Impulse: Book Four



“Impulse: A sudden inclination or urge”

The American Heritage dictionary


By Mezzo





Copyright: Copyright © 2002 by Mezzo All Rights Reserved


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Later that evening, the two lovers were found lounging in the jacuzzi.


“Ah…..This is bliss. I’ve got to tell you, sweetheart…..  You sure do know how to live.”  Brett reached over and picked up her wineglass.  She took a sip and let the wine settle on her palate before she swallowed.  Turning she offered the glass to Tori and, instead of taking it, Tori motioned her to take another sip. She then bowed her head to drink of the bouquet from Brett’s succulent lips and enjoyed the heady mixture of the writer’s mouth and the perfectly fermented grapes. The need for even greater contact rose and the taller woman guided smaller to straddle her lap.  Long slender hands clasped the back of Brett’s head and their mouth pressed against one another in almost painful contact. Tori couldn’t get the images of the report out of her head and desperately needed to replace the images with ones of her own. 


Brett pulled away feeling Tori’s desire and yet, she knew there was something more.  She looked into Tori’s eyes and saw the anguish that lay beneath them.


Tori? What’s wrong honey?”   Brett caressed Tori’s cheek and waited for her lover to answer.


“Nothing…. I need you.  I don’t want talk right now.  I just want to love you.”  Tori’s face broke Brett’s heart. She had never seen the look of pain in her lover’s eyes like the one that had taken residence there.


“But baby…why are you so sad?  Honey I’m worried about you.  Please tell me what’s going on?”  Brett asked once again.  This time showing every bit of concern that she was feeling.


“Oh baby… I saw the police report today of the night that Jenna hurt you.”  A sob escaped the usually strong woman and Brett immediately understood why her lover had such a wounded look on her face.


Tori buried her face in her lover’s chest and began to lay kisses in the valley between Brett’s bosoms.


“Please Brett let me love you. I can’t explain it ….but I desperately need to make love to you. Please?”  A tear fell from Brett’s eyes.  She knew how awful the pictures had been.  She had seen them after she was released from the hospital and the police came to ask if she would be pressing charges.  It bothered her to know that Tori had seen the photos.  It must have devastated her mate to see her in such a state.  She knew Tori didn’t pity her.  If she was beginning to understand one thing, it was that Tori’s love for her ran deep.  Brett looked into Tori’s face and nodded her head. 


“Love me?” Brett answered simply.  Tori’s tears fell again and she captured Brett’s mouth with her own.  The two kissed intensely and the fluid from their joined lips and the saltiness of their tears mingled in hot passionate need.   


When the two were breathless and heated, they broke away in frantic desire. Their hands clasped over each other’s body as if they were trying to climb into each other’s soul. Tori trailed her lips south traveling sensually east and west on her descent down the expanse of Brett’s neck and down the heated blush of Brett’s chest.  Brett grasped Tori’s head wanting desperately to feel her mouth. The sensation being a fine line between pleasure and exquisite pain as Tori’s tongue skillfully swirled Brett’s rock hard pebbles between her teeth.


“Oh Tori!!  What you do to me.”  Victoria’s touch seemed to reach into her very soul and embrace her from the inside out.


There was a hunger and intensity about Tori tonight that seemed to want to devour her and yet worship her.  At times the touch was gentle and reverent and then the touch would turn to a raging river: a river that flowed over her, sweeping across every surface of her body and spirit eroding away her inhibitions and flooding her with a torrent of emotions.


Tori lifted Brett’s body even higher and Brett stood over her.  The water cascaded down Brett’s heated form and Victoria’s passion rose to greater heights as she viewed the beauty that stood above her. She ran her hands over Brett’s delicate skin and replaced every image of pain with one of reverent worship.  Brett’s body, soul, and spirit belonged to her, as she belonged to Brett.  No one would ever come between them again. And as she lovingly showered Brett’s tender body with loving kisses and gentle nips, she claimed what was rightfully hers.  Brett rested her hands on the ledge behind them and Tori slid further down to allow Brett to lower herself upon her eager mouth.  Even the fine aged vintage that the two had shared could not hold a candle to the rich robust elixir that Tori now partook.


She wrapped her hands over Brett’s swaying hips and helped to support Brett’s weakening legs.  Her mouth hungrily explored and drank of the liquid that seeped out of her very aroused lover.  The two worked in tandem and soon Brett was clawing to keep standing. She shouted Tori’s name like a mantra that finally brought her to nirvana.  Her legs gave out and Tori supported her and brought her safely into her waiting arms.  The two bodies melded together while the soothing vibrations of the waters carried them back to reality.


Tori wiped back Brett’s hair and placed tender kisses on the top of her head.  She could tell that Brett’s heart was still racing as she gentle caressed her smooth back to help bring her lover’s pulse back down.


“I love you.”  Tori whispered.


Mmm…yes you do.  Like no one else in the world.”  Brett replied in a sex-induced haze.


Tori ducked her head so she could taste Brett’s lips again and soon the healing dance was set in motion once more.  Only this time Brett took the lead.


Brett kissed Tori hungrily, surprised at how quickly her passion rose again. She knew that Tori had had a hard day and had wanted to make love to her hoping to help dissipate any lingering tension.  She pulled away and observed the pout that immediately came to her lover’s face.


“I have an idea.”  Brett smiled.


“I like the one you were working on.”  Tori countered.  She was totally wrapped up in Brett’s kiss and wanted a lot more of it.


“You’ll like this. I promise.”  Brett placed a kiss on her finger and trailed it down Tori’s lips.


