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January 27, 2015

Added Part 4b of Stages of Redemption by Elle Rogue [Original/Alt/Incomplete]
Olivia was a girl lucky enough to find the one person she would love for the rest of her life, but that was before her high school sweetheart broke her heart. A decade later, Olivia is reunited with the woman who left her. Vaughn St. Clair is an FBI agent whose personal life consists of one best friend and an endless list of nameless conquests. She's stoic, unapproachable, and emotionally bereft. Vaughn is a woman without a heart because she lost hers to a love she betrayed so callously. Will this be a chance at redemption for Vaughn or will Olivia be the one to walk away this time?

Announcement from Desert Palm Press
New Release from Desert Palm Press

Death Wears Yellow Garters


Rae D. Madgon

Jay Venkatesan's life was going pretty great. She had Nicole—her perfect new girlfriend—and her anxiety was mostly under control. But when Nicole's grandfather dies under mysterious circumstances at his 70 th birthday party, Jay is thrown into a tailspin. Her eccentric Aunt Mimi is determined to solve the mystery no matter what she thinks about it, and the police are eyeing Nicole as one of their prime suspects. No matter how often Jay insists that real life isn't like one of her aunt's crime novels, she finds herself dragged along for the ride as the mystery unravels and the shocking truth comes to light.

Available at:

Smashwords , Amazon , and soon at Bella Books and CreateSpace

January 22, 2015

Added Part 16 - Chapters 31-32 of Spoils of War by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Announcement from Shaylynn Rose (aka sHaYcH)
Banshee's Honor by Shaylynn Rose has been re-released in an all new version. It's now Banshee's Honor and Banshee's Vengeance. Both are available to purchase at Ylva Publishing and

Banshee's Honor Blurb: Warleader . This is what the people of Y'Dan used to call the proud warrior Azhani Rhu'len. Banshee . Oath breaker. Murderer. These are words that slip off their tongues now. Azhani Rhu'len, once one of the greatest of Y'Dan's warriors, is now just a common criminal, escaping the justice of the kingdom she swore to serve. ~~~ Kyrian Stardancer. Goddess' Own. A healer and priestess, she is inviolate until one day, when her world is turned upside down and tossed over the back of a horse—literally. Torn from all she knows, Kyrian finds her fate now rests squarely on the shoulders of the oath breaker, Azhani Rhu'len. When signs of ancient evil appear, Azhani and Kyrian must choose whether to ignore the warnings or stand and face the terrifying menace.
Banshee's Honor (Ylva link):

Banshee's Honor ( link):

Banshee's Vengeance Blurb: Honor. It was torn from Azhani's grasp by the sorcerer whose hatred of her family is decades old. Love. Ylera, Azhani's beloved, was murdered, her death no more than one callous act in a chain meant to put a noose around Azhani's neck. Once, not long ago, Azhani had been hopeless, lost, and without any desire for a future, but now, the rimerbeasts have come, and she is needed. Can she put aside her yearning for justice and face this ancient menace as honor demands, or will the bonds of love lost hurl her into a mire of death and revenge?
Banshee's Vengeance (Ylva link):
Banshee's Vengeance ( link):

January 15, 2015

Revised Version of In the Blood of the Greeks by Mary D [Original/Alt/Complete]

Announcement from LT Smith (aka Fingersmith)
Hello everyone. LT Smith here – or Fingersmith to everyone who knows my work from the Academy.

Thought I would let you all know that my new novel Driving Me Mad is available at Ylva Publishing in all formats. The book will also be available to purchase from a range of sellers from 20 January 2016. I am so chuffed with this novel as she started her life as a short story in the Academy's Halloween Invitation but just wouldn't let me go until I added a huge amount to her. If you want to check out the original, look no further than the Academy – still named Driving Me Mad . The short story can be read as a stand-alone, but if you fancy delving deeper and discovering what happens next, you can purchase a copy at , Ylva Publishing , or .

