Academy Author Index


Last Updated:  9/26/2005

Chance Encounter   ebook version available

A story about how a chance encounter can ultiimately fulfill every fantasy...and then some!

The Gift   ebook version available

Sometimes love happens... at the times you least expect it. Friends find a new depths to their relationship.

Life Class   ebook version available

A school project turns into a life changing experience. Sometimes life comes and smacks you in the face... in the best of ways!

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes   ebook version available

Sometimes it takes a child to lead them...

Raven & Sparrow   ebook version available

The co-winner in the first Annual PWP contest on the Yomavis group!

Second Generation   ebook version available

A romantic tale of love and friendship rediscovered, and all by the grace of the gods and a second generation of an angelic, green-eyed blonde and her blue-eyed lonely dark haired new friend.

Darlene And Teri Series

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood   ebook version available

Darlene and Teri have been neighbors for months. Both Teri and her infant daughter Lucy adore their attractive neighbor. This is the story of how two neighbors become bosom buddys and much much more.

Another Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood   ebook version available

This is a follow-up to A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood. Darlene and Teri take the commandment "Love Thy Neighbor" to the extreme!

A Beautiful Addition To The Neighborhood

This is the third installment in the A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood Series. In the third encounter with Darleen, Teri, and now three year old Lucy, old wounds are re-opened and healing finally begins as a new addition brings family and extended family together in a most unusual way.