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April 27, 2019

Fifteen Years in America by Bat Morda [Classic/Alt/Conplete]
This story is a companion piece to my story The Resurrection of Xena . By no means a sequel, it's just a further exploration of a story that Gabrielle told Xena in the tub in Chapter 15. If you haven't read The Resurrection of Xena , please read that before reading this, otherwise this isn't going to make much sense. I still consider RoX my final work of fan fic, this just popped out after Beth said that she'd read the bath scene for the umpteenth time AND SHE WASN'T TALKING ABOUT THE SEX PART. Anyway, that made me think there might be something more to that tale, so here it is..

Added Part 12, Part 13 and Part 14 of Like Love by Gin (The Devil wears Prada/Alt/Incomplete)

(Part IV of the Like Series)


Publication Announcement from Tey Holden
Addy and Karen present Alex in
Party of Two
Ebook available at
A chance encounter at a bar presents an awkward situation, and a it's love at first sight when Blair Reilly meets Alexandra Marcos Larsen. That they share the same dream was such an extraordinary coincidence that it was almost too hard to believe and much less comprehend. How life had intertwined their paths to come together was even harder to understand. However, the dream is far fetched when family-health issues, old boyfriends, bad decisions, tragedy, and identity issues need to be overcome.

April 25, 2019

Added Part 9 , Part 10 and Part 11 of Like Love by Gin (The Devil wears Prada/Alt/Incomplete)

(Part IV of the Like Series)


April 6, 2019

The City that never sleeps by Norsebard (Uber/Alt/Complete)
Over the course of six-and-a-half hectic days and nights, the lives of five women suddenly connect as they all cross paths with three professional gangsters who'll stop at nothing to carry out the plans of their ruthless mob boss. A gofer for a crime syndicate, a pair of easy-going street-hustlers, a disillusioned patrol cop and a senior nun with the Order of the Sisters of Mercy all find themselves drawn into a web of action, drama and near-tragedy in the sprawling metropole of Carlyle - the City That Never Sleeps...

Added Part 6, Part 7 and Part 8 of Like Love by Gin (The Devil wears Prada/Alt/Incomplete)

(Part IV of the Like Series)

April 4, 2019

Added Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5 of Like Love by Gin (The Devil wears Prada/Alt/Incomplete)

(Part IV of the Like Series)

Announcement from Erica Lawson
New Release by Erica Lawson (a.k.a. Aurelia)

It's been four years since my last book; a time filled with intermittent health problems and a lot of self-doubt. Did I have another book in me? Did I care if I had another book in me?

Sometimes I didn't write for weeks, sometimes days, but I persevered and here it is.

Free Spirit”

Priory McAllister has fought off boardroom sharks, handled high-pressure jobs, and thought she'd seen it all. Ready to live the suburban life she found her dream home and can't wait to move in.

Unknown to Priory, the house is inhabited by two ghosts, Rhee and a mischievous Dylan who call Priory's new house their home and have since 1935. They have no intention of leaving after all, she couldn't be harder to get rid of than the others who tried to encroach on  their home.

Jacey Ryder, Priory's long-suffering secretary has agreed to help her boss move…the things you do for your crush! Now, she gets to play referee between her boss and a bossy ghost, as each side try to lay claim to the house. What can she do when an unstoppable force, (her boss) meets an immovable object, (the ghost) besides hope for a peaceful solution? They are like two peas in a pod—two  angry, stubborn  peas in a pod.

To a few of you, this plot may be familiar. It should be. About 12 years ago, in my Xenaverse days, I wrote a short story (as Aurelia) aptly titled “The Do It Yourself Guide to Bathroom Fixtures, Non-Corporeal Manifestations and You”.

Here is a novel-length version of this story. Completely re-written, it has many new escapades as well as some old favorite scenes. Hope you enjoy it.

“ Free Spirit” will be out on May 1 and available through Affinity e-Books website, Amazon and Smashwords.


April 3, 2019

Like Love - Part 1 and Part 2 by Gin (The Devil wears Prada/Alt/Incomplete)

(Part IV of the Like Series)

Like Andrea

Like Family

Like Life


Announcement from Desert Palm Press
New Releases from Desert Palm Press

Sunkissed Feathers and Severed Ties

Broken Chronicles – Book 1


Kellie Doherty

Misti Eildelmann is a Vagari—a race whose innate crafting ability is connected to the creatures of the world. She's also a Moon Knight. Misti is fighting a banished one when he slips a pendant around her neck that saps her strength. The pendant is dangerous. Deadly even. It harnesses crafting in a way not seen before, so she sets off to find help. Old and new friends join her on this quest, including her longtime crush Dylori Clyofis and a villager named Arias Silverstone. The journey is risky—filled with frightening suncreatures, evil worshippers, and twisted betrayal. Misti is thankful to have friends on this path into the scorching light, but something much bigger is waiting for them in the sunshine. Her pendant is just a piece of puzzle.

Available at:

Desert Palm Press website , Smashwords , Amazon , and soon at Bella Books


Fur and Fangs (Vol 1-10)


Rae D. Magdon

Riley is a werewolf from rural Georgia, trying to make a new home in the bustling Big Apple. Isabeau is a sexy, computer-savvy vampire dealing with depression and recovering from a bad relationship. When a chance meeting on the subway brings them together, their lives will never be the same.

Available at:

Desert Palm Press website , Smashwords , Amazon , and soon at Bella Books


Dark Horizons (Revised Edition)


Rae D. Magdon

LIEUTENANT TAYLOR MORGAN has never met an ikthian that wasn't trying to kill her, but when she accidentally takes one of the aliens hostage, she finds herself with an entirely new set of responsibilities. Her captive, Maia Kalanis, is no normal ikthian, and the encroaching Dominion is willing to do just about anything to get her back. Her superiors want to use Maia as a bargaining chip, but the more time Taylor spends alone with her, the more conflicted she becomes. Torn between Maia and her duty to her homeworld, Taylor must decide where her loyalties lie.

Available at:

Desert Palm Press website , Smashwords , Amazon , and soon at Bella Books


April 2, 2019

What's New April 2, 2019

The Binds That Tie by Bat Morda (Classic/Alt/Complete)

The Binds That Tie II: The Tacky Sequel by Bat Morda (Classic/Alt/Complete)

The Covington Sextology by Bat Morda (Mel & Janice/Alt/Complete)

Book 1 - Argo

Book 2 - Is There A Doctor On The Dig?

Book 3 - The Party

Book 4 - The Search For Amphipolis

Book 5 - Callisto

Book 6 - UberMadness

Cooking With Fire by Bat Morda (Uber/Alt/Complete)

Cooking With Fire II: Iron Chef by Bat Morda (Uber/Alt/Complete)

Fast Forward by Bat Morda ( Xena /Buffy Crossover/Gen/Complete)

The Resurrection of Xena by Bat Morda (Classic/Alt/Complete)



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