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Amelia Sedley

Last Updated:  10/9/2005

Dress Blues   [Academy Pulp Fiction Contest]   ebook version available

A young Army recruit catches the eye of her drill instructor.

Jesse And Annie Series

Montana Journey   ebook version available

It's 1910, and Jesse Tyson is working a man's job in western Montana for the newly created Forest Service. Jesse isn't happy when she's ordered to guide a woman writer from the East to Lost Soldier Butte. Reluctantly she travels to meet Annie Thomas and their horseback journey across Montana begins. They're not long on the trail before they recognize their growing attraction for each other. Together they face trigger happy cowboys, a murderous trapper and a huge forest fire.

Mountains To The Sun   ebook version available

In the sequel to Montana Journey, a gang of poachers is causing big problems in Mountains to the Sun National Park. Annie and Jesse are assigned the job of stopping them. They quickly discover poachers aren't their only challenge as they join a pack trip of dudes in the park.

That Which One Desires   [Incomplete]

It's the summer of 1912, and Jesse Tyson has disappeared in Mongolia while on an expedition. Annie Thomas and Ed Kearney set out to find her in a wild, dangerous country where all order has collapsed and bandits roam unchallenged.

Part 1