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David J. Duncan

Last Updated:  9/16/2005

Farewell To A Hero

Upon visiting his deceased wife's grave, Hercules faces Ares who uses hind's blood on him. How will this affect him, Xena, Gabrielle and Eve? And who's the ghost showing up at the gates of Althanor? Finally, how will Hope react when she actually has to do something good?

Dubois Chronicles

(Crossover of XWP, Forever Knight, Smallville, Mutant X, Dark Angel, Spiderman, Andromeda and Overmind)

The Crystal Necklace

In this segment of "The Dubois Chronicles", Ares seeks to conquer the otherworldly enclave of Althanor. Accordingly, he sends Roman troops into the future to steal a certain necklace and kidnap Cybelle Rogers. What happens when Angie Dubois, Cybelle's sister-in-law, finds Xena's sword and chakram in a museum display is another story. After the initial battle, Angie and her husband, Dave, go back in time and team up with Xena and Gabrielle to take on Ares and certain events fall into place...

Trouble In Toronto

In this crossover story between Xena and Forever Knight, Dave and Angie Dubois embark on a conference trip to Toronto after their battle with Ares. However, Angie gets caught in the middle of a bank robbery, giving Xena her first taste of twentieth-century fighting, and drawing the police's attention in the process. Detective Nick Knight and the "Forever Knight" crew...most notably Lucien LaCroix, invite Dave, Angie, and Xena to the Raven for a drink none of them would soon forget...

Holiday Affairs

This segment of "The Dubois Chronicles" combines events taking place both before and after "Climax: Rematch with Ares". In the story, the group decides to throw a medieval-style Christmas party for Nick. During the process, Francesca and Gabrielle get to know each other a bit better. Xena's presence is also felt throughout the story.

Children Of Darkness

After being revived by an unfortunate archaeological expedition, Hope is reunited with her father, Dahak, and his ally, Divia, LaCroix's daughter. The two girls attack Tucson, seeking to wipe Xena, Gabrielle, the Duboises, and their friends out. In the process, a couple of heavenly messengers are sent to assist the heroes in their struggle...

Climax: Rematch With Ares

In this installment of "The Dubois Chronicles", Ares conspires to get revenge after the events of "The Crystal Necklace" and allies himself with Alti, Callisto, Caesar, and Discord to do so. Their initial attack has some success forcing Xena, Gabrielle, the Duboises, and their friends to collect themselves before the final showdown.

Enforcement Matters

After the recent skirmishes involving the vampires, Xena, and the Dubois, a group of renegades within Toronto's vampire community sic the Enforcers, the guardians of the Community's secrecy, on the heroes. This turn of events has some interesting circumstances, especially for a certain Warrior Princess...

Parents And Children

A case of child abuse causes the characters to rethink their familial relations in particular Dave, Nick, Eve, LaCroix, and Xena. As a result, they have a series of confrontations in which long-standing feelings and issues come to light. Advisement to the Reader: There are some scenes of physical abuse in this story.

Protecting One's Legacy

In this piece, Xena and Gabrielle ride to Egypt in order to save Eve from Alti. During the journey, several questions arise between the two friends. After the battle, Gabrielle makes a big decision...

Dancing Before The Music Starts

This is a multi xover between Xena, Forever Knight, and "The Mummy Returns". The O'Connells unwittingly release Alti from her tomb. After trying to use the high priest Imhotep to stop her, Michael is forced to travel to 1990's Tucson and ask Dave and Xena for help.

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This Forever Knight/Xena xover takes place during and right after the ending of 'Send In The Clones'. In this piece, the cloned Xena stays with Alti and the two of them side with the Renegades and the Enforcers against the Duboises and their friends. Don't miss the ending as it sets up some items for the following installment!!

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The Die Is Caste

In this story, many things are happening. Gabrielle is adjusting to her new role as queen. Xena struggles with her adjustment to village life. Eve receives a life changing vision. And what's going on in Althanor with Cybelle and Deirdre? You'll have to read this story to find out....

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In this story, Alti has been defeated and the Enforcers are no where near Tucson. But there is still a lot going on with the Duboises and their compatriots. What's going to happen when Dave and Angie find out about Deirdre? And what's going on with Eve? As the characters prepare for the final battle with Dijon and the Enforcers, there's some tremendous aftershocks to "Aftershocks"

Father Doesn't Know Best

Dijon's gone, but trouble continues for the Duboises as a group of mutant hunters come to Tucson. Angie's speech is disrupted and she's kidnapped along with her co-speaker and a potential student before she can change into everyone's favorite Warrior Princess. Now, it's up to Dave, Gabrielle, and their friends to get them back. Take the situation and stir in Mutant X and Clark from Smallville and it's a heckuva story. Once again, brace yourself for the ending!

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Step Into My Nightmare

Now that the challenge has been issued and the duel set between Dave and Dijon, the Duboises and their friends set off for England to get ready. But will the parties abide by the rules? And how will Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve deal with what's happening? Finally what role will Michael and Raphael have to play? Whatever happens, everything changes...

Don't Talk To Strangers

Dahak's looking to make still more trouble for the Duboises and their friends. Thus, he allies himself with the Spirit of the Abyss (from Andromeda) and a sorcerer for the first of three strikes at his enemies. In Round 1, the Spirit sends the Magog to Earth. Can the combined efforts of Xena, Gabrielle, and their friends in addition to those of the Andromeda crew prevail? Tune in and see... And what's happening with Eve? An unwelcome visitor makes her presence felt as well.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

In the next part of the War Saga, Hope has escaped from Dahak's realm and he wants her back. Accordingly, he sends an old enemy of Xena and Gabrielle's to pay the Amazons a visit and there's quite a fight, bringing Dave and Angie Dubois from Tucson. Oh yeah, Eve also undergoes still more changes here as well. LaCroix tries to assert his will over her and a certain professor stands in his way...

