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August 4, 2019

MAELSTROM II: ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH by Norsebard [Uber/Alt/complete]


of A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever by Gili Hirsch [Classic/Alt/Complete]


Announcement from Stein Willard

My new book, World Apart, should be available on Amazon in a few days. An edited version of and anthology of Just Add Love and Deception will also be up in this week.


Lady Tia Bellingham, the Duchess of Camphor wanted the near impossible: to stop the centuries' old exploitation of the poor and down-trodden. But the darling of the English Court could not be seen as the one behind the ruination of her peers, and those most likely to make themselves guilty of such immoral practices. She realised that she needed help – more specific – she needed the help of Britain's most dangerous and elusive criminal, The Maverick.

The dark, decaying slums of London were where Oasis felt most comfortable. Born a secret and raised in secret, it wasn't difficult to hide her true self in a place where no one would come looking. As the feared outlaw, The Maverick, she ruled the underworld with an iron fist; her justice swift and lethal in her quest to protect the innocent and destitute. It's only when the captivating Duchess of Camphor came knocking, that Oasis realised there were certain depths to her that only the blonde beauty could access. 

BLOOD OATHS (Anthology)

Just Add Love

Iramis de Leeuw, a powerful vampire mediator between the Vampire race and the humans, struggles to keep her human family alive as she fights a rebel clan, who could jeopardize the treaty between the vampires and the human authorities. But how could she keep the dark side of her life from them, when the situation demands her to be the monster that lurks just beneath the surface.


In the deadly world of contract killing, there is no place for love or any personal attachments.. When two of the world's most lethal assassins are pitted against each other. They both must make hard choices to keep their loved ones unharmed. 

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Two for One

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With Blair nowhere to be found, and her mother in the hospital, Alex's world has fallen apart. When Blair finally returns, things are not the same, and Alex makes a decision that uproots her life and takes her to another city. Away from home, chaos erupts, and characters are tested. The road home seems far but promising. Old friends show up and add pieces to the puzzle. Will the family endure the turnings of Alex's life? Will Addy recover? Will Blair and Alex stay together? Is this how it ends, or will there be a new beginning?


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