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Julia Noel Goldman (aka Xena's Little Bitch)

Last Updated:  8/14/2009

2009 Hall of Fame

Being Everything   ebook version available

A kinky first time story taking place directly after "Eternal Bonds." Protecting Xena and Eve brings out Gabrielle's butch side... Sigh...

Better Than Ruling The World   ebook version available

In this slightly alternate timeline, Xena avoids Caesar's original betrayal and focuses on pirating, causing her to meet Gabrielle a few years earlier than she otherwise would have. They sail the seas and get to know each other, until Gabrielle decides she wants to study at the Athens City Academy of The Performing Bards...

The Conqueror's Touch

A work of erotica concerning the Conqueror and her new body slave.

Constancy   ebook version available

Ever wonder what Gabrielle was thinking that year she was lying on the rock, protected by Grunhilda's flame? Or what might have happened if Xena and Gabrielle had their first time just after 'Return of The Valkyrie'? Look no further!

Dancing In The Moonlight   ebook version available

A first time story taking place immediately after the events of 'Lyre Lyre, Hearts On Fire', Who wasn't inspired by the way Gabrielle looked in the beaded go-go outfit?

A Day In The Endless Life   ebook version available

It's 2004 and Xena and Gabrielle are living in the United States. Their obsessions with the war and their past lend to some interesting revelations.

Deep In The Woods   ebook version available

A humorous, romantic fairy tale that is also a slightly kinky first time story.

The Empress & The Playwright

'When Fates Collide' and the weeks following, from Gabrielle's point of view.

Everything I Know

After the events of 'Friend In Need', Gabrielle is sad and waxes philosophical.

Fortune Favors The Brave   ebook version available

Xena is the Conqueror, bored, angry, and full of self hate. After hanging the agitator Gabrielle from a cross and breaking her legs, she realizes it might behoove her to take her down and heal her, so she does.

The House Of Lao   ebook version available

Travel to an alternate timeline where Xena and Borias stayed in Chin and ruled it with Lao Ma. Needless to say, Gabrielle shows up eventually, and nature takes it's course.

Hubris Of Champions   ebook version available

It's just after 'Motherhood', and Xena's acting out. Gabrielle and Eve chat about morality and the 5th season in an effort to get her to communicate with them.

The Hunt Of The Unicorn

A kind of über first time story based on the famous Unicorn Tapestries.

Like You Really Like It   ebook version available

This story fits into that well-loved category of First Time Hurt/Comfort Stories Taking Place In A Cave. It occurs just after the events of 'The Ides of March.'

A Million Ways   ebook version available

An explicitly erotic first time story taking place sometime during the fifth season. Xena just can't stop fantasizing about getting it on with Our Gabrielle. Will she have the nerve to act on her fantasies? Hmmmm...

The Moral Of The Story

A courtroom comedy taking place just after 'Friend In Need'. With Ares as judge and Callisto as prosecutor, the verdict is far from sure.

On The Way To Corinth

Another alternate time line story. In this one, Xena is a young warlord on the rise when she happens upon Poteidaia and runs into Gabrielle, whose parents don't approve but of course that doesn't really matter.

Praise You   ebook version available

Ever wonder what Xena was thinking after 'To Helicon and Back'? Or what might have happened if Xena and Gabrielle had their first time soon after that! Go ahead and read it.

Purple Flowers

An alternate time line story relating the tale of the lives of Xena and Gabrielle in a world where Xena didn't fight back against Cortese.

That Unfamiliar Activity   ebook version available

This story fits into that well-loved category of First Time Stories Taking Place In A Cave; no hurt/comfort here, but there's a pregnant Xena sex scene if that makes up for it. It takes place right after "Back In The Bottle."

Wish Come True   ebook version available

This is a sweet, intimate first time/hurt/comfort story taking place a few months before The Hercules Trilogy. A classic "Wounded and trapped in a cave, Xena tries to come to terms with both her self-hate and her love for Gabrielle" story.

Xena and Gabrielle And the Terrifying Mystery of Darkness   [Academy Halloween 2005]

Xena Of Gaul   ebook version available

This alternate time line story begins when Xena is a child slave and chronicles her unique adventures with Gabrielle. Described by readers as either "charming" or "disturbing," this unusual story is best described by reading its disclaimers.