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September 24, 2016

The Fruit and the Fall by Geonn Cannon [Original/Alt/Complete]
Mallory had a plan for her life, but it was suddenly and cruelly taken away from her. At a loss, she decides to take a vacation to the city where her favorite book was set in the hopes she can find the same peace of mind as the main character. While there, she has a chance encounter with another traveler that just may lead her to what she's looking for.

September 17, 2016

Added Part 9 of Phoenix by Linda Kay [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

September 4, 2016

Added Part 8 of Phoenix by Linda Kay [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Danny Hunter could hardly remember a time when her life had been anything but just simply existing. Surviving. She had had everything in life and she had destroyed it. Left with nothing but emptyness, hatred and an intense desire to get revenge, she meets Emily Bryant and they both feel the connection which is, but shouldn't be there. Can they have a life together or will Danny's inner demons once again destroy everything she cares about.

Announcement from Stein Willard
It took me five years to tweak and rewrite the story until I felt it was ready to share with my readers. I would like to thank my editor, Raven's Eye, for the wonderful job she did on the book. I was beginning to doubt whether PoTH would ever see the light of day, but she made it possible and for that I will be forever in her debt.


by Stein Willard

Born into the modest legacy of a blacksmith grandfather and chambermaid mother, Orla was happy with the way her life was panning out. That was until an age old legacy, so powerful and all-consuming, snatched her away from everything she knew and loved. Love, and only love, could guide her back to her soul mate.

Young and powerful, Sterling commanded the army of the most prestigious kingdom in the Realm. She too had her future mapped out for her. Win back the Wastelands, find a mate and succeed her mother to the throne. But between a loyal horse, a woman and powerful mystical beings, she lost sight as to the order in which she had to accomplish her dream. Love, and love alone, was her beacon in this cluttered quest.

The book is available on Amazon. Happy reading!


Announcement from Desert Palm Press
Debut novel from Jazzy Mitchell

Lost Treasures

After working at a Manhattan clothing boutique for a little over a year, Torry Hansen requests permission to design the window displays. This is a big step for Torry since she associates fashion with her mother, who died in a tragic accident. The decorations cause quite a stir, even catching the attention of Evelyn Allbright, who decides to have her magazine, Trending , feature the shop, its designs, and the window display designer. Recognizing Torry's talents, Evelyn becomes fascinated and decides to convince Torry to leave the boutique for bigger and better things. As Evelyn's interest in Torry transforms from professional to personal, so do her actions during her quest to keep Torry in her life.

Available at:

Smashwords , Amazon , and soon at CreateSpace and Bella Books

Announcement from Q. Kelly
New book release!
"The Young and the Lesbian":
Dash Bannon, a forty-seven-year-old soap opera actress with high aspirations, has been relegated to “dried-up relative in the corner” status, and that simply will not do. A career shakeup is in order, and Dash decides to hop onto the train of celebrities coming out as gay. One teeny problem—she isn't really gay. On the other hand, she IS an actress.
One of Dash's co-stars, reigning soap queen Jane Knight, is in similar straits, although few people realize the new lows Jane's career has sunk to. Jane sees through Dash's ploy, but she has an idea that could jump start both of their careers. It means they'll have to get closer to each other. Much closer.
This story chronicles the women's roller-coaster ride during the week that Dash comes out. As Jane and Dash spend time together and face obstacle after obstacle, they realize they have a true connection. Could love be in the air? Find out now in "The Young and the Lesbian."
Free ebook giveaway details: Q. Kelly's Author Website: The Young and the Lesbian

Announcement from Sapphire Books
Sapphire Books announces a new book from Stephanie Kusiak, the awarding winning author of, Loved and Lost . Have you bought your copy of Stephanie Kusiak's newest book, The House at the End of the Street? Reviewers are going crazy over her newest release.
22 - 5 star reviews on Net Galley can't be wrong. Reviews like this:
"The title and description of this book really entrigued(sp) me. I was so thrilled that I was given permission to read this book. It's honestly unlike any book I've ever read....."


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