So, if you like ghost stories, mysteries, Gothic, humour and love then why not check out Driving Me Mad? Best wishes, Linda T Smith PS I will be hosting a giveaway soon. If you are interesting, keep your eye on my Facebook page.

Announcement from Sapphire Books
Need something to melt those winter blues? Check out Rachel Windsor's newest release, Best Lesbian Erotica.

Available on Amazon US Amazon UK Sapphire Books
Lusty and Fun

Better set aside some “me time” once you have your hands on this award-winning collection of hot, sheet-twisting erotic stories that will leave you squirming.

With group sex, first times, exhibitionism, domination, and toys, this 2015 Golden Crown Literary Society Award Winner (Erotica) has something for every lover of lesbian erotica. These stories burn with details so vivid you'll swear you can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel the women loving women within.

Best Lesbian Erotica—it's the next best thing to being there.

January 15, 2015

Added Part 9 - Chapter 11 of Earth in Turmoil by Psyche_b [Andromeda/Alt/Incomplete]

The Photo-Reconnaissance by Phineas Redux [Uber/Alt/Complete]
This is an Uberfic set in Great Britain in 1943. Flying Officers Zena Mathews and Gabrielle Parker—members of SOE, Special Operations Executive,—are given the task of photographing an important enemy position.

January 9, 2015

A message from KMorgan
Through the years many of you have indicated that you would purchase my books, if I ever published them. At the moment three of my books are for sale in . My request to you might sound strange, but I am asking everyone NOT to purchase these books.
I have been the victim of copyright infringement and Amazon is in the process of removing the books and investigating the infringement. I am also looking into possible legal action.
If I can find an interested publisher, I have decided to publish the stories in the future. I will let you know when this happens, here in the Academy's web page, so that you can be certain that you are getting good copies. The unauthorized books were not professionally edited and contain typographical errors. I've also alerted Amazon of my other stories in the Academy's web page to prevent the possibility of further infringement.
As a personal favor to me, please, do not buy the books, and/or return them for a refund. If anyone bought those books, your money went to an unknown source.
Please, help me stop copyright infringement!

January 8, 2015

Room In Our Hearts For You by Norsebard [Uber-Original/Alt/Complete]
Life has many twists and turns - we never know if we end up where we want to be, or where we need to be. When advertising executive Julia Thorne is involved in a car accident, she is introduced to Brenda McCrawley, a friendly, dedicated former nurse who runs a shelter for abused women. Through meeting some of those women, it dawns on Julia there's life beyond her own glitzy, shallow existence in a corner office of the Collins-Mattheson-Thorne Advertising Agency. The real world is inhabited by real people who struggle with real issues, and they'll only get help if someone with her power and financial clout reaches out to support them...

First Date by Mickey Minner [Original/Alt/Complete]
First Date is a prequel to story Smugglers' Cove.

Added Part 8 - Chapter 10 of Earth in Turmoil by Psyche_b [Andromeda/Alt/Incomplete]
Andromeda and her crew are safely home, but their lives and the lives of all citizens are at risk. This is the continuing story of the officers of Andromeda.

Announcement from Erica Lawson (a.k.a. Aurelia)
Erica Lawson's newest book is out now!

Can Edda Case find a new life without her love? Distraught and saddened, she seeks a new direction in her life, temporarily moving house in the hope of leaving behind her grief. What she does find is a mystery that incessantly prods her previously hidden curiosity. What is the secret of “The Beggars' Coppice”?

Look for the first Edda Case mystery, “The Case of the Beggars' Coppice”, available through the Affinity eBooks website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords NOW.

January 5, 2015

Queen, Warrior, Bard by Gabster [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Time frame right after fighting Helicon & Back, Xena notices changes that she sees in Gabrielle after so much fighting so she decides to take Gabrielle off of the battle field after losing so many of her fellow Amazon sisters it's effecting her, Xena also surprises with a new home base that she had secretly build for just such occasions.

The Smyrna Run by Phineas Redux [Uber/Alt/Complete]
Several passengers onboard a Douglas DC7C in 1958, overflying a certain part of Greece, become embroiled in a curious and terrifying incident.


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