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Ronica Black

Last Updated: 9/5/2007

Chance Encounter   ebook version available

Twenty-six year old Rachel Owen is excited about her long awaited trip to London, but as she settles into her flight, she's more than surprised at who's sitting next to her. Her long time crush and former teacher, which forces Rachel to deal with the feelings and desires of long ago.

Discovery In Thisbe   ebook version available

Find out what awaits Xena and Gabrielle when they venture to an all women village.

Enchanted Beach   ebook version available

Jordan Schaefer is devastatingly beautiful and tragically lonely. But when her friends bring Lori along on their beach vacation, Jordan finds the lonely walls of heart beginning to crumble.

In Too Deep [Removed-Published]

This is the introduction to the Erin McKenzie detective series. This is not my usual romantic tale, so you've been forewarned!

Deeper [Removed-Published]

The sequel to In Too Deep.


Voyage Aboard The Queen   ebook version available

Two women, who are hot for each other, step aboard a cruise ship.