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June 25th , 2017

A new bard joins us today. Welcome Caitlin McEwen!

Dinar for your Thoughts by Caitlin McEwen [Classic/Alt/Complete]
Takes place the evening of "Girls Just Want To Have Fun". Gabrielle is having strange thoughts and can't seem to shake them. Does it have something to do with her transformation into a Bacchae?

Added Part 3 - The Conclusion of An Indian Odyssey by HistoryBeckons [Original/Alt/Incompete]
27 year old Dr. Sanaa Sharma was content to go along with her life following her parents' wishes for her until she met heiress and philanthropist Andrea Whittington. Little did she know that agreeing to chaperone the foreigner around India would change her life in more ways than one and open her eyes to the possibility of a fairy tale love that she had never believed existed. But when outside influences put hurdles in her path, will she choose to fight the tempest or will she settle for whatever the easiest path offers…

Announcement from KMorgan (Tey Holden)
Dear readers and friends,
Just wanted to thank everyone who has purchased my books. The books have been selling wild on Amazon and I'm overwhelmed with the welcome received. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Look me up at:
Kind regards,
KMorgan aka Tey Holden

Announcement from Desert Palm Press
New Release from Desert Palm Press

Snowbird Season

(Seasons – Book 2)


BJ Phillips

In the sequel to Hurricane Season , Kelly Bradley is nearly forty and feels destined to always be alone. She meets Andi Wainwright, niece of Snowbird Elise Wainwright, while doing a woodworking job. There is an attraction, but Andi is healing from a failed relationship.

How can Andi, a woman from New York City and owner of an art gallery in SoHo, and Kelly, a middle-class Florida Girl who has no intention of ever living anywhere else, make it work ?

Available at

Amazon , Smashwords , CreateSpace and soon at Bella Books

Announcement from Q. Kelly
My new book, "Knowing Katharine," is out!
(You can buy it at all of the other retailers too--and in print.)
- Q. Kelly

June 11th , 2017

The Orion Spur, Book 2: The Enemy Inside by Harpy & HkdonXetG [Original/Alt/Complete]
After leaving The Kalenth Hegemony for freedom on Trengos, Kikola Karthen and Tehvay Veilan settle into their new lives. New jobs, new family, and new friends affect the women in different ways.

No longer having status and power, Kikola's world has become much smaller. She struggles to find acceptance in a world where her kind is seen as the enemy.

For Tehvay, it opens up a world much larger than she has ever known. Enjoying the approval she receives in speaking out against slavery, she finds an acceptance that Kikola does not.

Their differing levels of acceptance, and Tehvay's memories of past abuse, put a strain on their relationship. It is further strained by political turmoil in The Kalenth Hegemony that brings chaos and tragedy to their very doorstep.

Announcement from Shadowriter (Renee Freeman)
Chasing the Ghost Wave is on pre-order. You can find it on Kobo or Barnes&Noble, and it will be available on Smashwords on June 13th, where you can get it in .mobi format.

Thank you!

Announcement from KMorgan (Tey Holden)
Dear readers and friends,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the publication on Amazon of, my Hall of Fame story, Turning On A Dime.

This story is very dear to my heart because it brought me to the Academy of Bards and opened the world of writing for me. This story not only changed Addy's and Karen's lives, but mine as well. I will forever be grateful to Addy and Karen for setting me free in so many ways. It is with great pleasure that I set them free, just as well, by publishing their story.

Look it up on Amazon under: Turning on A Dime by Tey Holden. Also, f ollow me on Amazon on news regarding the publication of the remaining stories of the series.

Thank you to all, who have read my stories through the years. I hope that you enjoy them just as well this time around. Your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are kindly appreciated. Tey Holden (aka KMorgan)

June 6th , 2017

We would like to welcome a new Bard. Hello Jen Cunningham!

The Dragon's Sister by Jen Cunningham [Original/Alt/Complete]
Countess Sasha Rossi feels the death of her brother Vlad Dracula and sets out to avenge his death. She arrives in England and finds an unlikely ally in the form of her Lady's maid Molly. As she stalks the men responsible for her brother's death, she discovers there is more than vengeance to be found if she has the courage.

I fell in love with Dracula when I read the book in junior high and it always bothered me that Van Helsing and his cohorts got away with killing him. This story is my attempt to right that wrong.


Added Part 8 (Chapter 15 - 16) and Part 9 (Chapter 17 - 18) of The Same Difference by Stein Willard [Original/Alt/Incomplete]

Announcement from KMorgan
Hi, everyone! Just wanted to let you know that, my book, Connection is life and kicking on Amazon! Look it up under:

Connection by Tey Holden.

Happy reading!



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