please read and feed. The one (or actually 10) written by D was a direct result of my asking. Ok...begging. LOL Even though this entry is not competing…D and I have a side bet going. So if you are so inclined, please drop me a line at PHIL728@aol.com and tell me which story bit (of these ten) you liked best. Moo Juice and Oreos are on the line here. Yes, it's that serious of a bet. <.bg.>

The answer key of the PUNzle will be posted soon but we will hold off announcing the winner until we announce the winners of the writing challenge. Yes, we are that EVIL. duh.

Now go read, go vote, go feed.

May 4th, 2010

Added Part 4 of The Icarus Reversal by Adam [Multi fandom Crossover/Alt/Incomplete]

May 2nd, 2010

Academy Munchkin Ruth reporting back from London...
Thank you very much for everybody who donated money and sponsored me in the London Marathon! It was a fantastic, if somewhat painful :) event with an amazing atmosphere. And I raised more money than I thought possible!

White Fever by Norsebard [Über/Alt/Complete]
Strong dames, fast cars, bad boys - WHITE FEVER. Working as an Enforcer for a crime family, Maeve Donnelly spends every night prowling the neon-lit mean streets of the Big City. On a seemingly endless night, she gets reacquainted with an old lover, Staci Hart, encounters a madman with a knife, and runs afoul of a pair of ruthless brothers intent on snuffing her out. Maeve and Staci soon have their hands full, but when the going gets tough, the tough just reload...

Anybody's Girl by Iseqween [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Meg recounts the highlights of her checkered journey from lowlife to midlife.

Bad Dreams by TheGuardian [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Gabrielle catches a high fever after a fight with some bandits. She is sent to a dream world where she sees terrible, heart braking nightmares. Xena and Exl have a fall out because of what has happened, but they must find a cure for Gabrielle. Can they put aside they arguments and save Gabrielle? What is Gabrielle's worst nightmare? This is a story about the meaning of "in sickness and in health"

Added Part 8 (conclusion) of Lost And Found by Kim Pritekel [Original/Alt/Incomplete]


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