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Last Updated:  7/6/2011

The Blower's Daughter

The loss of a first love destroys a seventeen year old girl's soul, years pass, and her mind is forever tormented throughout her adulthood. She finally makes a promise to herself, a promise of closure, and she ventures to the place where her story of tragedy began. But when acting on her pledge she is startled by a life-changing surprise. Perhaps all isn't what it seems; perhaps love is never fully or completely lost


An ambiguous short story about a young woman who willingly lets herself be controlled by another woman; their interactions with one another highly intimate, yet completely controlled. And, although her inner turmoil is one of lust and passion, she cannot seem to stay away from the only person who makes her feel this way. Throughout the story you slowly learn that there is a rather extended history between the two, enlightening the reader to what true love and passion can mean when you are enslaved by emotions.

Forbidden Love   [Incomplete]

This is a riveting tale of two women finding love during a long started war between Scotland and Ireland. Isabelle, the daughter of King Conall of Scotland, tells the story in her perspective.. Remembering how she and Adairia, Princess of Ireland met, whilst holding her dying lover in her arms. This story is filled with the meaning of true love, and the many risks the two lovers’ will take. Adairia and Isabelle would give up everything to be together…but sometimes, is everything enough?

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I Kissed A Girl

Emilie Fitzpatrick is a strange girl; she still shares a room with her older sister, is obsessed with death, and is very dark and broody. Although she seems tough, we find her in a place where she is confused, and feels as though she's missing something in her life, watching it pass by her. Even with these pessimistic thoughts, Emilie surely sees a ray of hope, and it's name is Brigitte Sinclair. Within the story we see her pining away after the beautiful blond, but when something unexplainable and phenomenal happen between the two girls, will Emilie finally realize what was missing within her the whole time?


Ana Parrish is a young woman from Britain who runs away to New York, without the permission of her parents, in an attempt to pursue her dream of becoming an artist. Reaching America, she becomes roommates with the older, subversive Giselle Holloway. Over the months their journey is full of trials and tribulations; difficulties of everyday life. Their differences pull them apart and bring them together, causing an overwhelming amount of emotion. But, perhaps, through all of life's innocent emotions, they can discover the most powerful emotion of all: love.

Inside and Out   [Academy Xmas Challenge 2008]

The New Year's Girl

Depressed and moody, Natalie Brighton gets coaxed out of the confines of her stuffy apartment for a night on the town with her best gal pal. Quickly, Natalie discovers that love at first sight can indeed occur, and that New Years Eve can easily become the best holiday around.

The Summer of Autumn

This is the Summer of...Autumn, a young girl that we can all relate to. Just graduating from high school, Autumn is ecstatic for her summer, and impending first year at University. Her summer quickly livens up when everything she thought she knew about herself ends up being a lie. Confused about her sexuality and what love really is she meets and falls in love with her new neighbor, Charity. Can the laws and rules that come between the two break their bond, can they hold onto their love?