She got up and stepped out of the Jacuzzi leaving Tori bewildered and frustrated.  Brett stepped onto the marble floor and held a towel open for her heated lover.  Tori got out of the tub.  Her body was rebelling against the lack of attention.  Brett wrapped her in the towel and did the same for herself.  Brett led them to the sauna and unwrapped her lover from her covering. She laid the towel out on the cedar bench and motioned Tori to lie down on the bench.  Without any protest, the tall woman did as directed and stretched her long luxurious body out in all its glory.  Brett dropped her towel to the floor and positioned herself on top of her lover.  She ran her hands over her lover’s heated skin and their eyes met.  Tori bent her head up to capture Brett’s and their lips met in scorching need. 


Tori’s body was screaming for attention and its only relief lay in the hands of her lover.  Brett was determined to drive Tori to the edge of her limits and at the moment, she was painfully succeeding.


“Please baby.  I need you.”  Tori was not above begging especially if it helped her to get Brett closer to her throbbing center.


“Patience my love. I promise to satisfy every one of your pleasures by the time this night is through.”  Brett captured Tori’s earlobe in her mouth and felt Tori arch against her as electrical pulses traveled down her spine. Brett’s mouth traversed Tori’s body, pampering every inch thoroughly.  Her mouth held the skill of a master as it coaxed every inch of the bigger woman’s body to bow down to its command. Brett’s fingers dipped into Tori’s slick center and she captured a very aroused clit between her fingers massaging it to its absolute limit.  Tori was so turned on by Brett’s manipulation that an overwhelming abundance of fluid pooled between her legs. Brett’s hand was drenched in Tori’s ambrosia and couldn’t resist the need to taste the salty treat.  Brett stopped her stroking causing Tori to lift her head to see what had caused the interruption.  Brett looked up into Tori’s eyes with undisclosed desire and brought her glistening fingers to her lips and polished off every ounce of her mate’s succulent offering from her digits.  Not having had her fill, Brett gave her lover a smile and without restraint dove into the offered well.  Tori gasped as Brett feasted on her with abandon.  She had never felt such desire and her soul soared to unfathomable heights.  Brett’s tongue sucked and nibbled, dipping deeper and deeper into her.  The creative writer introduced her fingers to Tori’s opening and soon her hips were rocking against Brett’s fingers as it plunged deep into her warm soft cavern.  Victoria was completely filled and she clutched the cedar surface beneath her as Brett’s finger reentered her over and over and over again.  Brett clamped on to her nipple and Tori’s mind volleyed between the sensations of having her nipples sucked and her center plunged. 


“Oh Brett.”  Tori screamed.  “That’s it. Yes baby. Harder. Uhhhh!!”  Tori spread her legs even wider and bent her head up to watch Brett take her right there in the sauna.  The steam did nothing to hide her lover as she claimed every part of body.


“Tell me baby.  Who do you love?”  Brett said in a husky tone.


“You. Only you.”  Brett captured Tori’s nipple again and stretched the puckered teat with her teeth.


“Oh, jeez Brett…..”  Tori closed her eyes while another intense wave of pleasure surged through her. 


Sweat was pouring down the two lover’s bodies allowing them to slide against each other easily.


Brett positioned her center on Tori’s thigh and rubbed her sopping clit against it.  Tori could feel Brett’s arousal being painted over her leg. The sensations of Brett’s fingers inside her, Brett’s mouth on her, and that of the smaller woman writhing against her it was all she could do not to surrender to her climax.  But she wanted to reach a simultaneous release with her lover so she held on with every ounce of her depleting control.


Tori’s breathing was becoming ragged as well as her lover’s.  The motion of Brett’s rocking quickened and the two fell in sync as if they were both in a tunnel traveling together lost in the sensations that their bodies were experiencing. 


“Oh baby, uh…oh….sss hhhh…I’m gonna come……”  Tori closed her eyes and could feel the gathering of her impending climax.


Brett released Tori’s nipple and their mouths hungrily crashed against one another.  They were both seconds away from a powerful release and with one last well-placed thrust, the two lovers exploded in orgasmic propulsion.  With their screams dying in each other’s mouths, the tidal wave of their passion washed over them, drowning them in one another’s arms. Tori sank back into the cedar bench carrying her lover with her.  Aftershock after aftershock spread through them and they rode the wave until the quakes subsided.



When Tori was finally able to speak, she hazily uttered.  “What was that?” 


Brett slid up Tori’s body so the two were now face to face.


“I’d say that was 7.4 on the Richter scale.”  Brett said still slightly breathless.


“Oh I’d say it was much higher than that.”  Tori captured Brett’s mouth and they kissed.


“Oh yeah….definitely higher.”  Although they had reached an unprecedented release, they still brimmed with desire for each other.  They continued to kiss and knew that with a little more cajoling, they would be at it again in record time. 





After hours of unabated lovemaking, the two finally made it to their bedroom.  No more were the worry lines around Victoria’s eyes and forehead.  They were replaced with a look of contented peace.  She adjusted the blanket around their naked forms and kissed her lover one last time before they drifted off into sleep.


“I love you.” Tori whispered in the silence of their darkened room.


“Yes… you do,” answered Brett who was on the edge of slumber. “Like no one else in the world.” 


It was true.  For the first time since they had made their journey back to one another, Jenna Carlisle no longer stood between them. For once, they might actually sail calm waters and forge together full steam ahead. Tori wrapped her arms even tighter around her precious Brett and a smile graced her gentle features.


“I love you like no one else in the world.”  She said one last time before sleep claimed her as well.


TO BE CONTINUED.  Installment Ten


Impulse: Book Four



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