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Last Updated:  9/30/2005

Second Chance At Forever   [Incomplete]

In this semi-uber, Gabrielle Channon is a fiction writer who meets with Agent Xena Demakis while doing research for her latest book, the chemistry between them is immediate, however, Agent Demakis seems a bit hesitant. It is up to Gabrielle to draw the striking Xena out of her self-imposed exile and open her up to a new world of romance. Along the way they hit a few bumps in the road, all of which may lead them to a chance at a life that is filled with happiness.

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Tired Of Hiding

Xena is captured and Gabrielle and the Amazons come to her rescue. Once the warrior has been returned to her bard they both realize that too much time has been wasted without revealing how they truely feel. What results is a nice, mushy, story that places the warrior and bard where they truly want to be. With each other.

Xena And Gabrielle Series

Battling Herodotus   ebook version available

After a visit to Potadeia goes wrong Xena and Gabrielle visit the Amazons. When Herodotus decides to pay a visit in attempts to force Gabrielle to return to the village with him and start a normal life with a man she barely even knows things start to get a little hectic. What ensues is a little bit of violence, an Amazon Queen who lays down the law and Xena on her knee in front of a whole lotta women.

Mitycene Expedition

It is the second story in a series. Xena and Gabrielle escape the confines of the Amazon village and head off on their honeymoon. Now combine the newlyweds with a secluded cabin by the sea, no interruptions and the chance to broaden a few horizons and what results is a nice little break from the everyday task of making Greece safe for the masses. Set immediately after Battling Herodotus.

The Best Of Intentions   ebook version available

Xena and Gabrielle arrive back in the Amazon village after their honeymoon. Xena is recruited to help with a hunting party and leaves the bard to her own devices for two weeks. A stranger comes to the village, but all is not as it seems. Xena arrives home to find her wife the object of another's affections and her protective streak kicks in, is it warranted? We shall see.