Return To Nurrengaard   ebook version available

In this work, set some 8-10 years prior to the events in the Crystal Necklace, the wizard Lousain of the Dark Lands attacks Earth and kidnaps Angie, her best friend, and her boyfriend's niece. Now, Dave and Garth Singleton accompany the white wizard, Grimwilkin, back to the Dark Lands to stop the evil at work there. However, what's going on Dave and how will Angie be able to hold up under the stress?

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The Harrowing Road Unwillingly Traveled

In the third strike against Tucson's mortal and vampire communities, Lousain and his trolls assault the city and prepare to attack the fortress of Nurrengaard within the Inner Realms. How will Nick, LaCroix, Xena, Gabrielle, Dave, and Eve react? How will their roles change them? One thing is for sure, everything changes after this....

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Under Siege   ebook version available

When the Duboises go to Smallville in order to help Clark and Lana move, the GSA causes lots of trouble for their friends and ultimately, for Dave and Angie as well. Before they get there, Xena and Gabrielle assist in a rescue operation followed by a lot of other great stuff! To make matters more complicated, it seems that there are other connections in Smallville for Dave as well. Who is the mystery girl and what does she mean to Dave? Finally, why was his previous visit to the town so painful? Read on and see!

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Foundations   ebook version available

In this piece, Dave launches his "Community of Tolerance" when he, Angie, Eve, Francesca, and Nick welcome several special students to the university campus. However, several dark threads are developing which will trouble everyone in subsequent stories.

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Sins Of The Fathers

It has been a successful first semester for the Duboises and their students. Towards the end, they plan a long overdue party for Miranda. However, what do the Fates have in store for them? How does Nai-Jin's vision affect this? And what will the GSA pull in their aim to get revenge?

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Suffer The Children   ebook version available

In this piece, the Duboises and their friends try to cope with the GSA attacks. In the process, Xena, Gabrielle, Eve, and the others come face to face with a new enemy. How will they react? How will Dave react? Read on and see...

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The Zero Factor

In the conclusion to the Ashlocke trilogy, Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve must help Dave and the students face Ashlocke and the Strand.

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Legacies   ebook version available

When Clark is exposed to a strange cosmic virus, can Xena, Gabrielle, Eve and the others get him a cure in time? (xover--Forever Knight, Andromeda, Mutant X and Smallville)

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The Book

When Ali and Eckhart get ahold of an old tome, awakening a common enemy from the past, how will Dave, Xena, and the others react?

Interlude: Past As Present

More light is shed on these issues in this "bridge piece" which is a songfic set to 'Gollum's Song' from "The Two Towers".

The Dark Wood

In an attempt to save Rowenshire and Belchertown, the Child, Xena, and Clark take on the Witch's demon while Cybelle, Deirdre, and Lana take on the witch herself. Meanwhile, Eve has a spiritual battle of her own to fight. (**HINT: Another enemy returns at the end. Read and find out!**)

Just Once

What if Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve had died at the beginning of Motherhood? In this "Duboisized" spin off, the Olympians do just that. However, as they discover, their actions has an unanticipated consequence: the Child is very, very angry and ready to deal with them. Will he and the others be able to bring Xena, Gabrielle, and Eve and set things right?

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Future Shock

(Dubois Chronicles 2.63). When the Magog attack Earth once again, Xena, Gabrielle, Eve and their friends have to fight to save two worlds. How will this affect things? And what do the students from Smallville have to do with it?

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Claiming One's Own

(Dubois Chronicles 2.65). (Note: Takes place between "Father Doesn't Know Best" and "Under Siege".) Graduation day in Smallville brings surprises both good and bad to the future college students. In this case, a revived Yodoshi attacks the Talon, bringing her and Dave Dubois into the fray. However, what connections do Dave and the Child have to Yodoshi, Miranda Arighatto, and the Talon?

Primal Rage

Chloe's investigating of Dave's past forces the Faerie Empress to reveal long hidden events including the Child's true origins and another confrontation with Anne Lichtenfeld's ghost. Advisory: Do not miss the fight scene at the story's end! Trust me.

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As Dave, Angie and Francesca welcome some new students at the university, a new professor presents problems for them all.

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Beware The Overmind

An ancient enemy of Krypton lands on Earth and disrupts Christmas preparations for everyone. How will Xena, Dave and the others handle this threat? What will the implications be?

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A week after Dijon's challenge in Aftershocks, Dave and Xena run into the spirit of Anne Lichtenfeld who's taken the souls of three children from the Midwest. What will Xena discover about her friend and his dark side? And who is this witch and why is she so familiar to the Xena and Gabrielle?

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The Forsaken

When Deirdre shows up in the Amazon Village with a dark secret, Xena, Gabrielle, Eve and Jasmine go looking for answers. What will they find? Who are the mysterious girl and the hooded stranger? And what do they have to do with the priestesses? Read on and find out!

New Ventures

Following on the events in "Forsaken", Lex and Lana open a branch Talon coffee shop just off campus and an old friend of Dave's moves to town. In addition, the group finds out about a mysterious teenage girl. And as they are moving a friend to town, a very old threat resurfaces... How will Xena and Gabrielle (not to mention the others) react to this one?

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