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Last Updated:  9/20/2005

Her Blade   ebook version available

After a battle, Xena and Gabrielle have some difficult emotions to work on. This is PWP (Plot? What Plot?) in which the women find comfort in each other's arms.

Reunion   [Incomplete]

After being seperated for twenty years, Xena seeks out Gabrielle, finding that the bard has missed her just as much.

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Searching   [Incomplete]

When June stumbles in to Adrienne's camp, they become tentative friends. But is Adrienne who June think's she is?

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Touching Steele - with Shana   [Incomplete]

Sarah is exhausted and ill after escaping the murderous Center. She ends up on Steele's plantation, but Steele is convinced that the young blonde is a spy. (Please read disclaimer carefully)

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