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Characters Occupation Author Story Web Site Location
Series of characters Various Various bards 101 Aurellian Nights
Rachael/Denny Survivors of air crash on island [90s] Kim Pritekel 1049 Club
Jan/Mel Adventurer/ sidekick Absinthe Angel 1959 Christmas 
Bekah/Sofia Holocaust survivors [WWII] AC [aka Nyxie] 1944: Year of the Mandolin Wind (1)
AC [aka Nyxie] Stand by Me: In A Broken Dream (2)
Carol/Erin Cop/hippie [70's] Tonya Muir [deceased]/ CN Winters 1971
Conner/Sammi Actress [90s] phair 2Hers (The)
Charlie/Sky Opposites attract [90's] Oberon 20 Blocks
Xena/Gabrielle [SciFi] Janice Logan 2099 AD
Victoria/Corky Students [90's] Amazon Moon 21st Century Babes
Lana/Anne Surfer/ young girl [60's] Lady Savay 409 No Longer Available -- beg for a copy
Presley/Regan PWP Twinkerhell 525,600 mins. How Do You Measure a Year
Dyan/Sara Prof. Photographer/ novelist [90's] Dreams 8 X 10
NA Rodeo rider [90s] Roughrider728 8 Second Ride series [3]
NA Father & daughter recall early home [90's] Ami 810 Minnie Street