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About Nothing and Everything

This is ode to Fan Fic and the people who come together in the Xena Fandom. This is a thank you to the Academy, some bards, and my first submission since 2001. This about Xena and Gabrielle and how Uber and Fan Fic shaped my life and changed my life.

1944: Year of the Mandolin Wind  ebook version available

What would you do for love? This is the story of two women who would do anything for a chance to be together. WARNING: NC-17 for violence. Takes place during the Holocaust.

Back to the Light: Journey to The Heart

Simply put its a journey some have taken, some are still taking and for some may never end. It is written with the hope that someone may get something from it. That it may mean to another what it does to me.

The Beginning Starts At The End

One life begins where another ends. Sometimes you have to travel off of your path just to find your way back. Sometimes less is more. A short story about the end of Mattie's life as she knows it and the beginning of the life Jean dreamed for her to have.

Boy  ebook version available

I have this friend who has this problem. Everyone thinks she is straight. Not a person in the world looks at her and thinks "lesbian." She is just another girl in the world. In a manís world. Sometimes I wish that I had that problem. Well, in a way I do...

Stand by Me: In a Broken Dream  ebook version available

A sequel to 1944: Year of the Mandolin Wind. Sofia and Bekah struggle to rebuild their lives in a new place after World War II, finding that all they will ever need is right beside them.

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