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December 31st, 2013

Wedding Vignettes by JS Stephens [Facts of Life/Alt/Complete]
Time frame: post college. Jo's and Blair's thoughts before, during, and after each other's weddings.

The Impossible Dream by JS Stephens [Facts of Life/Alt/Complete]
Time frame: nearly 20 years after college. Jo comes back into Blair's life unexpectedly and two women renew their friendship, which deepens when tragedy strikes Blair's family. This tragedy tears Blair's marriage apart, and Jo is on hand to help pick up the pieces, as they try to ignore undercurrents of attraction of a different kind.

Grease: A Parody by JS Stephens [Grease/Alt/Complete]
My mashup of Xena: Warrior Princess and Grease. Substitute Xena and Gabrielle for Rizzo and Sandy and shake well...

Moments in Time by JS Stephens [Grease/Alt/Complete]
Rizzo and Sandy keep in touch after high school, forging an unlikely friendship that runs deep. How deep does it run?

A Different Kind of Voyage by JS Stephens [Voyager/Alt/Complete]
Seven asks Captain Janeway what a "lesbian" is.

Command Decision by JS Stephens [Voyager/Alt/Complete]
After the crew of Voyager successfully returns to the Alpha Quadrant, Kathryn Janeway finds herself completely bored out of her skull. Her boredom is disrupted by two issues: Seven makes it clear that she is in love with her captain, and Janeway is asked to lead a dangerous undercover mission to infiltrate a cell of the Maquis. Seven impulsively enlists in Star Fleet in order to be with her captain, but Janeway has to tell her they can't be lovers now that they are separated by rank. How will they resolve this issue? And will Janeway and crew complete their mission without losing a valuable artifact?

Past Lives, Future Implications by JS Stephens [Voyager/Alt/Complete]
Ezri is still getting used to being joined with the symbiant, Dax, and has some confusing dreams starring Jadzia, the former Dax host, and Kira, the Bajoran colonel.

December 26th, 2013

A new bard joins us today. Welcome Soulgyrl!

Announcement from The Academy of Bards.
Happy Solstice everyone. Please enjoy some of the stories of our former Solstice challenges. You can find them here:

Solstice Time is Here... by Soulgyrl [Classic/Short Story/Alt/Complete]
Just a short little Solstice tale.. Happy Holidays!

Added Part 13 to Part 16 - The Conclusion of A Bit of the Old West by Carole Mortenson [Original/Alt/Complete]
When Sarah Davis moves to Laramie, Wyoming, to help take care of her sister Sylvia's children, she accidentally meets choir director/bartender Lindsey Hobbs, who also manages an old western town tourist attraction. The headstrong Lindsey is always in control and used to having her way--especially with women. So she is totally unprepared when she finds out Sarah has her own ideas about control.
Sylvia's dire warnings to Sarah about Lindsey's sordid past threatens to keep them apart, and Lindsey's secret agenda while conducting a Bible Study almost backfires on her. After a tragedy involving Lindsey's preacher/father and interference from her twin sister Leslie, everything comes to a head. Is the love between Lindsey and Sarah strong enough to triumph?

Added Part 4 of The Judge by M.E. Tudor [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Sequel to The Wrong Place at the Right Time. Ashley Jessup has been in a sexual with relationship with her dominatrix The Judge for over a year, but she's ready for something more. After watching her roommate, Mary fall in love with her girlfriend, Jackie, Ashley realizes that she wants a real relationship. A loving relationship, not just a sexual one. Neither Ashley, nor The Judge, realize how strong the bond between them has become. Is the bond just sexual or more?

Beauty Within the Beast by Sam Pagan [Original/Alt/Complete]
What to do when you're caught in a whirlwind of violence? What to say to appease the monsters surrounding you? How to feel when you realize the beast has a heart? Whether to surrender when the beast claims you?

December 23rd, 2013

No One But You by Jenny Frame [Uber/Short Story/Alt/Complete]
When the Boi next door breaks your heart, can you ever forgive? Bella Henderson comes face to face with her child hood sweetheart, and is forced to face the pain she has carried for six years.

Added Part 45 of Hollywood Dreams by Fiur & Vlamme [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

December 20th, 2013

From the Beginning by Cheyne [Original/Alt/Complete]
his story is my Uberization , based on the 1951 screenplay, The Day The Earth Stood Still , by Edmund H. North (which is based on the novel, Farewell To The Master, by Harry Bates). No money is being made from this project and no copyright infringement intended.

I always wanted to see this film remade with Klaatu as a female. I initially (many years ago) thought Sigourney Weaver would have made an excellent Klaatu (even if they changed the “Helen” character to male). Instead, TPTB remade this classic with Keanu Reeves. I love KR but the remake, IMHO, completely missed the message of and couldn't hold a candle to the original. This was written as an exercise to get myself out of dry spell.

