Academy Author Index

K Darblyne

Last Updated:  2/15/2014

A Christmas Wish   [Academy Solstice 2005]

Family Establishment   [Academy Valentines 2004]   ebook version available

Toni is moping at the local neighborhood bar her cousin owns, when she's introduced to a charming regular. They both receive a little help in kicking off their relationship from the bar owner.

Legends In Time   [Academy 101 Story Premise]

Logan finds herself roped into inspecting a trail for possible development. Seeking directions, she hears the tale of an Indian and a bordello maid who are separated by a cruel railroad boss that sends the Indian on the Ghost Train. Just as the story is wrapping up, in walks Mattie, a hermit and local who volunteers to take Logan to the trail and tells her version of the story.

Meg   [Academy Where in World Challenge 2004]

The Odd Couple   [Academy Must-Xe TV Challenge 2003]   **  winner  **

An Open Letter    [Academy Valentine 2007]

Riding on the Cusp of the Moon    [Academy Halloween 2005]

Team Work   [Academy Valentines 2006]

Trick or Treats   [Academy Halloween 2011]

Unbroken (Revisited) One Mo' Time   [Academy Valentine 2014] - with Carrie Ryan   

Whirling Hearts   [Academy Valentine 2009]