The Royal Academy of Bards

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Must Xe-TV

Must XE-TV Neilsen Ratings-

Candid Camera The Thracian Hillbillies Little House on the Grecian Prairie
The X- Team
The Tonight Show
Amazonia Acres Amphipolisly Frivolous
*winner 2 bardies*
Argo 2
Amphipolis Squares Dungsmoke Mission Ridiculous MizXena's Navy
*winner 3 bardies*

The Odd Couple

Quincy - The Path

In Search Of...The BGSB

The Facts of Life
Leave It To Lila Gabrielle's Island The Honeymooners Cheers!
I Love Gabby Auto's Angels
The Amazon Bunch The GabVengers
*winner 3 bardies*

The Commercials-

VictoriaDite's Secrets Pest XWP Mouthwash
*honorable mention*
Oolala Hoop
Miracle Gro
*honorable mention*
Lesbos Spa Joxer's Family Planning Gab Bar
Dong Quai Dahok BBQ Autolycus Bail Bonds
Amazon Marathon Alti's Tannery Four Candlemarks

The Graphic Entries

Gabrielle as Lucy
*big winner!*
Cyane's Angels

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