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Last Updated:  9/21/2005

Consequences   ebook version available

Ashley and Terry have to face the consequences of the actions they each took in the past. There is no time for regrets as the decisions they make now will affect any future they have with each other.

The Dance   ebook version available

The mystery of a relationship - a dance of love and pain - unfolds in a hospital after a writer crashes.

The Dance After   ebook version available

After a month and a half, is it time for Lauren to let go? Will she ever let go? Sequel to The Dance.

Everytime   ebook version available

Everytime Lane closes her eyes, she sees Angeline's face. And everytime she cries, she sees her angel's smile. A night of forbidden passion tore them apart... now, what would bring them together again?

Fool Again   ebook version available

The companion story to Everytime. This is as much Angeline's story as Everytime was Lane's. Angeline was made a fool, not just by Lane but by others after her. But she cannot forget what Lane is to her, so can she forgive instead?

Return   ebook version available

Dana is looking for Jodie. It's been 2 years since the accident and since she had pushed Jodie out of her life. Now she's desperately looking for Jodie, in hope of a new beginning. What she doesn't know is that Jodie has a little surprise for her.

Silver Bullet   ebook version available

A hitwoman who uses a silver bullet as her calling card contemplates on letting her lover know the truth about herself. When should she tell her? And would it be too late?