All of the cast names have been changed in this version (except for Drew Pearson and Gabriel Heatter, who were a real newsmen). Anyway, here is my effort to retell the original story with two of our favorite women in the pivotal roles.

Silver Destinies by Dava Gamble [Original/Alt/Complete]
Amanda Bennett and Laura Ravencouer – Beloved as earthlings, revered as ancient priestesses. Called by Naofa and joined by lovers, sisters, brothers, ancients, and holy ones to battle the evil from Olc once again, Destinies guide them to the ultimate will of the galaxies.


Announcement from Sapphire Books Publishing

The Admirer

by debut author – Karelia Stetz-Waters

Paperback 14.95
e Bundle Price: $ 9.95 - all eBook formats

Available at Amazon Barnes and Noble Kobo Sapphire Books Publishing

A serial killer "makes" perfect women by amputating their legs. A troubled girl walks knowingly into the killer's arms. An ambitious college president spirals toward madness.

Helen Ivers is still reeling from her sister's recent suicide when she takes a position as the president of Pittock College. The isolated campus seems like a good place to recover, but shortly after she arrives, two severed human legs are found bound to the train tracks. The local police explain away the gruesome occurrence, but Helen is convinced the police chief, and maybe the whole town, is covering for a killer.

She embarks on her own investigation, but she begins to doubt herself as nightmares of her sister's suicide become waking hallucinations and everyone discounts her fears. The only person who shares her apprehensions is a young professor whose aggressive sexual advances are as frightening and alluring as impending madness - a woman who is either Helen's only ally or the killer.

December 17th, 2013

Added Part 9 to Part 12 of A Bit of the Old West by Carole Mortenson [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

December 15th, 2013

Announcement from Ann McMan and Bedazzled Ink Publishing.
Diz and Clarissa Are Back for the Holidays!

In 2011, Ann McMan introduced readers to the heart and hijinks of Diz and Clarissa in her award-winning, Bard's Challenge short story, “Nevermore!” And in 2012, she took us back for more with the novella, “A Christmas Tree Grows in Baltimore.” And now she has released the complete tales of Diz and Clarissa in her compilation Three.

Three contains the bonus, free inclusion of the previously released pieces, “Nevermore!” and “A Christmas Tree Grows in Baltimore,” along with the newest story, “Blended Families.”

This year, Diz and Clarissa face yet another Christmas Eve storm—only this one is full of snow, freezing temperatures, and family…lots and lots of family.

Join Diz and Clarissa as they welcome Bernard and Elspeth Wiley, Art and Maggie Gillespie, brother Father Frank, Marty, Sister Sheila, Christa, one felonious Siberian Husky and her three pint-sized henchmen, and a well-dressed, neurotic Whippet named Maris.

Available from Bedazzled Ink in eBook and paperback now at, barnes&, and all your favorite indie book outlets.

Added Part 26 of Slam Dunk by Mickey Minner [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

December 14th, 2013

Added Part 44 of Hollywood Dreams by Fiur & Vlamme [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
This extraordinary story about love and schemes is set in present Los Angeles, in the glamorous world of movie making, among the society of the "rich and the beautiful".

The Night Watch by Phineas Redux [Original/Alt/Complete]
A delicate little piece for Christmas.

Silver Cusp by Dava Gamble [Original/Alt/Complete]
Amanda Bennett and Laura Ravencouer- battle weary but victorious once again over the Evil Ones of Olc. With the blessings and aid of the priests, priestesses, and all the ancients from Naofa, their beloved Mother and her cherished earthlings begin the tasks of building their futures. For a measure of earth time, their external battles are over, their internal battles loom, as the ancients direct them to the Cusp of their lives together. Destinies will be followed.

December 12th, 2013

We would like to welcome J.B. Ivie the the Academy.

Added Part 5 to Part 8 of A Bit of the Old West by Carole Mortenson [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Added Part 16a to 17b of Mountain Love by Psyche_B [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Two women from very different parts of the country are brought together by destiny and love. This is the story of the trouble they go though to be together. Set in the majestic Adirondack Mountains at the turn of the 20th century. A time when survivors of the War between the States still live to rehash old battles.

5 Poems by J.B. Ivie [Poems/Alt/Complete]

Blair's Christmas Gift by JS Stephens [Facts of Life/Alt/Complete]
Time frame: late high school, Christmas. Jo buys a gift for Blair, who shows up wearing it many years later.

December 10th , 2013

The Xena Chemistry by Sam Pagan [Classic/Alt/Complete]
This doesn't fit anywhere particularly in the timeline, it's just a bit of humorous fluff.

