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Last Updated:  7/3/2008

The Boy Next Door   ebook version available

When a tall, dark and handsome boy moves in next door to Ashley Carter, he captured her heart straight away. However, is Sidney Walters what she is looking for in a boyfriend, or more?

Just A Love Story

Valentine's Day in the life of Ashley and Sidney and the title pretty much explains it all. Need I say more?

A Figment of Imagination  [Academy Personals 2008]

Love After War   ebook version available

Set after the 1st season ep 'Is There A Doctor In The House?'. Xena and Gabrielle discuss their feelings after Gab's 'accident' at Thesally.

Out Of Boredom a.k.a. Can I Kiss You, Xena?   ebook version available

A first time story. As Xena and Gabrielle settle in for the day, Gabrielle gets bored and invites Xena to have a little fun - with something else in her bardic mind of course.