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Last Updated:  10/14/2008

2008 Hall of Fame

Blazing Dreams  ebook version available

Brandy moves into her late aunts dilapidated house on the Harpers Ferry Mountain. Her curiosity is piqued when the neighbors warn her of the tall dark hermit across the road from her. After meeting the silent neighbor she quickly befriends her and hopes for more than just friendship.

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The Blues

Capon's Savage

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Chase the Storm

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Chicken Little

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Class Separation

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Cougar's Ransom

Crash Course

Da Nang   ebook version available

During the Vietnam war, MSgt Zachary is a secret Ops organization that America won't admit to being a part of. With one gaze into the sea green eyes of a 91st Eval surgical nurse Mickey Jardian, those secrets are spilled.

Flames Of A Soul   ebook version available

When a multi car pile up involving a gasoline tanker happens on Eastbound Rt. 70, every firestation with in miles is called out. Jake isn't what the you would call the perfect firefighter, rules were made to be broken and she breaks them continuously. On every call she risks her life for others, waiting for the day when the flames will consume her and end her pain. Going against a direct order, she wanders off and finds the flames that will consume her. In the fiery green eyes of a trapped accident victim.

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