Added Part 25 of Slam Dunk by Mickey Minner [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Added Part 13 - The Final Chapter of Hoosier Daddy by Ann McMan and Salem West [Original/Alt/Complete]
Jill Fryman (her friends call her Friday) is a Line Supervisor at a truck manufacturing plant in a small southern Indiana town. Life on the assembly line is almost as predictable as her love life. When it comes to matters of the heart, Friday always seems to be making the wrong choices. Things go from bad to worse when a sultry labor organizer from the U.A.W. sweeps into town to try and unionize the plant, right after it's been bought out by a Japanese firm. Sparks fly on and off the line as the two women fight their growing attraction for each other against a backdrop of monster trucks, pork chop suppers, and a bar called "Hoosier Daddy."

December 8th , 2013

Announcement from Desert Palm Press

We are pleased to announce the release of Awaiting My Assignment - Book 2 of the Friends Seriesby AJ Adaire

e-book: $6.50

Available at:



Awaiting My Assignment tells Mallory and Amanda's story. Revisit Sunset Island friends Ren, Lindy, and Mallory in AJ Adaire's Book 2 of the Friends Series.

Bernie was a liar. Amanda learned that much when she caught her lover cheating the first time. Upon discovering a second indiscretion, Amanda vows there will never be another and leaves the relationship, fleeing to her friend Dana in New York State. There, Amanda meets and falls in love with a wonderful woman named Mallory.

However, the consistently surprising Bernie isn't finished yet. Amanda learns of Bernie's rudest betrayal yet when she receives a package from her recently deceased ex-lover. Contained therein is a very surprising revelation and one final request. The favor comes with a gift that delivers dramatic and life-altering changes not only to Amanda's life, but to the lives of her closest friends and new partner as well.

Published by Desert Palm Entertainment (CC/2007/2385) trading as Desert Palm Press

Swakopmund, Namibia

Added Part 24 of Slam Dunk by Mickey Minner [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
As Pat and Sherry look forward to a second season of basketball with the Missoula Cougars, they face new responsibilities and increasing pressure to bring home a repeat championship. Can their relationship survive?

December 6th , 2013

Daisy-Belle's Second Helping by Norsebard [Uber/Alt/Complete]
Three months on from their first (a)rousing encounter in Cape Whitnell, the folk singer and hippie bird Daisy-Belle Cosmick and by-the-book Sheriff Erica Wayne are finally back together in Daisy-Belle's hacienda in Coulson, California. Erica has a long-term plan that she can't wait to let the older woman in on, but Daisy-Belle is buried up to her eyebrows in work, stretching herself beyond her limits trying to organize a charity concert at the local community center for New Year's Eve. Will they achieve their goals and dreams, or will the stress from the concert send everything into a tailspin?

Added Part 2 - Part 4 of A Bit of the Old West by Carole Mortenson [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Blood of Seven by Fiur & Vlamme [Original/Alt/Complete]
In the dark depths of the forest.
Under the howl of the wolf.
Two hearts will entwine.
This is the story of how Osanna and Ennelyn first met.

You're Breaking My Heart by JS Stephens [Original/Alt/Complete]
Toni and Celia have been friends since sixth grade, but Celia is spending too much time with her boyfriend for Toni's liking. Something happens to rip them apart - can they ever repair their relationship? Based loosely on Simon & Garfunkel's song, "Cecilia".

What If? by JS Stephens [Original/Alt/Complete]
Pamela Barnes is shocked to find out that her son's fiancee's aunt is her old college roommate, Paige Templeton. She wonders what if she had followed through on her crush on Paige...and wakes up the next morning in the past. Will she take advantage of this chance?

Before and After by JS Stephens [Original/Alt/Complete]
Darcy Kent is a hard charging attorney, respected and feared for her intense personality and intellect. But life changes in a heartbeat when she is in a wreck that changes her life. Life changes again when she meets Greta Hanson, coffee shop owner, and Darcy finds herself truly falling in love for the first time in her life.

December 3rd , 2013

A new bard joins us today. Please welcome Carole Mortenson!

A Bit of the Old West by Carole Mortenson [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
When Sarah Davis moves to Laramie, Wyoming, to help take care of her sister Sylvia's children, she accidentally meets choir director/bartender Lindsey Hobbs, who also manages an old western town tourist attraction. The headstrong Lindsey is always in control and used to having her way--especially with women. So she is totally unprepared when she finds out Sarah has her own ideas about control.
Sylvia's dire warnings to Sarah about Lindsey's sordid past threatens to keep them apart, and Lindsey's secret agenda while conducting a Bible Study almost backfires on her. After a tragedy involving Lindsey's preacher/father and interference from her twin sister Leslie, everything comes to a head. Is the love between Lindsey and Sarah strong enough to triumph?

