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Last Updated:  1/26/2014

Deepest Ocean Green

Captain Dean Tanner, retired from the NAVY, finally comes aboard her Uncles' Tanner Industries Cruise Line. The maiden voyage of the Queen Victoria begins for a 10-day holiday cruise to various exotic ports. Read how Dean and her first officer, Chris Parker find themselves afloat in a swelling romance that can only be cooled by the Deepest Ocean Green waters.

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The Date    - with Cherokeeechols

Their relationship was in trouble. Dana and Cara were barely talking. Ten years together and they were drifting further apart. Dana couldn't take the distance any more. She loves her wife but they struggled to maintain a civil conversation these days. Surfing the net she found a therapist that had a new and refreshing idea that might bring back the romance in there life. The Date.

Femme Theme For The Butch Gene    [French Version]

Dal and three friends meet a whole lot of women...when they open their business Dyke Femme Down.

The House Call   [Spanish Version]

Ms. Walker meets the doctor and only thinks she is being flirted with. But, four days later the Doc makes a house call. "I need to examine your body!" she smiled as she pressed me down onto the couch. I was more than willing. I just hoped she'd take her time and check really carefully! I didn't want her to miss anything.


Rhett, the best woman for her two newlywed friends, was too busy escorting the drunken couple around Vegas until she sends them off on their wedding night. Rhett takes a moment to try Lady Luck when she catches the eye of a very gorgeous entertainer. Her gambling pays off. Jackpot!

Karate Lessons and More   [French Version]  [Spanish Version]

Lisa has a crush for her Karate Instructor. Ms. Sashe has an eye on her most promising student. Is it just for her skill or is it more?

The Nipple Factory    - with HoneyBakedHam

Major Sheila Patton has her life in control as the head honcho of her military warehouse. Control begins to slip through her fingers when a pallet of goods from Babies 1st Nipple mistakenly gets dropped at her door. Anger, embarrassment and a shy blush is just the beginning. Her heart skips a beat when she meets with a red headed spitfire and owner of the Nipple Factory, Bobbi Dellicroix.

Such Is Love

Samantha and Jude share an intimate moment for a special night (PWP)

Sydney's Serenade

Sydney's younger brother Sammy is a radio contest winner of a week long trip to stay at JT and the Stars home in Nashville, Tennessee. Sydney takes the announcement calmly in stride until she is given a CD to listen to a few songs from the band. Suddenly the years fall away and she is once again mesmerized by that sensual, husky voice crooning out lyrics of love. Justine Salinger has returned. Too bad their romantic encounter when they were younger had ended so painfully. Well at least now Sydney gets to see how Justine grew up. Good Lord that sexy voice!

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Time to Trust

Trace Carter, a young gay woman, is broke and struggling to change her life for the better. A moment between strangers and a gift given without strings has Trace questioning everything she'd ever learned about people. Could it be time to trust?

Trouble Times Ten   [Incomplete]

Becky Anne Barton, computer whiz and recently very bored with early retirement finds herself trespassing for a thrill. Discovering an apartment full of foster kids and one very determined young woman trying to raise them. Becky confronts Charlie and convinces her to let others help.

With her resources, patience, and infinite time Becky finds herself helping to erase the haunted looks these kids have built in their young lives. Charlies distrust is another matter. Can Becky ever prove to Charlie that a promise can be kept? Can Charlie ever learn how to show her love to the one person she is falling head over heels with. Trouble takes on a whole new meaning as kids and guardians fight to grow into the kind of family each of them need.

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