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Last Updated:  9/18/2005

Xena And Gabrielle Series   ebook version available

Hard To Say Goodbye

This is the first story in a series that sees Gabrielle leave Xena to studying at the Athens City of Performing Bards.Iit follows our heroes for the day or two before they have to say good-e. sob. sob.

The Weekend Visitor

This is the second story in the series, which basically has no plot, it's just all about sex, sex, sex! Xena and Gabrielle are reunited and it's set 2 weeks after the last story.

That Scroll

This is the third story in the series, and we find out what was in that mysterious scroll Xena handed Gabrielle at the end of The Weekend Visitor.

Wasted Moments

This is the fourth story in the series, so after the surprising scroll, Gabrielle decides to reward Xena with some you-know-what... but, as always, things don't go to plan...

The Fallout

This is the fifth and final story in the series. Xena has left Gabrielle again, but Gabrielle is determined not to let her get away with it... an interesting and surprising final act!