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Blind Faith

Last Updated:  9/9/2005

Disaster At Styman Pass

A surprise rock slide sends Xena over a cliff, and Gabrielle fights to rescue her.  This hurt/comfort story shows the love and friendship between these two women.

Shark Island Salvation

The setting of this story takes place immediately following the events of "Locked Up and Tied Down" from Season 4. Gabrielle and Xena try to recover from the events in the prison, and Xena struggles to shake the feeling of anxiety that has taken over her soul ever since Alti's vision of the crucifixion.

White Water Trilogy

White Water Terror

Xena and Gabrielle find themselves in "a little over their heads" as they try to help a village struggling to survive a flooding river near their homes.  As the events swirl out of their control, Xena and Gabrielle are forced fight for their own survival.

White Water Terror 2: Kilaro's Revenge

After surviving the harrowing events of White Water Terror, Xena and Gabrielle double back to the town to discover if the villagers have survived the flood. However, when they reach the village there is an even greater threat that awaits them.

White Water Terror 3: The Hunt

Xena and Gabrielle must fight for their lives to avoid Kilaro and her army. This is the concluding section of the White Water Trilogy.