Announcement from Fingersmith
Hello everyone. Thought I'd update you on a few things. Both my books, See Right Through Me and Puppy Love , are available to purchase on eBook. See Right Through Me is also available as paperback with The Pup following suit shortly. They are both available at amazon or smashwords. How cool is that? Well, for me anyway. ;op

Puppy Love is no ordinary story though. All my royalties will be going to the Dogs Trust, a British based charity (read more here: ). The cover designer (Amanda Chron) has also donated her fees to help dogs that need a little bit of love. Ylva Publishing will also donate a percentage to an animal charity in Germany. I am so very happy at the moment.

Finally, I am giving away one signed copy of See Right Through Me . All you have to do is like my facebook page to have a chance to see my scrawl over a book. Just click on the link and like - . The winner will be announced on Tuesday on my facebook page. Also, when Puppy Love becomes a paperback, I will be doing the same for her.

Oops. This time it's definitely a ‘Finally'. Thank you to you all for supporting my writing over the years. I couldn't do it without you. You are wonderful. Love, Linda T Smith – or you know me by Fingersmith. If you can't, no worries. Just thought I would give it a shot.


Announcement from Bedazzled Ink
Lots of exciting news from Bedazzled Ink Publishing. We have FIVE, count them, 5 new books out in November! Of course, it cost the business a small fortune with all the congratulatory dinners and chiropractic visits from all the high fives.... You can check them out on our webpage and see all the other happenings in our newsletter.

There's an update on the corrected version of Tides by Anne Azel. If you have purchased one, make sure you read Casey's Blog at the end of this post. Here's a quick run down of authors and new titles:

Barrett- Balefire-

Ann McMan/Salem West- Hoosier Daddy-

Maria M. Bermudez- Faces of Feminism-

Gun Street Girl- Barbara Lien/Ryan Howe- [Our first Graphic Novel- no, not THAT kind]]

Sandra Barret- Blood of a Traitor-
Sandra's first book of the Terran/Novan Universe, Face of the Enemy, is out in paperback. Her Lavender Secrets is now in paperback, too. Both were just available as e-books.

Mary D fans will be glad to know the continuing story of Eva and Zoe will be out in January 2014- Hidden Truths- and Awakenings-

We've signed Bev Prescott's Blowback. Look for it in mid- 2014-

UPDATE ON TIDES BY ANNE AZEL FROM CASEY'S BLOG No publisher intentionally puts out a book full of errors, and it can only mean there was a breakdown in the production process. It happens, but that doesn't mean it has to stay wrong. The production team at Bedazzled Ink discovered that the wrong version of Tides by Anne Azel was produced. This is an unacceptable and regrettable error for readers and the author. Fortunately, books are printed on paper and transmitted in digital Ink, not engraved in stone. The correct version of Tides is now available everywhere you buy books. It will have “Corrected Edition” on the copyright page, so you know which edition you have. We will quickly replace any uncorrected edition at no charge, any format. Just send an email to Tell us where you purchased your copy of Tides, the date of purchase, and the format (paperback, mobi (Kindle), epub (Nook, Kobo), pdf). If you purchased a paperback, please include your snail mail. Thank you for your continued support.

Claudia, Casey, and everyone at Bedazzled Ink

Announcement from Sapphire Book

New Release from Sapphire Books Publishing

Switching Gears

By debut authors - Rhavensfyre

Paperback 14.95
e Bundle Price: $ 9.99 - all eBook formats
eBook Formats: AWZ, LIT, pdf, ePub, Mobi

Available at Amazon Barnes and Noble Sapphire Books Publishing

Lesbian Romance, contemporary women

Micah Connolly had spent most of her life trying to please others, starting with her family, and ending with Olivia Holden. When she found out that her beloved grandmother had passed away, she was bereft and sought solace with the only person she thought might offer her comfort. Olivia Holden was full of mixed messages, none of them clear, but most of them leaning towards a keen interest in Micah. Their first kiss was a disaster. Overwrought with emotion, she had meant to tell Olivia she had to go home and get her grandmother's affairs in order, but instead, the night ended in a volatile exchange of words that sent Micah running.

Well over a year had passed since that fateful night, and Olivia still regretted her strict adherence to a set of rules that made her lose the one woman she felt she could love. Chance and fate changes everything when she recognizes Micah weaving her bike wildly through the busy streets of New York.

When Micah and Olivia finally meet again, it isn't your standard happy reunion. Micah had changed, a lot. She was now darker, edgier, and carried a secret blacker than the leathers she prefers to wear. This new Micah also wasn't the sort who would accept Olivia taking charge of their budding relationship. Micah had come to terms with a part of herself she had kept hidden, including some things that she wasn't so sure the high-powered attorney would be game for.

A subtle and erotic game of power play ensues, one that both surprises and delights Micah, but also leaves her with a difficult choice. The past still haunts her, a past requiring an explanation that could tear down all of her carefully constructed walls. Every risk has its own rewards, but what Micah is risking could destroy her.



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